Researchers: (all students)
This is a job everyone must do.
You must find the answers to questions the other class asks us if we don’t know the answer.
Each student needs a computer.
You must think of questions to ask the other class and add them to the Google Doc.
Use Google Maps, Google Earth, search engines, any tools that help us find where the other class is located.
GREETERS:(2-3 students)
Welcome (greet) the other school, making the initial introduction, introduce our class.
Give the other school an opportunity to introduce themselves.
Be specific and say your name.
Introduce the GREETERS and QUESTIONERS by name.
SHARERS:(2-3 students)
Share (tell) something special about our school, city or province. (song, dance, souvenir…)
DON’T give the other school SPECIFIC information that helps them guess where we are.
QUESTIONERS: (3 students)
Ask the other school questions to discover where they are located.
You must keep the conversation going / moving.
Our questions are on a Google Doc, so:

  • all QUESTIONERS can see all the questions
  • every student in our class can have their questions answered

Pay attention and know whose turn it is, ours or theirs.
Quickly decide questions to ask when it is our turn. Read and decide the questions to ask while the other class is thinking or speaking.
Ask RESEARCHERS to do anything necessary to help QUESTIONERS.
Be very specific when you ask for help.
DATA ENTERERS:(2-3 students)
Write our questions and answers into our Google Form, and write their questions and answers into our Google Form.
Important - we need to look at previous questions and answers so that we don't repeat anything.
CLOSERS: (2-3 students)
Conclude Mystery Skype.
Thank the other class.
Ask some questions to demonstrate interest in their school, city, country…
Find out (discover) if we have any interests in common
SIGNERS: (2 students)
Create signs to communicate with the other class.
Hold the signs up at appropriate times during the Mystery Skype.
(Your turn, Our turn, Please wait while we prepare, Great job…)
Make sure our Google Docs are tidy.
Correct grammar, take out extra spaces, correct spelling…
PHOTOGRAPHER: (1 student)
Take lots of pictures of our class working
When Mystery Skype is finished, upload pictures to our Daily Photo Journal.
VIDEOGRAPHER: (1 student)
Never press PAUSE!
Record the event, especially dialogue between the two schools.
Always record the other class talking to us.
The rest of the time record our class working.
Move slowly and do not use zoom.