Game Maker 8.1 Tutorial Videos by mrisaacs

The Game Maker Interface:This short video will provide you with an understanding of the gamemaker environment. It will explain the different resources that are included in a game created with GameMaker. (3:23)

Creating Sprites, Objects, and Rooms:This tutorial will show you how to create sprites, objects and rooms. You will create and name your first resources using a proper naming convention. In the next lesson, we will program your objects with events and actions. (7:05)

Introducing Events and Actions:This tutorial will show you how to create events and actions for objects. Events and actions are what tell the objects what to do in a game. (1:49)

Working with Events and Actions:This tutorial will show you how to program events and actions for your objects. Events and Actions are what indicate what the objects can do in a game. (3:46)

Creating Moving Objects: This video will assist you in creating objects that move automatically in GameMaker 8.(3:56)

Adding a background and sound:This tutorial will show you how to add sound and a background to your games in GameMaker 8. (5:38)

Mouse Events:In this tutorial, we will add obstacles to avoid in the game. We will set it up so that we can click on the obstacles with the mouse in order to get rid of them and save our main character. (4:06)

Scoring and Lives: This tutorial will show you how to add score and deal with lives based on collision with the enemies. (9:34)

Lives as a scoring mechanism:In this video, we will set it up so that your character has 3 lives and each time it collides with a bomb, your character will lose a life. (7:04)

Conditional Statements / Game Over:In this video, you will learn how to deal with the end of a game in GameMaker 8. If / Then statements are introduced to determine what to do at the conclusion of the game (if all lives are lost). Questions are also incorporated to determine if you want to try again or end the game. (4:00)

Conditional Statments / lives(another example): In this tutorial, you will learn how to use if / then statements to test conditions in a game. In this example, we will be determining what should happen when the lives are equal to 0. (5:20)

Instance Count:This GameMaker 8 tutorial will deal with checking the instance count to determine if a level has been complete based on the elimination of all enemies. Upon completion of the level, the game will advance to the next level. (6:02)

Conditional Statements and Instance Count:In this tutorial, we will explore conditional statements further. This time, we will determine when there are no more enemies. Upon eliminating the last enemy, you will advance to the next level of the game, which will be more challenging than the first. (7:49)

Game Information:This tutorial will show you how to add game information to your GameMaker 8 game. Game information is the area where you can provide directions to the player. I see this as the online ‘game manual’ and have students include important elements (storyline, characters, items, level descriptions, scoring mechanisms, winning / losing scenario, and game controls) I will also show you how to make the game information show up automatically at the start of the game. (3:37)

Shooting in a direction:This tutorial will show you how to create a main character that can shoot a projectile based on the direction he is moving. (7:38)

Shooting(another example):This video will demonstrate how to shoot projectiles in GameMaker from a given object.

Move towards an object:This video will show you how to use a step event in GameMaker 8 to create a loop that continually checks the location of an object and has another object move toward it. (3:40)

Random objects spawned from an object: This tutorial will show you how to have an enemy automatically shoot objects in a given direction. This tutorial utilizes a step event and the random action to randomize the occurrence of the enemy projectiles. (2:23)

Spawned bullets from an object(another example):This tutorial will demonstrate how to make a non-player character automatically shoot based on randomly creating objects within a step event. (9:40)

Setting a time limit using timers:In this video, you will learn how to use timers to set a time limit for levels in your GameMaker 8 game. The tutorial uses timers and health. The health is continually reduced until it gets to 0. (5:03)

Platform Basics and Views:This tutorial will walk you through the basics of creating a side scrolling platform game including gravity and setting up views. (13:22)

Jumping from a platform: This video will show you how to jump only if you are on a platform. It will avoid the ‘double jump’ issue by first checking that you are in fact standing on something.