ENGEL Trend.Scaut 2015 in Shanghai

ENGEL Trend.Scaut 2015 in Shanghai

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ENGEL trend.scaut 2015 in Shanghai

Local and international challenges and opportunities to be discussed at automotive conference

Schwertberg, Austria – September 2015

Which direction is the automotive market in Asia moving in? What challenges are resulting from local requirements and international influences? What opportunities are being opened up by innovative manufacturing technologies? – These questions and others will be the focus of the trend.scaut international automotive conference that ENGEL is hosting from October 22nd to 23rd 2015 in Shanghai, China.
It has already become tradition for the international automotive industry to come together every three years for exchanging ideas and networking at the event hosted by ENGEL, the injection moulding machine manufacturer headquartered in Schwertberg, Austria. After holding some very successful events in Austria attracting more than 500 attendees each time, ENGEL is now taking its automotive conference to new places. For the first time, trend.scaut will be taking place in Asia, and two further events are already planned for next year and the year after in North America and Europe.

Practical benefits to be increased further

"The automotive industry is a very international industry, but each region still presents its producers and their suppliers with its own unique challenges," emphasizes Franz Füreder, Vice President of ENGEL's Automotive business unit. "The new structure of the ENGEL trend.scaut will enable us to discuss specific regional requirements even more effectively and ultimately deal with them in an international context. It will therefore further increase the practical benefits of our event for attendees."

China is rapidly becoming more important as a production location for international automobile companies, and it is for this reason that ENGEL is kicking off its new trend.scaut concept in Shanghai. The target group of the two-day event is decision makers from all departments in plastics processing companies, from production and purchasing to design and development. Apart from China, automotive experts are expected from Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Top-class speakers and plenty of room for networking

The first day of the conference will be devoted to talks and a panel discussion. ENGEL has been able to win recognised experts from well-known international and Chinese automobile manufacturers, OEMs, and tier-one and tier-two suppliers as speakers. Among the companies represented here will be ExxonMobil, Porsche and PATAC.

Michael Fischer, Sales Manager (Technologies) at ENGEL AUSTRIA, and Peter Egger, Director of the ENGEL Center for Lightweight Composite Technologies, will be presenting innovative technologies and machines as well as examples of groundbreaking applications. Jochen Siebert, the managing director of JSC (Shanghai) Automotive Consulting will be talking about the market situation in China and Asia, current challenges and future trends. The conference will be held in English and simultaneously interpreted into Mandarin.

On the second day, all attendees are invited to go on a tour of ENGEL's large-scale machine plant in Shanghai, which reflects the high demands of the automotive industry. ENGEL's Asian factories manufacture according to the same high quality standards applied at its Austrian plants. Manufacturing in Asia enables ENGEL to fulfil the specific requirements of local customers very flexibly and also to deliver quickly. ENGEL is the only western injection moulding machine manufacturer with three production plants in Asia.

ENGEL trend.scaut 2015: October 22nd to 23rd in Shanghai

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On the second day of the conference, attendees will visit ENGEL's large-scale machine plant in Shanghai. The automotive industry's stringent requirements are reflected by the strict quality standards applied there.

Lightweight design will be one of the main topics at the conference. ENGEL duo injection moulding machines like the ones assembled at the ENGEL Shanghai factory are used for example by BMW. In Germany, the company uses them to produce car body shell components for the BMW i3 electric vehicle, among other things.

"Every region presents producers and their suppliers with its own individual challenges," says Franz Füreder, Vice President of ENGEL's Automotive business unit. "By hosting our automotive conference on three continents, we will further increase the practical benefits for attendees."

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