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IEP Goal: In 36 weeks, given single words or sentences that contain changes between the current English braille code (EBAE) and the new Unified English Braille code (UEB), **** will correctly read and write 20/31 of these changes using UEB on 3 out of 4 data collection days. ______/31

Overview & Purpose:
UEB follows the rules of print. The Strong word contractions “a, and, for, of, the, with” do not touch when they follow one another in a sentence. / Iowa Core: 10 - Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity.
With prompting and support, read prose and poetry of appropriate complexity for grade 1. (RL.1.10)
ECC: Compensatory skills- Braille Literacy

This lesson can be used as a companion lesson withBOP – 1st Grade - Unit 5 –Day 2- Lesson 24- student page 15

Teaching Strategies / Student Response/Notes
Objectives/Purpose: (Specify Skills/Information to be learned) / In this lesson we learn about strong word signs and a new special rule that they follow. You will get to read and write these special contractions.
Review & Engage: (what did you do last lesson that will tie into this one?)Questioning / I want you to name the 5 strong word signs.
What special thing do they get to do when they are in a sentence next to each other to save space. / And, for, of, the, with
Touch – there is no cell between them.
Snuggling- cuddling
I DO / That’s correct, but in UEB, they want to follow the print rules, where there is always space between the words.
(Check for student understanding)
Questioning- include examples and non-examples. / Can you tell me the new rule?
Activity/Guided Practice
(Describe the independent activity to reinforce this lesson)
We DO / Student will read the attached sentences.
Select 5 of the sentences for the student to braille in UEB.
Independent Practice & Application:*
YOU DO IT ALONE / Flash cards using the 5 words (2 words per card) Sort the cards according to UEB and EBAE.
Formative Assessment & Reflection: / Can you tell me the UEB rule to use when you have any two of the following words side by side?, a, and, for, of, the, with
Why do you think they made this change to the braille code? / This is another tool to use:
What are the 3 new things that you learned today
What are the 2 things that were difficult
What is the 1 thing you would like to learn or work on next?
When reading materials in EBAE that contain one of the UEB changes the student has learned, point out the sentence and ask the student to tell you what would be different in UEB. Have the student braille that sentence in UEB.

Print copy of brailled materials.


BOP – 1st Grade - Unit 5 –Day 2- Lesson 24

Student page 15 – in EBAE

The following sentences should be embossed using UEB

  1. The boy and the dog play together.
  2. Mom looked for the lost book.
  3. Some of the toys are missing.
  4. Mike talked with a new friend at the park.
  5. Dad played with us for a while.
  6. Jim sat with a cat and with a little pup.
  7. The man with the yellow hat is nice.
  8. One of the red backpacks is mine.

Possible flashcards to be written in both UEB and EBAE to be used to sort.

of the man

and a dog

with the cat

for the rat

and the boy

of a girl

with a boy

FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS (After teaching the lesson)

  1. How did the student respond to the lesson?
  1. Reflect on the impact of the instructional design of your lesson.
  1. If you were to teach this lesson again, what would you do differently?
  1. What will be your next steps?