Executive Director Report-Sept

Executive Director Report-Sept

Executive Director Report-Sept. 2011

Listed below are the meetings attended, task preformed and resources sought to help achieve our strategic goals.

Goal #1: All ORSI properties are self-sustaining financially. We will ensure that each property is managed within revenues dedicated to that purpose (without impacting other properties).

  • Maintained 100% occupancy at IVM, RAM & OCBDD Houses
  • Assisted SMHA with Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Application Program
  • Continued to assist with TBRA participants
  • Accessed Revolving Loan dollars to assist tenants with seasonal employment

Goal #2: AllOttawaCounty residents who need specialized housing will have access to it. We will make sure that ORSI is able to provide housing or a housing solution that meets their need.

  • Attended tenant WRAP Meetings
  • Attended monthly Council Health & Social Concerns Meeting
  • Attended monthly Mental Health & Recovery Board Housing Committee Meeting
  • Attended monthly OC Housing Collaborative Meeting
  • Attended ORSI Board Meeting
  • Attended OttawaCounty Housing Authority Meeting
  • Met and assisted in designing Homeless Coalition Work Group
  • Attended DHN Board Meeting
  • Attended DHN NWO Regional Meeting
  • Attended 2 DHN Webinars-Panelist on 1
  • Met with Executive Director for DHN to review State CCA Info & Grant Apps.
  • Met with SMHA
  • Worked on relocation of Fire Victims

Goal #3: ORSI will provide a higher level of services to our current and future customers. We will take care of our properties and respond to our tenant and customers needs.

  • Monthly Staff Meeting review of Projects & WO’s
  • Attended WRAP Meetings
  • Worked with Housing Collab. Work Group to design 10 yr Homeless Plan
  • Assisted tenants receiving vouchers with tenancy paperwork
  • Attended to Fire Victim’s Needs & Relocation
  • Attended DHN Webinar’s re: Housing Corp. Operations

Goal #4: ORSI will focus sustained effort on the health of the organization. We will pursue board and staff development, improve internal processes, and invest in administrative infrastructure.

  • Working w/ Michelle Ish re Updates to Policies
  • Working with DHN to develop policies and best practices for the non-profit housing industry.
  • Joined OttawaCounty Safety Council
  • Registered Staff and ED for CDC Conference
  • Registered Staff and ED for DHN Housing Symposium

Goal #5: ORSI will proactively achieve our mission by organizing our work and providing for our future in a strategic, planful way. We will research and develop thoughtful plans and implement them.

  • Working w/ OCBDD re Housing Survey to develop long range Housing Plan
  • Worked SMHA to develop a weekly application pick and return schedule.
  • Working with Housing Collab to design a 10 yr plan to address homeless ness in OttawaCounty.
  • Working with DHN to design best practices to offer to non-profit housing corporations
  • Served as a panelist for DHN Webinar re: Strategic Plans