Farm to Fork Challenge Teachers Notes

Farm to Fork Challenge Teachers Notes

Farm to fork challenge – Teachers’ notes

In this activity, pupils are given a food card, e.g. boiled egg. They then choose the ‘farm to fork’ steps for that food. The pupils who choose the correct steps can pull an appropriate prize out of a bag.


  • cards provided in this pack;
  • scissors;
  • laminator (if you wish to laminate the cards for durability).


  1. Prior to the Health festival, cut out the cards.
  2. To set up the stall, choose a food from the answer sheet and find the cards that represent the five stages needed to make that food.
  3. Shuffle the remaining cards and choosethree more. Place the eight cards down in a two by four formation.
  1. To start the activity, tell the children the food and ask them to choose the five stages that make this food (from the cards) and put them in the correct order.
  2. The children who choose the correct five stages and put them in the correct order are awarded a prize from the prize bag.
  3. Repeat the activity again with another food.

Ways to adapt this activity

  • Take out two stages and put six cards down. The cards will now be in a two by three formation.
  • Put down more cards.
  • Remove the picture description.
  • Remove the text description.
  • Create your own version with foods that require more stages.

Farm to fork challenge


  • On the table you will seesome picture cards.
  • You will be told a food.
  • Think about the steps needed to make this food.
  • From the picture cards, select the stages needed to make this food.
  • Put the cards in the correct order.

Example: Bottled Milk

Dairy cow Cow being milked  Milk being treated  Milk being bottled Bottled milk

Farm to fork


  • Cheese

Dairy cow Cow being milked  Milk being treated Cheese being made  Cheese

  • Boiled potatoes

Potatoes growing  Potatoes being dug up  Potatoes being washed  Potatoes being boiled Boiled potatoes

  • Carrot sticks

Carrots growing  Carrots pulled up  Carrots being washed  Carrots being sliced  Carrot sticks

  • Boiled egg

Chicken  Egg  Box of eggs  Egg being boiled Boiled egg

  • Beef burger

Beef cow  Raw meat (beef)  Meat being minced  Burger being shaped  Beef burger

  • Porridge

Oats growing  Oats being harvested  Oat grain  Oats being cooked  Porridge