Mine ÇAĞLAR, Mehmet SARIDERELİ Fall 2010

Koç University

Math 201: Statistics

The objective of Math 201 is to equip students with a fundamental understanding of the theory and practice of statistics. To that end we will rely on elementary mathematics and computers. Students are expected to be familiar with the computing facilities at Koç University. The course is designed to enhance the computational skills of students as well.

There will be homework (HW) problems (assigned weekly), and problem sessions (PSs) once a week. You will work on selected problems during the PSs under the supervision and guidance of the teaching assistants (TAs). The solutions to the HW problems will be posted on the course website. These HW assignments will not be graded.

Grading Scheme:

MathXL Quizzes: 6%

PS and Class Attendance: 5%

Two mid-term exams: 30% each

Final exam: 35%

Total: 106%

PREREQUISITE for a MathXLquiz is MathXL homework: You must get at least 50% score on a MathXL homework to be eligible to take the corresponding MathXL quiz. Otherwise your quiz will count as 0 (zero). The quiz will have similar questions to the homework. Only the quiz grades will count, and not the homework grades.

Your PS attendance will contribute 2.5 points to your overall grade. (If there are 12 PS’s, then each PS contributes 2.5/12 points to your grade). Also, by faculty regulations, you will get another 2.5 points from class attendance. Hence, a total of 5 points from attendance can be obtained. The instructor will take unannounced attendance in randomly selected lectures and the class attendance points will be based on the percentage of the present counts. For example, if the instructor takes attendance on 10 randomly selected days, and the student is present in 6 of them, the class attendance bonus will be 1.5. There is no makeup for exams in general; but in documented cases of illness and family emergencies, a comprehensive make-up will be administered after the final for a missed midterm or final. Note that even if you miss a midterm, you will have to take the comprehensive make-up given after the final. If you miss more than one exam, the grade you receive from the make-up will count for all missed exams.Students participating in extracurricular activities endorsed by the University must inform their instructor in advance. This is still counted as an absence; but if an exam is missed, a makeup will be given. Rules governing academic conduct at Koç University (see the Fact Sheet) will be strictly enforced.

Textbook: Statistics, J.T. McClave & T. Sincich, Pearson, 2009, 11th Edition.

Assignments, answer keys, and updates about the course will be posted at the course website:

--> academics --> courseware --> MATH 201 STATISTICS-3

OROn KUAIS: academic --> courseware list --> MATH 201 STATISTICS-3

You are expected to read any reading assignment before class, and do any HW assignment before your PS. You are required to attend lectures and PSs to which you are assigned. You cannot change your PS section.


Honesty and trust are important to all of us as individuals. Students and faculty adhere to the following principles of academic honesty at Koç University:

  1. Individual accountability for all individual work, written or oral. Copying from others or providing answers or information, written or oral, to others is cheating.
  2. Providing proper acknowledgement of original author. Copying from another student’s paper or from another text without written acknowledgement is plagiarism.
  3. Study or project group activity is effective and authorized teamwork. Unauthorized help from another person or having someone else write one’s paper or assignment is collusion.

Cheating, plagiarism, and collusion are serious offenses resulting in an F as well as serious disciplinary action.

FACT SHEET for MATH 201, Fall 2010

StaffOfficeOffice Hours Phone


MehmetSarıdereliSCI 123 M 14-15, W 15-16, Th 11-12338-1525

or by appointment

Mine Çağlar SCI 165 M, Tu 11:00-12:00 338-1315

or by appointment

Teaching Assistants’ (TAs’) Office Hours

To be announced (TBA).

Secretary for instructors

NesrinAtağ SCI 120 M-F 8:30-17:00338-1687


Topic M&S Section #

Introduction to Statistics 1.1-1.6

Describing Data Sets 2.1-2.7, 2.9

Linear Regression11.1-11.2

Probability 3.1-3.9

Midterm 1

Discrete Random Variables 4.1-4.4

Joint ProbabilityHandouts on Reserve in Library

Continuous Random Variables 5.1-5.5

Sampling Distributions 6.1-6.3

Confidence Intervals7.1-7.5

Midterm 2

Hypothesis testing: One sample8.1-8.5

Hypothesis testing: Two samples 9.1-9.5

Final Exam