Ramienski: 261106 MWH U10 LPMC World War I Poetry Project

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Period: ______

Date: ______

Modern World History

Unit 6

World War I Poetry Project

Value: 100 Points (Project Grade)Issue Date: Thursday, 5 May 2016

Due Date: Wednesday, 11 May 2016

If turned in by Thursday, 12 May 2016: -10%

If turned in by Friday, 13 May 2016: -20%

If not turned in by Friday, 13 May 2016, NO CREDIT, “0”

Teacher Option NOT to accept if turned in latter than 13 May 2016

Overall concept:

The First World War was the stimulus for numerous amateur and professional poets to put their feelings into words. The result is a world heritage of energy and imagery. Interest in the “War Poets” has increased dramatically in recent years. School students study their work and adults have come to realize the wealth of information their writing contains.

Project Description:

You will write an extended essay on one particular World War I poet. You will write a brief biography of the poet. You will select one of the poet’s poems and analyze that poem. You will compare what that poet felt about war, with your own feelings on the subject. You will use this project as an opportunity to comment on the current war going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here is a listing of a few of the many World War I poets:

Edmund Blunden *Vera Brittain Rupert Brooke May Cannan

Robert Graves Julian Grenfell Geoffrey Kennedy *John McCrae

Robert Nichols *Wilfred OwenSir Herbert ReadIsaac Rosenberg

*Siegfried Sassoon Alan Seeger Charles SorleyEdward Thomas

* Great poet –lots of material for project

Grading Rubric

1. General Directions Followed Not Followed

a. The project was the student’s own work and not plagiarized in any way ______

(Failure to follow this direction will result in an automatic failure)

b. Your essay will have this grading sheet attached. ______

(Failure to do this will result in a loss of 20 points)

c. You will research the person using the Internet, books and the textbook. ______

(You must list all sources used at the end of the essay in a bibliography and show me that

you used all resources by using footnotes or end notes)SEE

(Failure to do this will result in a loss of 20 points)

d. Your essay will be a minimum of five paragraphs long. More is better.______

e. You will hand in an outline with the essay. The outline will indicate

your main points, introduction and conclusion. This will be neat and not

scribbled or ripped out of a note bookHow to create an Outline______

f. Your essay will include an introduction and a summarizing conclusion. ______

g. Each essay will be grammatically correct, spellchecked AND PROOFREAD

(Have a parent or friend read and critique your work) ______

h. Your essay will be checked for accuracy and truthfulness-no “ERRORS of FACT” ______

i. Your essay will be neatly written or typed, and not ripped out of a

notebook. (Use Times New Roman or Arial 10 to 12 pt.)______

j. You will hand in any worksheets you were given to do at the media center.______

k.Your “project” will be put together: Rubric, Outline, Essay, POEM,

Bibliography, Worksheet-it will be stapled upper left corner-once. ______

You will lose 8points off your final score foreach general direction d through k not followed.

2. Specific Directions:

a. Title and Basic information (13)YesNoPoints Earned

1) Did the essay have a title? (1 point)______

2) Did the essay contain a picture of the person? (6 points)______

3) Did the essay have any other illustrations, or maps that

enhanced the information being presented? (6 points)______

b. Personal Information concerning the Poet (36)

1) Did the essay provide the poet’s nationality? (6 points)______

2) Did the essay provide the poet’s birth and death dates? (6 points)______

3) Did the essay provide the person’s place of

birth and place of death? Since many of these poets died in

combat, what was the cause of the poet’s death? (6 points)______

4) Did the essay discuss the person’s family? (6 points)

(Was the person married? Were there children?)______

5) Was the person an officer, enlisted person or civilian? (6 points)

(If military, give the person’s rank )______

6) What type of military service was the poet in?

Army? Navy? Air Force? Nursing Service? (6 points)______

c. Analysis of the poem (30)

1) Did you include a copy of the poem with your essay? (6 points)______

2) What made the poet write this poem? (6 points)______

3) What was the poet trying to tell us? (6 points)______

4) Did the poet support the war? (6 points)______

5) What did the poet think of war in general? (6 points)______

d. Your opinion, the current war, and war in general (21)

1) Did you give me YOUR OPINION about the poem? Do you like

poetry in general? Did you like this particular poem? (7 points)______

2) Does this poem give you any insight into the current

war going on in either Iraq or Afghanistan? (7 points)______

3) Did this poem give you any insight into war in general

or into the human condition? (7 points) ______

You can address the directions in any order that you want. You must address all directions in your essay.