Berks County Project Lifesaver

Autism Population Survey

In a collaborative effort between county agencies: Berks County MH/MR, Berks County Sheriff and the Mental Health Association of Reading and Berks County, we are currently researching the possibility of bringing “Project Lifesaver” to Berks County. The project, which trains local law enforcement, uses electronic equipment to locate missing persons. We are asking all parents/guardians of an individual with an autism spectrum diagnosis to complete this survey and return it to us to see if there is a need for Project Lifesaver in Berks County and where the need is located.

What is Project Lifesaver?

Project Lifesaver International is a Charitable, Non-profit 510 (c) (3) Organization. Project Lifesaver is an innovative rapid response program aiding victims and families suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders such as Down syndrome and Autism. By forming partnerships with local law enforcement and public safety organizations, Project Lifesaver deploys specially trained teams with the most reliable technology available to quickly locate and return wandering adults and children to their families and caregivers. Project Lifesaver has completed over 1,000 successful search & rescue missions for wandering victims of Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, Down syndrome and related disorders. All persons were found using Project Lifesaver at a 100% recovery rate. All persons were found alive and returned home. Project Lifesaver uses electronic tracking systems to locate the patient during a wandering incident. Project Lifesaver is not a passive bracelet with a toll free number. Such bracelets do not locate the patient, they provide information about the patient once they are located and someone calls the number. Many times, wandering incidents end tragically because the individual is not found quickly, before it is too late. The difference between a passive ID bracelet and an active tracking device is paramount to locating the person fast enough to save a life.

Contact Information:

Berks County Program MH/MR Representative:

Michele Ruano-Weber, Deputy Administrator

610-478-3271 ext. 6582

Berks County Sheriff Representative:

Anthony Damore, Chief Deputy Sheriff

610-478-6240 ext. 3261

Mental Health Association of Reading and Berks County

Michele Ford, Parent/Child Advocate


Your name: ______

Address: ______


Phone Number: ______

Email Address: ______

How many individuals with an autism spectrum disorder are under your care? ______

(Please complete a form for each individual)

1. What is the address where the individual with an autism spectrum disorder resides?


2. What police department has jurisdiction of that residence? ______

3. What school district does the individual reside in? ______

4. Is the individual a flight risk? YES NO

5. Has the individual ever wondered from his/her home, school, etc.? YES NO

* If YES, was the police department involved in recovering the individual? YES NO

* If YES, what police department was involved? ______

6. Is the individual verbal or non-verbal? ______

7. Does the individual use an augmentative communication device? YES NO

* If YES, what device and how proficient is the individual at communicating with others, especially communicating his/her name, address, phone number, etc. ?


8. If “Project Lifesaver” would come to Berks County, would you be interested in an electronic tracking device (in the form of a transmitter bracelet) for your dependent with an autism spectrum disorder? YES NO

9. If “Project Lifesaver” would come to Berks County, would you consider providing a donation to help assist with the cost of the personal tracking device? YES NO

10. If “Project Lifesaver” would come to Berks County, would you be able to afford around $30.00 for the monthly service fee that is needed to keep “Project Lifesaver” operable? YES NO

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. This information will be confidential and used solely for the purposes of researching the need for Project Lifesaver in Berks County. Please note that your responses to questions #9 and #10 do not affect your chances of being selected for Project Lifesaver if Project Lifesaver is brought to Berks County.

Please return completed surveys to:

Michele Ruano-Weber

Deputy Administrator

MH/MR Program

Services Center, 15th Floor

633 Court Street

Reading, Pa 19601-4301

Fax: 610-478-4980