Format for Thefinalcase Write-Up

Format for Thefinalcase Write-Up

Format for theFinalCase Write-Up

Title page:

  • Indicate "Final Case Write-Up, Fat Tire and the New Belgium Brewing Company" as the title, course section number, your name, and date.


  • Answer the specific questions asked.Please number your answers to correspond to the questions. (You do not need to rewrite the questions here in your write-up; simply number them.) Please skip a line between each answer. The case questions, the case, a page of data, and a partial answer sheet willbe sent to you on November 30, 2017, by e-mail on Canvas.
  • Answer the questions as briefly as you can.If you can answer the question in one sentence, great. (It usually takes me 1-3). If the question asks you to make an interpretation or recommendation, then you may need to develop your answer at more length and this may require a paragraph or two. In any case, be as brief as you can while still answering the question fully.
  • Use bullet points!If the case questions ask you to summarize New Belgium's strategy, and that strategy is made up of 3 parts, use three bullet points to summarize it. Make each point as brief as possible.
  • Use evidence (reasons, data) to support your answers.Cite only evidence needed to support your points directly.
  • Use the partial answer sheet to capture your answers to question 2 a through g. Fill in the blanks.
  • Draw diagrams or create spreadsheetsto illustrate the models you are asked to apply. The Final Case, Fat Tire and the New Belgium Brewing Company, requires a spreadsheet summarizing data, a diagram illustrating Porter's Five Forces, and a Strategic Group Map. Please mark the diagram for the second to indicate your interpretation of how the model applies to the case, noting each force, explaining the factors that contribute to the force, explaining your interpretation as to whether the force is Weak, Moderate or Strong and whether it is Favorable or Unfavorable to the incumbent players. Then explain your interpretation in your answers and draw the larger conclusions, whether the industry is attractive. Finally, please either incorporate the diagrams or spreadsheet into the text or upload them separately along with your write-ups.
  • Remember: we all know the story in the case.You may refer to companies or phenomena as simply "New Belgium's market share of XYZ%," for example. You don't have to explain that market share if you pulled it from the text. Please explain only material thatyouadd to the text, such as models that you apply, calculations that you make or financial analyses that you carry out.


  • You are asked to make recommendations for four different kinds of breweries. Use your answers to the other questions in the case as the bases for this recommendation.


  • I recommend that you do not bring in any outside materials. Accordingly, you do not need to make any citations.
  • However, you may bring in outside materials if you feel that they would be helpful in making your points or supporting your recommendations.
  • These can include charts,tables,maps,or other graphic images.
  • These will require citations.

Case write-up body:

  • Please type in Word,2-4 pages maximum,12 pt block format, with headings.
  • Bullet points and embedded visuals are encouraged. (Or you can upload these separately.)

Form of Submission

Please submit onlineandbring a hard-copy version to the next class to give to me on Thursday, December 7, 2017.