Ensure Safe Working Practice and Operational Procedures Are Followed at All Times

Ensure Safe Working Practice and Operational Procedures Are Followed at All Times

Job Description and Person Specification (HR5) /
Job Description
School/Department: / School of Medicine/Human Development & Health (HDH) Academic Unit
Post Title: / Molecular Laboratory Manager (Duthie building SGH)
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Posts Responsible to (and Level): / Senior Facilities/Technical Manager and Health & Safety OfficerIDS & Duthie Building Manager(5)
Posts Responsible for (and Level): / Lab Technician (3)
Job Purpose:
  • To ensure the effective and efficient running of the HDH Academic Unit Lab facilities in the Duthie and IDS buildings at SGH. This would include monitoring, managing, planning and adapting the service to meet user’s needs.
  • Ensure safe working practice and operational procedures are followed at all times.

Key Accountabilities/Primary Responsibilities:
Lab Management
  • Plan and develop new techniques that will support research initiatives and oversee their introduction.
  • Oversee the infrastructure support for research within the Labs in the Duthie Building.
  • Manage the induction of new staff and students in the correct use of general laboratory equipment, laboratory procedures and the core facilities in the Duthie building such as the Dark room, Tissue culture and the Liquid Nitrogen. Cover lab management duties in the IDS building as required. Following University procedures within the respective working area, as set out by the Senior Facilities/Technical Manager and Health & Safety Officer and Academic staff.
  • Provide general maintenance of laboratory facilities, ensuring adequate levels of stocks including reagents and chemicals for the groups. Liaise with the Senior Facilities/Technical Manager and Health & Safety OfficerManager in cases of breakdown of general laboratory equipment and were necessary contact relevant companies to arrange repair.
  • Liaise with researchers with regard to practical day-to-day organisational issues.
  • Supervision and training of junior technical staff working in the Duthie Labs. Provide training to members of staff and students in Molecular biology techniques and the associated equipment e.g. Real time PCR machines, PCR machines, Chemdoc
  • Advise on pricing and purchasing of lab equipment and consumables in consultation with the Senior Facilities/Technical Manager and Health & Safety Officer
Research support
  • Conduct routine measurements for gene and protein expression using techniques such as Western blotting, RT-PCR, Q-PCR etc. Provide technical supervision in the use of techniques in own area of expertise.
  • To attend relevant meetings when requested by managers in support of standard work activities.
  • Providing research and technical support and advice to the HDH research groups based in the Duthie building. Including day-to-day planning, design, organisation and management of own research project, overseeing project students, training, acquisition and interpretation of data and statistical analysis.
  • Contributing to the choice of technique, approaches and methods. Troubleshooting of methods for optimisation of techniques for various applications.
  • Training of students and staff of all levels in techniques and proper use of specialised equipment.
  • Advising students/staff at all levels in design, development and application of techniques and equipment. Assisting in set up of experiments and equipment.
Planning & Organising
  • Responsible for time management of own research project, overseeing time management of project students and work experience students.
  • Responsibility for preparation and deployment of rotas to laboratory users in order to maintain and high standard of working environment within thelaboratory
  • Negotiating supplier quotations for purchase of new equipment, organisation and performing of calibration, repairs, performing general maintenance and day-to-day monitoring of specialised laboratory equipment
Maintenance & Management of Work Environment
  • Use of specialist technical knowledge in order to maintain laboratory equipment, diagnosis of faults and repair of equipment.
  • Train and advise students and staff of all levels of appropriate usage of laboratory equipment and techniques.
  • Responsible for developing/performing trials of new and existing products/techniques/methods, document results and advise students/staff of the findings
  • Advising staff in the purchase of new equipment/apparatus/software and gaining quotations from suppliers as required.
Analysis, Reporting & Documentation
  • Accurately maintain written records of techniques performed. Application of statistical analysis and interpretation of documented results.
  • Application of detailed understanding in utilisation of results in development/optimisation of techniques. Contribution to appropriate choice of equipment/techniques/methods for the effective interpretation of results.
Health & Safety
  • Ensure application of Health and Safety regulations for laboratory equipment (e.g. electrical testing), chemicals (flammables, poisons, fume hood storage) and basic procedures. To make sure Risk Assessments and COSHH forms have been written before work is carried out. Report findings to the Senior Facilities/Technical Manager and Health & Safety OfficerManager. Ensure compliance with health and safety procedures and make sure risk assessments are up to date and that records are kept of the relevant documentation. Liaise with the Senior Facilities/Technical Manager and Health & Safety Officerregarding the general maintenance of a safe working environment.
  • Representing the Duthie lab facilities at the HDH Health and Safety Committee.
To deputise for the AU Radiation Protection Supervisor to include:
  • Ensuring radiation waste is appropriately transferred to the Trust in accordance with the EA permit in the absence of the RPS.
  • Undertake a monthly source check to confirm that all sources and any radioactive waste are present and stored correctlyin the absence of the RPS.
  • Provide support and guidance to members of the Research Division on all matters relating to radiation in the absence of the RPS.
  • To Assist the RPS with their duties as required.
/ % Time
Internal & External Relationships: (nature & purpose of relationships)
Senior Facilities/Technical Manager and Health & Safety Officerfor direct line management and supervision
Technical Staff - to discuss research and facilities
Lab Managers - to discuss research and facilities
Academic staff- to discuss research and facilities
P2P team – ordering/purchasing
If necessary to liaise with the individuals providing research samples (e.g. blood or tissues) and provide advice for sample storage and data handling when required.
Liaise with the Wessex Genetics department at Salisbury district hospital
Outside the University
Suppliers of laboratory equipment and consumables
UHS – to discuss maintenance issues
Special Requirements:
Contribute to the preparation of publications and research presentations.
Support and contribute to specialist work as directed by the Senior Facilities/Technical Manager and Health & Safety Officer, for instance radiation.
Be prepared to work flexibly and if necessary outside normal office hours if required.
Person Specification
Criteria / Essential / Desirable / How to be assessed
Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience:
Degree or equivalent in a relevant subject or significant vocational experience.
Appropriate work experience (with the degree qualification) in a relevant/scientific role
Knowledge of laboratory safety.
Wide experience of work in molecular biology lab.
Q-PCR techniques
Experience of providing technical support in a laboratory including teaching other laboratory workers new methodologies and instructing them how to operate equipment.
Experienceof developing new methods and troubleshooting. / √

√ / Application/Interview
Planning and Organising:
Able to prioritise own workload.
Good organisational skills.
Ability to troubleshoot independently.
Able to delegate and discuss work prioritisation of other members of the Academic Unit / √

√ / √ / Interview
Problem Solving and Initiative:
Ability to solve analytical problems in the laboratory.
Interpret results and have independent ideas towards direction of research. / √
√ / Interview
Management and Teamwork:
Ability to act in a supervisory capacity.
Ability to work well as part of a team. / √
√ / Interview
Communicating and Influencing:
Good telephone manner.
Ability to state problems clearly and calmly.
Ability to communicate well with other staff members and students.
Skilled in presentation of work in laboratory and meetings. / √

√ / √ / Interview
Other Skills and Behaviours:
High degree of fine manual dexterity.
Ability to appropriately lift and carry laboratory equipment and bottles of chemicals
IT competency / √

√ / Interview
Special Requirements:
Ability to appropriately handle infectious blood or tissue samples. / √ / Interview

Job Hazard Analysis Form - Appendix to Job and Person Specification

Please tick one of the following statements:

This post is an office-based job with routine office hazards e.g. use of VDU (if ticked, no further information needs to be supplied)
This post has some hazards other than routine office e.g. more than use of VDU / X

Please tick all those that apply, and put N/A if not applicable

Environmental Exposures / O* / F / C
Outside work
Extremes of temperature (egfridge/ furnace) / X
Potential for exposure to body fluids ## / X
Noise (greater than 80 dba - 8 hrs twa) ##
Exposure to hazardous substances (eg solvents, liquids, dust, fumes, biohazards). Specify …………………………………………………………. ## / X
Frequent hand washing / X
Ionising radiation / X
Equipment/Tools/Machines used
Food Handling ##
Driving university vehicles(e.g. car/van/LGV/PCV) ##
Use of latex gloves (note: prohibited unless specific clinical necessity) ##
Vibrating tools ( e.g. strimmers, hammer drill, lawnmowers) ##
Physical Abilities
Load manual handling / X
Repetitive Crouching/Kneeling/Stooping
Repetitive Pulling/Pushing
Repetitive Lifting
Standing for prolonged periods
Repetitive Climbing i.e. steps, stools, ladders
Fine motor grips (e.g. pipetting) / X
Gross motor grips
Repetitive reaching below shoulder height
Repetitive reaching at shoulder height
Repetitive reaching above shoulder height
Psychosocial Issues
Face to face contact with public
Lone working / X
Shift work/night work/on call duties ## / X

O – Occasionally (up to 1/3 of time); F – Frequently (up to 2/3 of time); C – Constantly (more than 2/3 of time) ## denotes to HR the need for a full PEHQ to be sent to all applicants for this position.

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