Humboldt County Office of Education

Behavioral Health Clinician


October27, 2015


1.What motivated you to apply to be a Behavioral Health Clinician for the SELPA and what parts of your education and experience do you see relevant in this position?

2.You are in the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon when a parent approaches you and tells you that a student you are providing service for has been arrested and is in Juvenile Hall. She proceeds to tell you how he beat her up last night and wants your help to get him on his medications. What is your response?

3.As a Clinician for the SELPA, part of your job responsibilities will be participating in our team meetings to discuss necessary supports and services for students, staff and families as they are referred for possible ERMHS. Discuss experiences you have had with team collaboration and group decision-making.

4.Describe some of the ways that you can help support the teachers in the classroom when working with students with mental health needs. What advice can you provide for them that will help make the educational program more successful for the student?

5.How would you determine whether a child is benefiting from mental health treatment? What, if any, outcome measure would you use?

6. You are assigned to work with a physically aggressive male high school student. What would you do to establish rapport with this student?

7. A student that you have been working with for the past four weeks is not responding to your interventions and is making little to no progress on her ERMHS goals. In fact she seems to be getting worse and is very despondent. What would you do?

8.As an IEP team member, you will be developing and monitoring progress of IEP goals and objectives that will be related to the student’s ability to benefit from special education services. What is your familiarity with IEP goals and data collection as it relates to monitoring progress?

9.This position will include not only direct and consult service to students and staff but emergency response as needed and management of legal paperwork and timelines. Share your strategies to organize and prioritize multiple tasks that are all deemed critical by another person. Share your prior experience with special education timelines, report writing, maintenance of records, documentation, Medi-Cal billing, and crisis response training.

10.Given what you bring to the table, what do you feel will be your biggest challenges with assuming this position? What are your biggest strengths you can bring to the SELPA?