Evangelism NYTS GP

Evangelism NYTS GP

Evangelism—Pr. S. HwangB


  1. Awareness of Evangelism
  2. The purpose of being chosen by Jesus.
  3. After water baptism, we are new creation (1Cor 5).
  4. We are the workmanship of God (Eph2:10).
  5. Jesus wants us to bear fruits (Jn15:1;Phil2:17).
  6. The Bible wants us to call people out of darkness into the marvelous light (1Pet 3).
  7. The great commission entrusted to us by Jesus.
  8. Go and preach to all nations (Mk16:16).
  9. Wandering in the world.
  10. The Jewish Christians preached the gospel under great persecution (Act 8:1).
  11. Chinese TJC members should be aware of why there are Chinese through out the whole world.
  12. The unconquered lands.
  13. We need to know about all the evangelical work in the world so that we can know where the truth still needs to be spread (Josh13:10ff).
  14. The church history according to Mt13.
  15. The mission of True Jesus Church.
  16. God wanted the Israelites to know their identity and their duties (Ex 19:4-6).
  17. There is a mountain higher than the hills (Isa 2).
  18. The church will not stop expanding (Isa 54:9). TJC descendants will occupy the desolate land.
  19. An angel from the east starts to seal foreheads during the last days (Rev).
  20. True Jesus Church is the white horse that is galloping throughout the whole world (Rev6:1ff).
  21. Only when the perfect gospel of TJC reaches to the whole world can the second coming of Jesus be fulfilled (Mt24:14).
  22. The work of the Holy Spirit.
  23. Spring rain vs. fall rain (Deut 11:14;Jer5:24;Jas5:17).
  24. Solomon’s temple vs. second temple.
  25. The dove in the ark of God went out three times (Gen 8:6-12).
  26. Preparation of Evangelism (Eph 2:10)
  27. Preparation of spiritual virtue.
  28. Loving hearts (1Cor 5:14).
  29. When Jesus saw the sick, He could not wait to heal (Mk3:5).
  30. Jesus was thirsty and hungry, yet He preached to the Samaritan woman first(Jn4:7).
  31. Jesus had intended to rest, yet He preached to those who wanted to listen first(Mk6:31ff).
  32. Paul was like a mother willing to sacrifice his life for the believers (1Thess 2:6ff).
  33. Paul was like a father teaching the believers about virtues and God’s words(1Thess2:9ff).
  34. When you see all who are heading for hell, how do you feel about it?
  35. Fearful hearts (Ps2:11).
  36. Workers are Satan’s targets(Lk22:31).
  37. When the shepherd leaves, the sheep scatter(Mk14:27).
  38. Many workers failed while serving.

iJudah, Gehazi, Samson, and even Gideon.

  1. Paul said that he pommel himself, lest he preached to others and became forsaken (1Cor 9:27).
  1. Humble hearts (Mic6:8).
  2. Adam fell due to pride.
  3. Angels fell due to pride.
  4. It is not easy to have two hands and one mouth shut.
  5. Jesus said that I am lowly and tender, you shall imitate me (Mt11:29).
  6. Peter says that the tender heart of the wife is able to change the heart of an unbelieving spouse (1Pet 3:1ff).
  7. We do not only preach with words, but our deeds will also influence others to believe in Jesus (1 Thess1:5;e.g. Barnabas, Acts11:24).
  8. Daniel did not fall, because he prayed three times a day. We need to check ourselves in front of God constantly(Dan 6:10).
  1. Preparation of spiritual power.
  2. Not by might, nor by power, but by the spirit of God(Zech4:6).
  3. Jesus fasted forty days and forty nights before teaching (Mt4:1. 2).
  4. Moses was trained in the wilderness for fortyyears before leading the people (Acts7:29, 30).
  5. Paul served zealously but caused many troubles in his life before he was called to serve by God (Acts9:20-30).
  6. Jesus asked the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Without power, one cannot start the entrusted mission (Acts1:4ff).
  7. Paul said that God gave him faith and love (1 Tim 1:14).
  8. One cannot do anything without the power of God when serving.
  9. Preparation of spiritual knowledge.
  10. The sword of the Holy Spirit is the words of God. Jesus used the words of God to defeat Satan (Eph 6:17, Mt4:1ff).
  11. Timothy knew the Bible since he was young (2Tim 3:15).
  12. The kingdom of God is like the scribe who can take out the new and the old (Mt13:52).
  13. The truth of salvation is in the Bible and revealed in the last days. Many members were attracted by the pure truth. We need to get familiar with the truth.
  14. We need to pray for the revelations of the Holy Spirit to understand the truth of the Bible. The mystery of God is Jesus. Paul was able to share the gospel in this new light(Isa29:11ff, Rev5:4ff).
  1. Being Equippedfor Evangelism
  2. We need to know the ten basic beliefs of True Jesus Church (Words of Life, issue No. 3).
  3. The ten basic beliefs were given once and for all(ref. Judg 3). There is no doctrinalrevision history in our church.
  4. Jesus is the way (Jn14:6). We need to follow the teachings of Jesus 100% in order to enter the kingdom of God. The purposes of preaching is so men’s sins can be forgiven and for all to have the hope of salvation.
  5. There are no other denominations that share the same ten basic beliefs. We need to know the imperfect parts of their doctrines. For example, we do not need to preach Jesus in Africa. The people there know that Jesus is their savior already. We do not need to preach that the Bible is the word of God, for they believe in the Bible already. We preached Holy Spirit first in Africa, for if one receives the Holy Spirit, they can learn more about the truth.
  6. We need to know the concept of one true church in the Bible (Eph1:23, 4:4).
  7. God only created one garden of Eden, one ark of God, and one chosen race. There is only one tree of life and one bride of Christ. There is only one flock. There is only one body of Christ (Eph 4:4). From the OT and NT we learn the concept of oneness: one Israel, one tribe (TJC is one tribe), one highest mountain, one pearl, one holy city, one new Jerusalem, one holy gate, one name. From the Song of Songs: I am the lily, rose, one love, one bride, one dove, one perfect one; the only one.
  8. There are more than thousands of denominations. Jesus said that not all who call Him“Lord” can enter the kingdom of God.
  9. The church of God needs to be the same as the church of the apostolic times. She should have the Spirit of God, the power of God, and speak the words of God.
  10. Jesus said, “I am the way” (Jn 14:6), referring to Jesus’ flesh (Heb10:19ff), which is the church (Eph1:23). The church issues the truth (1Tim 3:15ff), for it is the pillar and foundation of the truth. With the truth, we will live, for truth sets us free. So when Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life,” He is talking about finding the true church.
  11. We need to know the prophecies of True Jesus Church.
  12. Mt13: This chapter states prophetic parables: some of them have been fulfilled, are currently being fulfilled, and others will be fulfilled.
  13. The 1st parable talks about 4 grounds. There are 4 kinds of people in Jesus’ generation. The birds refer to the wicked one (13:9). This parable was fulfilled and is currently being fulfilled.
  14. The 2nd parable talks about wrong teachings. The kingdom of heaven refers to the church. The 1st parable does not mention about the kingdom of heaven, because the church just starting. When good seeds are sown, the weeds grow along. These weeds are wrong teachings introduced to the church. This parable occurred before the apostolic church was harvested by God (i.e. He received the true church back to heaven). This parable also applies to us, for Satan can also sow the weeds into our hearts. Satan will continue to sow weeds into people’s hearts until the Lord’s second coming.
  15. The 3rd parable: The seed becomes a big tree. The tree has birds nesting on its braches. The nests are the works of the birds (Satan). The essence of church is changed, and it is not the true church anymore. In the history of Christianity, the Roman Empire was powerful that it influenced the church. Later, the church was divided into two different parts: the East(Constantinople) and the West (Rome). They fought against each other, for the Romans said that they were the best, as they were based on Peter while the East Orthodox said that they were truly original. The verse says, “The kingdom of God is like,” and not “the kingdom of Godis.” This kingdom of God refers to the earthly church. The big tree is a human organization, not a true church.
  16. The 4th parable: The kingdom of God is like a leavened bread. Yeast is a bacterium, although it causes a loaf of bread to taste good, it has no nutritional value. Likewise, other churches’ doctrines are easy to take, but have no nutritional value. Their message is pleasing but cannot bring people to heaven. After 1517, Martine Luther came out from the Roman Catholic Church. After that, many new churches were formed that are currently growing in number.

The first 4 parables were spoken at one area. After, Jesus went into a house and mentioned other parables.

  1. The 5th to 7th parables are described quickly. After a period of time, the truth and the Holy Spirit will come to build the true church. The treasure is hidden and later found. The treasure can refer to the Holy Spirit or the truth. A merchant seeks after the pearl, which can also refer to the truth. After he finds the pearl, he sells all his possessions and buys it. In this parable, selling refers to getting rid of wrong teachings. The pearl can also refer to the church. Only one pearl is of good value, so one needs to buy it and sacrifice it to gain the truth. All over the world, people are seeking for the truth, demonstrating that parables 5 and 6 are occurring today.
  2. The 7th parable: The kingdom of heaven is likened to casting the net in every country. Those caught that are spoiled will be cast out. This is occurring presently. When the Lord comes, the evil one will be cast out also.
  3. The 8th parable: The kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out new and old treasures. We are the scribes who are instructed with the truth of salvation and perfect gospel. We are also the householder who knows what is in the house, for we are well-versed in both the New and Old Testament.
  1. Rev6:1, 2: The white horse is the True Jesus Church. When heaven opens, there is always is a good message (this is my beloved son, etc.). Jesus rides on the white horse and is always victorious (Rev19:11ff). The rider’s name is “Faithful and True” (everything must be explained spiritually).
  2. This name is not beyond time and space. In the apostolic times, the church had no name. After the fulfillment of salvation, the church did not need a name. Now, the church is on earth and it needs a name. The name of church can be found in the Bible, in Rev 19.
  3. If you are not faithful, you cannot be true. The rider and the house is one. Without Jesus, and with only believers, there is no church.
  4. Rev19:13: The name is: “The Word of God” (Jn1:1,14). The word became flesh in the form of Jesus Christ. The spiritual name of the “word of God” is called “Jesus.”
  5. Rev19:16: The name is “King of kings and Lord of lords”—the saints are kings (Rev 5:9). Jesus’ blood purchased us and made us kings (Rev5:10) through sanctification. “Making” is a process. After water baptism we need to be sanctified. Then, we can overcome sin, temptation, devil, and death, so we are made kings.

iKings also refer to the victorious Christian. Jesus is the King of kings, and the kings (us and Jesus Christ) must be together. Without the King, there is no church. Without kings, there is also no church.

iiLords refer to spiritual authorities that bear spiritual fruits. So “King of kings and Lord and lords” refers to the “church” (i.e. we reign with him).

  1. Rev19:14: The army in the heavens refers to the victorious believers. This does not refer to angels who do not need to wear fine linen, as they are on the white horses following Jesus. The True Jesus Church is widely spread in many countries through this.
  2. Once the door to this church is open, no one can close it.
  1. Isa 2:2, 3; Mic 4:1, 2.
  2. Flow: Nations will be flowing to True Jesus Church.

iThe True Jesus Church is in the Bible.

iiIf a church preaches the full truth, it is the true church.

  1. Going up to the mountain: People cultivate themselves with their spirituality.
  2. The truth will come out and be preached to others.
  3. This is how the truth is established in the end times.
  1. Isa 54:2, 3: Make the place of your tent larger, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings. Do not spare, lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes. For you shall break forth on the right hand and on the left. And your seed shall possess nations, and people will inhabit ruined cities.
  2. In the last days, the church of God will be expanding.
  3. Indeed, the seeds of TJC will break forth and possess nations to build churches.
  4. Just as the Jews established temples while escaping from their country, the Chinese are wandering all over the world to build up God’s church.
  1. More information about True Jesus Church.
  2. “True” refers to the one true God (Jn17:3).
  3. Jesus is the mediator between man and God (1Tim 2:5, 6).
  4. Church refers to us (Act 20:28).
  5. During the apostolic times, the church had no name.
  6. The first groups of believers were Jews. They simply changed a mother.
  7. Example: Before Paul and after Paul’s baptism, Paul worshipped the same God. After he converted to Christianity, he accepted the truth of water baptism and received the promised Holy Spirit.
  8. These people who receive water baptism and the Holy Spirit formed the original church. The god that Paul worshipped was the same.
  9. During Paul’s time, another gospel was being preached, which angered Paul. He asked the members why they had deserted the truth and turned to different gospel. They did not preach truth, but modified it. The people who changed the gospel will be cursed (Gal1:6, 7).
  10. In the church history the Catholic Church and MacianChurch were formed. Both modified the truth. At that time, they used the name of the people who started the church as their names. Eventually many more churches were formed using similar names. The biggest ones are the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church. There are thousands more different churches and under different names.
  11. In the end times, God established the true church, which is “True Jesus Church.”
  12. Beyond time and space, this name is not absolute. After the completion of salvation, there will be no need for this name. In apostolic times, the church had no name.
  13. Under time and space, TJC is the only church. It is the only church that can bring you salvation.
  14. Why?
  15. It is church of God.

iThe church of God shall be only one (Eph 1:23).

iiJesus is the head of church (i.e., any church can use this church, Eph 5:3).

iiiChrist is the head of church (Eph 4:4).

ivThere is only one body (Eph 4:5).

  • There is only one Christ. If there were two Christs, there would be two bodies, so there is one Lord and one Christ. This match is made in the Bible.
  1. Paul mentioned that those who preach different gospels are false apostles and the messengers of Satan (2 Cor 11:13, 14). So according to the Bible, we can see only one church.
  1. Biblical prophecies say that there is only one church.
  2. God first destroyed the world with only one rectangular box to save eight people, although there were many different other boats during that generation. God commanded Noah to build an ark with three dimensions of the same length. The word “ark” is the same as that of “ark of covenant.”
  3. There was only one true temple, even though there were many Israelites.
  4. Jesus is the one true vine, we are the branches.
  5. Which existing churches are true according to the Bible? Everyone says, “come and you will be saved.” Can they really save?
  6. Jesus said that God is Spirit and we need to worship him in spirit and in truth (Jn 4:24).

iJesus came with truth and grace. Grace is the promised Holy Spirit (Jn 1:17).

iiIf we know the gift of God (the promised Holy Spirit), we should ask for the Holy Spirit (Jn 4:10).

iiiJesus gave us the Holy Spirit to bring us to life. This is the truth of salvation.

ivWe need to be born of water and of the spirit” (Jn 3:3-5). Paul also mentioned the same thing in Titus3:5.

  1. During the crusade, people asked what they should do. They were answered, “repent, be baptized in the name of Jesus, you shall receive the promised Holy Spirit.” If a church has water baptism that can give complete remission of sin and the gift of the Holy Spirit, it is the true church. The Jerusalem from heaven is our church (Rev 21:1, 2). This church is the house of God, which uses the truth as the foundation. TJC has the baptism of water and the promised Holy Spirit.
  2. There is no record of the churches between 70 AD and 100 AD. After 70AD, the church in Jerusalem was destroyed by General Titus. The temple was destroyed. The church in Jerusalemwas gone. The gentile church continued.
  3. The church record continues after 150 AD, but the Holy Spirit had already departed at this time. In 150 AD, Mantanus preached about the importance of the Holy Spirit and told people to pray for the Holy Spirit just as the apostles did during the apostolic time. He also prophesized that Jesus would come to his house to set up the kingdom. Mantanus set up apostles to preach the gospel. This is the first Charismatic Movement. We can see that the Holy Spirit was not in this church.
  4. We have the true baptism. Only TJC perform water baptism according to the Bible.
  1. Since TJC is the one true church, there is no other. If there exists another church like TJC, it will be as though Jesus has two bodies. This is impossible.
  2. What about everyone else? There are many people, and we are few!
  3. If we look back to apostolic times, or the time of Noah, we can see that the problem is not the number of people to be saved but whether or not people are willing to come into the true church.
  4. So where is the love of God? Will so many people perish? Hold on to this question, but enter into the ark of God first. Later, when you are saved, you can ask Jesus.
  5. The time of Jesus was the same as well. How many people were in China at that time? They never heard of Jesus.
  6. If you continue asking this question, you cannot enter the ark of God. Millions of people existed in the NT (or apostolic) time. Initially there were 5000 people, but later not many were baptized.
  7. What about other churches?
  8. Their role is likened to the role of John the Baptist. They are paving the road for Jesus Christ. After Jesus was ready to begin His work, John the Baptist was beheaded. Some churches out there preach by the Bible, but are not perfect.
  1. It helps to know other religious and other denominations.
  2. We need to learn from Jesus concerning the skill of personal evangelism.
  3. To the doubting Nathanael, Jesus convinced him that He is all-knowing (Jn1:43ff).
  4. To the sincere Nicodemus, Jesus was very direct (Jn3:1ff).
  5. To the isolated Samaritan woman, Jesus stirred her up (Jn4:1ff).
  6. To the hopeless and helpless invalid, Jesus built up his faith (Jn5:1ff).
  7. To the one who sought earthly food, Jesus only gave spiritual food only(Jn6:24ff).
  8. To the unbelieving and despising one, Jesus explained that he is not worthy (Lk4:16-30).
  9. To the needy one, Jesus healed with the power of God (Lk4:31ff).
  10. To the one with great faith, Jesus forgave sins (Lk5:18ff).
  11. To the tricky Simon, Jesus was indirect (Lk7:36ff).
  12. To the testing ones, Jesus ignored (Mt12:39). Or Jesus asked another question for the question asked (Jn8:1ff).
  13. What about those non-TJC members who claim they have died and resurrected. Do they have salvation?
  14. God gave rain to the good and the bad (Mt5:45).
  15. God gave grace to those who had faith (Mk16:17).
  16. Miracles cannot guarantee salvation, for example, Cornelius (Acts 10:1ff).
  1. Mobilization of Evangelism
  2. The best way of evangelism is personal evangelism. We should not only pass out fliers. We should spend time to preach to each individual.
  3. We thought of using crusades to preach the gospel, but there would be no one to follow-up on these people.
  4. We should organize evangelical teams to promote evangelism in local churches. They should go out in odd numbers to preach door to door.
  5. World evangelism starts from our own local churches. We should start to preach to our relatives and friends first.
  6. The high school and college years are usually when people begin to seek for the meaning of life. We should take this good opportunity to promote campus evangelism.
  7. Receiving Power
  8. Evangelism starts with receiving power (Acts 1:8). When we preach in Africa, we talk about the Holy Spirit first. When truthseekers receive the Holy Spirit, it is easier for them to understand the truth. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth.