Forsys Subsea, Houston, TX, 06/2015To Present

Forsys Subsea, Houston, TX, 06/2015To Present

RésuméJaeyoung Lee, PE

Name / Jaeyoung Lee, PE
Education / MS, Ocean Engineering, TexasA&MUniversity, College Station, Texas, 1991
BS, Civil Engineering, InhaUniversity, Incheon, South Korea, 1980
Registrations / Professional Engineer, State of Texas, License No. 80236
Affiliations / FASCE (Fellow of American Society of Civil Engineers)
Experience / More than 30 years engineering experience mostly related to offshore pipeline design. Familiar with API, ANSI, and DnV codes for offshore pipeline and riser system designs. Experience includes both shallow and deep water pipeline design, construction consulting, and project management in the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Middle East, and South America.

Forsys Subsea, Houston, TX, 06/2015to Present

Senior Principal Engineer

  • Pipelines lead for Front End, SURF division of a new joint venture between FMC and Technip/Genesis.Developed pipeline design procedures and guidelines.
  • Lead flowline engineer for FEED of BP Hopkins field development project in 1,340m WD in the GOM. Duties include supervision of Genesis flowline designs including route study, on-bottom stability, free span, expansion, and cathodic protection of two-3.5 miles, 8-inch wet insulated flowlines.

Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants, Inc. (A Technip Company), Houston, TX, 12/2011to 05/2015 (3 years & 6 months)

Senior Principal Engineer

  • Lead flowline engineer for Chevron Malange Pre-FEED in the offshore Agola, West Africa. Duties include flowline route selection and supervision of dual 8"x12" PIP flowline design (30km each) in 400m water depth.
  • Lead flowline engineer for detail engineering of PDVSA Dragon field development in 150m WD in offshore Venezuela. Duties include detail design supervision of free span, expansion, static riser of the 19km of 16" gas flowline. Participated in risk analysis sessions and prepared procurement specifications and final flowline design report.

Technip USA, Inc., Houston, TX, 11/2004to 12/2011 (7 years & 2 months)

Principal Engineer - Senior Principal Engineer

  • Lead pipeline engineer for the Zadco Upper Zakum Project in the Arabian Gulf, 85km off the coast of Abu Dhabi, UAE. The project consisted of a complex array of pipelines (21total) linking artificial islands in a maximum water depth of 15m. In addition to basic pipeline design, both the on-bottom stability and the crossing design (45total crossings) were challenging due to the shallow water depth coupled with difficult soil and environmental conditions.
  • Deputy project manager for ATP Clipper project in 3,500ft of water in the GOM. Duties include supervision of detail designs of 1-5" x8" oil PIP flowline, 1-5"gas flowline, and 2-flexible risers, and MMS permit application.
  • Lead flowline engineer for PDVSA (Petroleum of Venezuela, S.A.) Mariscal Sucre Dragon field development in 150m WD in offshore Venezuela. Duties include CTRs preparation, supervision of a 19km long 16" gas flowline and riser FEED.
  • Lead Flowline Engineer for BP H2FEED subsea tie-in between PLET and riser base in 4,344ft of water in the GOM. The project consists of one 7" ID, 10ksi vertical import riser hooked up to the existing Holstein spar. Duties included subsea flexible or rigid jumper tie-in concept selection study, preparation of installation procedure and functional specification, etc.
  • Lead Flowline Engineer for Chevron Jack and St. Malo Phase 2B Subsea System Project in 7,000ft of water in the GOM. The subsea system consists of 3-10"x14" PIP production lines, 1-8"x12" PIP test line, 3-10" water injection lines, and 1-8" scale squeeze line. Duties included pipe wall thickness determination, subsea architecture and flowline route selection, and cost estimate for several different subsea architectures.
  • Lead Pipeline Engineer for Pioneer's Clipper Corridor Deepwater Development FEED. The project consists of one 5.8" x 10.75" PIP oil flowline and one 5.8" gas flowline in 3,400-ft of water in GOM. Duties included pipeline route selection, pipe sizing, specification preparation, and supervising other design works such as expansion, free span, etc.
  • Project Manager for Murphy Thunder Hawk Tieback Option Study. Supervised subsea tie-in field layout, pipe sizing, and specifications for dual HPHT 8-inch wet insulated pipes in 6,000ft of water depth.
  • Lead Pipeline Engineer for Chevron's Africa Malongo Terminal Oil Export (MTOE) pipeline (40-inch) FEED work. Duties included offshore pipeline route selection, pipe sizing, CP design, free span analysis, on-bottom stability check, installation analysis, and specification and EPCI bid package preparation.

JYL Pipeline Consultant, Inc., Houston, TX, 07/2003to 10/2004 (1 year & 4 months)

Pipeline Consultant

  • Worked as the DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.) Pipeline Representative at Stolt Offshore (subcontractor of DSME) office in Paris, France for ChevronTexaco Benguela Belize Project. The 10.75-inch, 16-inch, and 20-inch OD pipes with total length of 95km originated from a CPT (compliant piled tower) at 400m of water in offshore Angola, Africa.
  • Duties included supervising pipeline route survey, review and approval of pipeline design, specifications, and procurement documents prepared by Stolt Offshore. Coordinated interface/technical issues between Stolt Offshore and ChevronTexaco.
  • Attended pre-production meetings at various vendors such as Europipe, RingOValve, Serimer, NKT, Delmine, OSI, Shaw Sunland, etc.

Technip Offshore, Inc., Houston, TX, 11/1997to 06/2003 (5 years and 8 months)

Principal Engineer

  • Conceptual study on Angola LNG Project for ChevronTexaco. This included aCongo River crossing option study and an installation feasibility study.
  • 24-inch gas pipeline for Calypso project at 2,600-ft maximum water depth between Bahama Island to Florida. Permit application and technical consultation on FERC and County’s questions.
  • Detailed design of Pioneer/Mariner’s Falcon 10-inch flowline project in 3,520-ft water in GOM. Free span VIV and thermal expansion design using a sliding mechanism on PLET are some of design highlights.
  • Conceptual design including route selection and installation analysis for Texaco Frade and Roncador field development, 6,140ft water in Brazil.
  • Preparation of design basis and specifications for Samedan Oil Company for 2,600-ft water in Israel. Designed 30-inch gas export line per ANSI and Dutch Codes.
  • Preliminary design for 16-inch gas pipeline for Williams Gas Pipeline at 1,100-ft water in GeorgiaStrait, west coast of Canada. Design included pipeline stability due to earthquake and liquefaction, horizontal directional drilling for beach approaching, cost comparison between S-lay and reel-lay, etc. Supervised offshore pipeline route survey field work on site.
  • Preliminary pipeline engineering design for British Gas West Delta Deep Marine (WDDM) project at 2,000-ft water depth offshore Egypt, North Africa.
  • Project engineering support for Norsk Hydro Troll C flexible pipeline design at Wellstream’s office in Florida.
  • Pipe sizing and preparation of material specifications for Exxon Diana Project.
  • Design of dynamic risers for Texaco Fuji Project in 4,300-ft water in GOM.
  • Deep water pipeline feasibility studies for ARCO and BHP.

Kvaerner R. J. Brown (merged with Technip), Houston, TX, 11/1995to 10/1997 (2 years)

Project Engineer

Design and construction consulting on offshore pipe bundle towing projects for Enserch MC 441, Flextrend GB 117, and BPX Troika. Assigned to bundle towing vessel to observe bundle towing process and resolve engineering problems.

MPC International, Inc. (merged with Universal Pegasus), Houston, TX, 01/1992to 10/1995 (3 years & 10 months)

Marine Pipeline Engineer

Onshore and offshore pipeline design and installation analyses for British Gas, J. Ray McDermott, Shell, Mobil, Agip, and Global, etc. Contracted and transferred to Hudson Engineering to prepare pipeline installation manuals (initiation, normal lay, A&R, single point lift, davit lift, etc.) for McDermott for 2years.

Wellstream Corporation, Houston, TX & Panama City, FL, 08/1989to 10/1991 (2 years & 3 months)


Developed flexible pipe design program, consulted with respect to offshore pipeline installation, and performed quality assurance tests for flexible pipe fabrications. Supported offshore construction of flexible pipeline on site.

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 09/1986to 07/1989 (2 years & 11 months)

Teaching and Research Assistant

Taught fluid mechanics laboratory class. Performed research on dredging equipment automation and developed a model test to measure forces on trenched marine pipelines influenced by waves and current.

Daewoo Engineering Corporation, Seoul, Korea, 08/1982to 06/1985 (2 years & 10 months)

Civil Engineer

Designed general civil engineering works including survey, earth work, drainage, and pavement. Major works included Jeju Sports Complex, Okpo shipbuilding yard expansion, Pusan Marina Facilities for 1988Seoul Olympics.

Korean Army, ROTC First Lieutenant, 02/1980to 05/1982 (2 years & 4 months)

Served as an artillery battery reconnaissance and survey officer.

Publications and Conference Presentations

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