Effective TA Learning Table: Speed Dating Exercise February 27, 2013

Effective TA Learning Table: Speed Dating Exercise February 27, 2013

Effective TA Learning Table: Speed Dating Exercise February 27, 2013

Here is a quick summary of the resources, best practices and ideas to share offered by each of the state teams. Feel free to contact one of the team members (main point of contact listed next to state name) who attended the on-site for more information...


Arizona–Stephanie Golden

  • Quality First Academy (QRIS Academy)
  • RFGA (Request for Grant Application)Training for TA professionals
  • Collaboration and common goal forms for TA professionals to use with providers
  • Collaborative goals between TA professionals to support programs
  • Professional development work group and registry--system building

Delaware– Evelyn Keating

  • Quality assured PD registry of TAs with required training on relationship-based PD (25 hour) and competencies
  • QRIS database that tracks program progress--data-driven monitoring

Illinois– Theresa

  • Successful Professional Development Advisors program (evaluation demonstrated its value) that pairs ECE professionals with advisors that help them figure out how to complete degrees and credentials
  • Dept. of Ed i3 grant to Ounce of Prevention Fund focusing on effective coaching and professional learning communities (description document available)

Maine– Sonja Howard

  • Coaching training
  • TA definition
  • TA (4 tiers of TA) description
  • TA data base tied to registry database

Michigan – April Wyncott

  • STARS platform provides data that is used to drive decision making for training provided to child care and preschool providers. Data is from each provider’s self-assessment survey and PQA.
  • Programs participating in Great Start to Quality have the ability to establish a quality improvement plan in the STARS platform. Select programs are able to work with a Quality Improvement Consultant to help them move to higher levels of quality.
  • all training and professional development opportunities for child care and preschool providers related to Great Start to Quality. Providers can register for all training online and participation is recorded and tracked for each provider by license number.
  • is Michigan’s online searchable database for child care and preschool as well as the public view of Great Start to Quality ratings. This is a marketing tool for providers and a convenience for parents. interfaces nightly with licensing and the STARS platform to assure the most up to date information is available for families.

New Hampshire – Susan Foley

  • SBC- Strengths-Based Coaching training for TA professionals
  • Training Tracking and Technical Assistance Management database to track professional development and TA, including the impact of TA on providers- developed by Child Care Aware® of America
  • Credentials for Mentors and Consultants
  • Learning Communities of Practice for TA professionals
  • Develop mentors/consultants within programs
  • Provider mentor programs

North Carolina – Cindy Wheeler

  • North Carolina’s Technical Assistance Competencies (April 2013)
  • NC Mentor Standards and Rubric (supports teachers holding NC Birth-through-Kindergarten Teacher Licensure )
  • Technical Assistance Endorsement (TAE) [in development]
  • CEU course under development - The Art and Science of Early Childhood Technical Assistance (2.0 CEU)/grant to CCR&R System
  • T.E.A.C.H. Scholarships for Early Care and Education Community Specialists (TA Specialist, Prof. Development Specialist, Home visitors, Early Interventionists)
  • Early Educator Certification System

Pennsylvania – Katrina Coburn

  • Data systems, child/program TA system
  • TA competencies
  • New Consultant Orientation Manual
  • Consultant Certification Application
  • Specialty Discipline Consultant Certification Application
  • TA Readiness Survey
  • TA Accountability Plan
  • Research Brief of Effectiveness of TA
  • Cross Systems TA Guiding Principles
  • Pennsylvania TA manual and certification process

Vermont – Nancy

  • TA Core Knowledge Areas and Competencies
  • TA CKC self-assessment tool
  • Use of the competencies to frame an orientation training for new TA providers and to identify future support and/or training needs


  • WI Model Early Learning Standards CoP for Approved Trainers and Trainer Candidates with mentoring process
  • Community of Practice checklist and Guidance on Knowledge Management Structures
  • Professional Development Approval System through The Registry for Approved Consultants


California– Celia Fisher-Dahms

  • ECE Competencies Self-Assessment Toolkit (self-reflection with YouTube videos)
  • assistance with PD planning after fall 2013
  • Training Portal--CCDF PD offerings and online ECE/CD community college and state university courses
  • On-line training modules for ERS in English as Spanish w/ERSI
  • PITC w/ sf. I/T specialist (available fall 2013)

Colorado–Sheila Groneman

  • Coaching competencies
  • Higher Ed coaching certificate
  • Colorado's social/emotional pyramid model
  • Community provider TA readiness tool


  • CT Charts-A-Course Adult Learning Theory training for trainers, coaches and consultants (three full-day sessions)
  • CT Accreditation Facilitation Project TA Model and managing complex change diagram providing TA and program improvement supports
  • Registry for trainers and consultants
  • Trainer approval system and Quality Assurance and Improvement System for trainers

Florida –Antrica Morgan

  • Core competencies
  • Statewide Infant & Toddler Network, Statewide Inclusion Network, Statewide CCR&R Network (All provide TA to early learning coalitions and early learning programs)
  • CLASS™ - Trained reliable CLASS™ Observes as coaches to provide TA to providers whose programs has been assessed with the CLASS™ instrument promoting continuous improvement


  • C.A.N.O.E.S.--PD website (canoes-hawaii.com)
  • Coaching competencies and self-evaluation ()

Indiana – Melanie Brizzi

  • TA case management data system
  • Licensure/TA coordination
  • Purdue evaluation:

Purdue University has completed several phases of evaluation for Indiana’s QRIS, Paths to QUALITY, including the pilot evaluation, evaluation of the standards as evidenced based, as well as implementation and validation studies. Purdue is currently beginning the next phase of the evaluation which will include a longitudinal study of PTQ providers, including the effectiveness of the TA offered, as well as the impact of Paths to QUALITY on child’s development.

Kentucky – John Roden

  • Preschool Program Review P2R
  • The Building a Strong Foundation Series addresses the preschool programming in KY through a three pronged approach to service delivery. These are through aligned Birth to Five Early Childhood Standards, Reliable and Valid Child Assessment, and Program Review through the utilization of the Quality Self Study (description document available)
  • Quality Improvement Plan
  • Assessment/screening guides

Massachusetts– Chris Pond

  • QRIS quality improvement grants tied to coaching
  • Train the trainer grad course
  • Educator provider-support system supporting coaching using IPDP (Individual Professional Development Plan) and PDPS (Program Development Plan)

Utah–Carolyn Christensen

  • No state-wide resources currently available (check back after this learning table)

Washington – Char Goodreau

  • QRIS Coach Framework
  • Head Start/ECEAP QRIS pilot, which investigates inclusion of HS and state pre-k in TA system