Jamestown Elementary

After School Enrichment Programs

Fall 2013

We are pleased to offer a variety of after school enrichment activities for Jamestown students this fall. The attached list is organized by day of the week and includes a description of each activity as well as the grades to which it is being offered and the cost. Please note that all activities are after school unless otherwise noted. For some activities, you’ll also find an additional flyer with information in your child’s backpack mail.

Registration Process

To register your child for one or more of the activities below, please follow the registration instructions included in the description below:

  • For programs where links to online registration have been provided, please use those links to register your child online.
  • For programs that require registration through Jamestown Enrichment, please complete the enclosed registration form for each child and each activity for which you wish to register.

Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. Registration will begin on September 23rd and close on Friday, September 27th at 5pm. Registrations received after that time may not be accepted unless a program has not reached its minimum requirement.

For programs for which you register through Jamestown Enrichment, you will receive an email confirming your child’s registration. At that time, you will be asked to remit payment for the activities to the Jamestown PTA mailbox. Payment can be made to the vendor as reflected in the descriptions below. Please do not make out checks to the Jamestown PTA.


Activities begin the week of October 7th and continue through December 13th (not including any holidays or early release days). Teachers will be notified of rosters and room assignments, so that students can be dropped off in the enrichment classroom directly after school. All extended day students will need to check in at Extended Day and then they will be escorted to their enrichment classrooms. Room assignments will be updated on the PTA website in the next couple of weeks.

Please direct any inquiries about the registration process or the classes below to

Thank you,

Lara Meadows and Joanne Del Toro

Fall 2013 Enrichment Calendar

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
$104 / Chess Club
(morning class)
$108 / Cheerleading
$90 / Drama-Kingdoms Castles
$100 / Piano Keys 4 Kids
Let's Be Creative
$185 / Storytime Yoga
$100 / WeDo Robotics
$195 / Sports Spectacular
$90 / One onOne Basketball
Hip-Hop Dance
$165 / Scrapbooking
$180 / Guitar Club
$100 / Go Long Flag Football
$90 / (Hula) Hoop Dance
$100 / Brain Busters
$90 / Mobile Robotics
$195 / Animal Planet



Activity Name / Description / Grades / Cost
Register at
/ Experimentamania is a cornucopia of experiments! Children will uncover the vital role that science plays in detective work, examine the science behind popular toys and get a buzz out the amazing world of insects! Your Mad Scientists will explore Earth Science, weather phenomena, and experiment with some kitchen chemistry. Children will build their own Mad Science Machine, and create their very own short animated cartoon! Offered by Mad Science. / K-5 / $104

Monday (continued)

Activity Name / Description / Grades / Cost
Let’s Be Creative!
Register using Jamestown Enrichment form / Creating is fun and an exciting way for children to express themselves. Lines, shapes, shading, space and more will be explored in Let's Be Creative. Through the use of active imagination, stories, and visual references, students will experience how these elements of drawing magically tie to themes from nature, everyday life, and the inner world of your child. If the size of the class permits, students will also paint and sculpt. Monsters, animals, outer space, flowers and portraits are among the fun themes used as springboards to stimulate creativity and excite the imagination. Children are always encouraged to explore themes of their own choosing. The instructor, Wendy Kramer, is a painter and art educator with extensive teaching experience. She received a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Maryland, as well as two Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees, one in Studio Art and the other in art education, K - 12. Parents from previous enrichment programs rave about how impressed they are with Ms. Kramer's teaching methods. Offered by Wendy Kramer. / K-3 / $185
Hip-Hop Dance
Register at
/ Hip Hop is a high-energy dance form that is performed to music by artists such as Justin Bieber, Willow Smith, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Usher, Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson, Gwen Stefani, the Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears and more. This dance form develops the student's personal style and creativity in addition to promoting rhythm and coordination. Age appropriate music and movement is used in our children's beginner Hip Hop classes. Parents are invited to join us on the last day of class for a Parents’ Day performance. Offered by Tommie Shaw & Company. / K-5 / $165


Activity Name / Description / Grades / Cost
Chess Club
Register at

Note: This is a morning activity / Learn chess from a Silver Knights Chess coach! We teach more than 2,500 children each week. State and national champions have come from our programs, but most of our students are just looking to have fun! Class time is split between lesson and play. Lessons range from learning the rules to advanced tournament strategies, depending on the children. Play time is structured to pair each student against an opponent of similar skill. All grades and skill levels are welcome. Silver Knights will supply all the equipment during chess club, but there's an option to purchase a tournament style chess set to take home later in the registration process. Students will have the opportunity to play in local, state and national tournaments. To request financial aid, please contact us with student's name, grade, and school. Offered by Silver Knights Chess Company. / K-5
Begins at 7:55A / $108
Storytime Yoga
Register using Jamestown Enrichment form / Storytime Yoga is a children's yoga class that features; exciting games/poses, mindful eating, and self-calming techniques. To conclude each session, students will have an interactive read-aloud followed by a guided meditation.Offered by Arianna Cohen. / 1-3 / $100
Register using Jamestown Enrichment form / During these fun and productive classes, students will learn lots of scrapbooking skills and graphic design concepts. We will work with scrapbooking tools, photos, patterned papers, colorful cardstock, markers, stickers, adhesives, stamps and inks, decorative scissors, ribbons, paper flowers, sparkly gems and LOTS of other goodies! Each student will create their own “All My Favorite Things!” scrapbook. NOTE: All students mustbring 20 non-digital photos to the first day of class. Offered by Janet Fortney. / 3-5 / $180

Tuesday (continued)

Activity Name / Description / Grades / Cost
Register using Jamestown Enrichment form / Mystery Academy passes on the traditional art of Magic in a time honored way: directly from teacher to student. Students will learn all of the fascinating aspects of magic including: cards tricks, coins tricks, sleight of hand, mentalism, magic art projects, and dramatic presentation. Magic is an excellent way to teach children the importance of consistent practice, and to effectively present ideas before others. Mystery Academy has been teaching the art of magic for more than a decade. Offered by Mystery Academy. / 1-4 / $100


Activity Name / Description / Grades / Cost
Register at
/ Take your spirit to a higher level! Learn routines, cheers, motions and jumps that promote teamwork, fitness and FUN. We'll work on basic gymnastics and dance movements (under supervision of instructors). Cheers include: Who Rocks the House, G-O Yell GO, Dynamite, and many more. You'll even get to make up your own cheer! Offered by Overtime Athletics. / K-5 / $90
WeDo Robotics
Register using Jamestown Enrichment form / WeDo Robotics introduces young students to simple robotics systems. Students will build Lego models with functional motors and sensors, and learn how to control them with basic programming skills. Through a variety of tasks and activities, students get a chance to learn and gain confidence with simple robotics skills before moving on to more advanced concepts.Offered by Fairfax Collegiate. / K-3 / $195
Guitar Club
Register using Jamestown Enrichment form / Our Guitar Club enrichment program is designed to teach the student how to play the guitar in a fun and interactive way. Students will be taught how to build and play chords, play melodies, favorite songs and read standard musical notation Please note: Students must bring their own guitar to class. (Please call Echo School of Music for assistance if you plan to buy a guitar or if you have any questions regarding the class.) No previous experience is required. Offered by Echo School of Music. / 2-5 / $100

Wednesday (continued)

Activity Name / Description / Grades / Cost
Brain Busters
Register at / Get ready to BUST that BRAIN! Each class will focus on a cooperative learning activity that requires use of critical thinking and STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Students will be assigned a small group task they must complete. Build a mechanism that can launch a sneaker across the classroom, construct a roller coaster complete with loops that can take a marble for a ride, figure out how to move a heavy object without touching it. These interactive lessons will promote teamwork, problem solving skills and most of all having fun! Offered by Whiz Kids. / 3-5 / $90


Activity Name / Description / Grades / Cost
Drama - Kingdoms and Castles
Register at / Live like a king for an hour each week with this fun fairytale-themed class. Slay dragons, break magic spells, and live happily ever after as you and your classmates work as a team to discover exciting characters and act out classic stories. Offered by Encore Stage. / K-2 / $100
Sports Spectacular
Register at
/ Do you love to play sports? Then you'll love Sports Spectacular! Each week we'll play a different sport or game including: basketball, soccer, flag football, kickball, capture the flag, tag games and MORE! Get moving with games like Bump and Bite, Knights and Dragons, the Numbers Game, and Safe Base. We'll work on teamwork, sportsmanship and fitness, all while having fun. Sign up today! Offered by Overtime Athletics. / K-2 / $90
Go Long Flag Football
Register at
/ Join us and score with Flag Football! Coaches will show you a little bit of everything Offense, Defense and Special teams! Learn like the pros: how to run pass patterns, go downhill like a running back, and throw the lights out with games like End zone and Target Practice! We will have fun with classic games like 300 and capture the flag, while exercising and learning how to work as a team. Be a part of the OTA team- Sign up today!Offered by Overtime Athletics. / 3-5 / $90

Thursday (continued)

Activity Name / Description / Grades / Cost
Mobile Robotics
Register using Jamestown Enrichment form / This is an introduction to LEGO Mindstorms NXT robotics for older elementary school students. Students learn to build and program mobile robots using the graphical NXT-G programming language. Activities include programming exercises with NXT-G, experimenting with wheel sizes and gear ratios, implementing robot speed control and turning, making robots respond to sounds, and programming robots to detect and avoid obstacles.Offered by Fairfax Collegiate. / 4-5 / $195


Activity Name / Description / Grades / Cost
Piano Keys 4 Kids
Register using Jamestown Enrichment form / This is a group piano class that studies hands-on piano and music theory. In this class, your child will work closely with the teacher to follow a carefully planned sequence that guarantees fun and success in a playful group atmosphere. The instructor will teach how to count rhythm, identify notes, and play common melodies on the white and black keys of the piano. Students who have taken this class previously will advance to Book 2 and begin to learn how to read notes on the staff in C and Middle C position with more advanced songs to play. Offered by Piano Keys 4 Kids. / K-4 / $150
One onOne Basketball
Register using Jamestown Enrichment form / Dribble, shoot, and score with One on One Basketball! Children learn basketball skills and techniques to include passing, shooting, dribbling and other fundamentals using fun games, drills and contests. Offered by One on One Basketball. / K-2 / $80

Friday (continued)

Activity Name / Description / Grades / Cost
(Hula) Hoop Dance
Register at
/ Hoop Dance is an exciting newer dance form, which involves dancing and artistic movement with a hula hoop used as a prop or dance partner. Hoop dancers rotate the hoop around parts of the body other than the waist, including the hips, chest, neck, shoulders, thighs, knees, arms, hands, thumbs, feet and toes. Modern hooping draws from such diverse art forms as hip-hop, rhythmic gymnastics, freestyle dance, baton twirling, and more. For our Hoop Dance course, we constructed children’s sized dance hoops for use in class each week. “Dance hoops” are different from toy hoops because they are constructed with a heavier material, which provides a better grip, and are balanced and proportioned for dance movement. Parents are invited to join us on the last day of class for a Parent’s Day performance.Offered by Tommie Shaw & Company. / 1-5 / $165
Animal Planet
Register at
/ Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! Join us for an adventure in animals. We’ll go on a safari and spy on leopards and elephants. Then we’ll dive into the ocean and study whales, sharks, and species of the sea. Your skin will crawl when we explore creepy crawly creatures that make the world a better place! Every class will include hands on activity or craft. It’s an Animal Planet! Offered by Whiz Kids. / K-2 / $90

Jamestown Elementary

After School Enrichment Programs

Registration Form

Fall 2013

To register your child for one or more after school enrichment programs, please:

1)Complete one form for each child and for each activity for which the child is registering

2)Return completed forms by Friday, Sept. 27.

Note: Registrations submitted after Sept. 27 may not be accepted.

Enrollment Information

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Child’s Grade:

Child’s Teacher:

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Enrichment Program Name:

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