What’s new Build_99.10.R.9442 --> Build_100.9.R.10226

New: NEED for SPEED with Android.
Test it out for yourself.
New: Separate appearance properties in Mass Modify.

Separate colors and fonts properties on appearance Tab in Article Mass Modify form.

Changes: In "Mass modify / Appearance" tab separate checkboxes "Change Font" and "Change Color" added for both "Change PC appearance" and "Change HHT appearance" sections so it's possible now to choose what to change: Font, color or both.

New: Multiple barcodes per Item.
Distributor: unTill Denmark
Customer: Ferryboats
They do need multiple barcodes on different articles.

1 Order:
4 Tuborg 10.00 [Barcode Germany]
5 Tuborg 10.00 [Barcode Denmark]
9 Tuborg 10.00 [Any Barcode]

New: Numeric input barcode in pos.

Reseller: Janssens Kassasystemen

Numeric input/Barcode confirmation:

Only 9 digits of on screen numeric input is allowed.
When giving in barcodes manually it is not enough.

New: Same articles from a “Bonus group” and on the menu.
Distributor: unTill France

Customer: Flams

The customer needs to have a report that is able to show sold articles from a “Bonusgroup” and the same article sold from the menu.

Report example:
Single articles
Coca 10
Option group : Beer supplement
Coca 2
Option group : starter additions
Coca 3
As Combo
Coca 5.6
As Bonus
Coca 1.1

BO changes

New fields "Item type", "Option name" are added to dataset "Sold articles".

If to make ticket and group the records by "Item type", sold articles will be shown separated in groups:
'Single article'
'Main menu'
'Menu item'

"Option name" - will show name of Option group, in which article was ordered, or nothing, if articles was ordered as single article.

New: Make CashDeclaration to be filtered by user.

Add Report User filter to dataset Cash Declaration.

New: Stock: Print Count Report with sales price.

Distributor: unTill - Czech Republic

Print count report (after physical count) -> need to display the sales price for every item mentioned in this report.


- If an Item is linked directly to the ingredient - we can calculate the price by this link.
- Add a field "Virtual sale price" in case if the ingredient is a part of a complex recipe and price cannot be calculated.

So the report will always have 1 sale price.


BO changes

New field "Sale price" is added to dataset Physical count sheet.
New currency text box "Virtual sale price" is added on form "Ingredient".

"Sale price" shows single sale price.

If an ingredient is linked to restaurant article, the price is taken from the article.
If an ingredient is not linked to Ingredient or it's linked to a recipe, the price is taken from "Virtual sale price".

New: Stock: Show all recipes linked to ingredient.
Distributor: unTill - Czech Republic

Recipe -> We need to be able to find an exact ingredient in recipes.
It means, I will choose a Coca Cola and it will display recipes: Cuba Libre, Jack & Coke, etc… But there must be some option, where we will be able to choose, which ingredient we am looking for.

Add a grid in the Ingredient BO form, the grid will show list of all recipes, related to the ingredient.


At the top of Recipe list 2 fields are added to filter data:

1. Name of recipe
2. Ingredient

If specify an Ingredient and click Enter - only recipes, which contain the selected ingredient are shown in the list.
New: Auto number Stock documents.

Distributor: unTill - Czech Republic

We need to have an extra field Number that will automatically increase.

All Stock documents have field Reference, this needs to be NOT mandatory.

New: Physical Count for past date.

Distributor: unTill - Czech Republic
Possibility to create a "Physical count" in the past.

New: Physical count dataset changes

Distributor: unTill - Czech Republic

Add cost price into Physical count dataset.
BO changes
1. New field "Stock price" is added to the Physical count entity.
2. New field "Total stock value" is added to the dataset "Physical count sheet".

Both fields show Summarized stock theoretical price of ingredient.
To calculate single stock price in ticket the following formula should be applied: (Theoretical amount!=0)?(Total stock value/Theoretical amount):0

New: Ingredients on buttons in pos like daily stock.

Distributor: unTill - Czech Republic

Displaying ingredients from stock on buttons like it made for “Daily Stock”.

BO changes

New setting "Page 7.
Additional info on article Buttons:Option "Daily stock balance"(Default); “Stock balance”.

POS changes

If "Stock balance" is activated and an Item is linked to Stock (ingredient or recipe)
On the Article button it shows Minimum quantity of the article which can be produced from the ingredients on stock.

New: iTesso End Of Day added to protocol.

iTesso XML protocol 1.5, explanation is added to complete final EOD procedure.

Implemented as written in the protocol, version 1.5.

Merged into Build 100.
New: Check on duplicated Direct sales table number.

Distributor: unTill Scotland

When unTill® is working in the Direct sales mode per waiter, unTill® allows you to have two users having the same direct sales table.

Please make this impossible and give message that user X already has a direct sales table.


An error message "Table number 3” already used by user “Peter” is shown if the table number is occupied.

New: Payment in other currency.

If Pay bill in not Main currency, fields "Last Returned Amount" and "Last Received Amount" does show wrong values on the Order screen.


New: Email reports, add support for SSL.

Many email providers work with SSL SMTP port.

Now it is not possible to use e.g. Gmail or Hotmail ports for SMTP port setting.

Please add support for SSL SMTP.

New: Add a negative value of Save Points in a client form.

It must be possible to add negative value of Save Points in client form in the Back-Office.
New: OIF Preparation area from HHT.

Reseller: Jos Bijl

Restaurant settings page 4 we can set a preparation area to print the OIF ticket to,

we need the same setting for the Handheld device to overrule the restaurant setting.

So when an OIF is done from a Handheld the ticket prints to another printer.

A new setting "Preparation area for Orders in Future in Direct Sales mode" is added on the form from the Remote Hand terminals/Restaurant.

If the value is filled in it overrides the setting Computer/"Preparation area for Orders in Future in Direct Sales mode" value.

New: Auto Service Charge on Groups/Categories/Departments.
Distributor: unTill UK
When the automatic service Charge is setup in Restaurant settings, they want to be able to only give the service charge to certain Groups/Categories/Departments.

I suggest to create some checkbox in Groups/Categories/Departments to enable/disable the service charge calculation.(Something like we have with discounts)


BO changes

1. New Entity manager "Restaurant.Service charge plans" is created.
It keeps a list of Service charge amounts for different Categories/Food groups and Departments. One entity can have one type item only.

2. New action "Need Service charge plan" is added. Works on the Order screen only.

3. In Sales Area a new entity field is added: "Service charge plan" in section "Automatically adds the service charge".

4. New screen button dataset is added "Service charge plans".

5. New action "Clear service charge plan" is created.

POS changes

1. Being in the Order screen, a user can assign a Service Charge plan, clicking on the button "Need Service charge plan".
A new layer should be created with dataset buttons "Service charge plans".

2. If a Sales Area has assigned "Service charge plan" and the user opens a table in this sales area, the bill will automatically have this SC.

3. To remove Service charge plan from a bill, the action "Clear service charge plan" is used.

1. New option "No service charge" is added to the Sales Area form.
In POS an action "Turn Off auto SC", works for the SC plans also.

2. Works fine with field "Bill.Service Charge amount".

3. The spelling is fixed.

New: Service Charge datasets on order.
Bill.Service Charge amount is always Zero on bill.
Order.Service Charge Amount is correct on pro-forma but zero on bill.
Order.ServiceCharge is 10% on pro-forma but shows only 10 on bill.

Added in datasets: Service Charge on bill and Service Charge on Order.
New: Z number by task.

Distributor: unTill - Sweden

When we have standalone you can create a task to email the Z-report.
But in a network there is a problem. If in“recipients” you only select 1 pc, then the Z-number does not increase.
When selecting all recipients the Z-number increases but you get a Z-report and email from every pc in the network.

New: Block the possibility to split with 2nd "Room" payment.
It must be impossible to split a bill with "Room" payment on it when there was another "Room" payments for the same bill.

New: Integrate Magnacarta.
Distributor: unTill - the Netherlands
Case: Frijado deal, clients who switch from Frijado to unTill®.

Magnacarta protocol should be implemented: Magna Carta POS EFT, version Maganacarta is cashless payment system.

New: Add deposit to TPAPIPOS.

Make deposits through the API for customers.

Protocol version 1.16

New: Name on reservation.

Reseller: MY Automation
Add - when you make a reservation - the name of the customer and not only the time of arrival on the reserved table.
When the interval is reached, the table starts to blink and the hour is shown.
At that moment show also the name of the reservation.


1. When reservation date/time is chosen, client for newly created reservation also may be selected.

2. Client name is shown on blinked table together with the reservation time

New: POS message Client account balance is Exceeded.

Reseller: DSP-Interface

Customer: Stade de Mons

When the message “Client Account Balance is exceeded” is shown, after confirm the message, the article is already ordered.

Add a checkbox in restaurant settings to order selected article or not.

It must possible to show this message as a system message on an unTill screens.


Now if on the client balance there is not enough money for the current article and new checkbox "Remove exceeded article in order" = True, unTill shows a Message screen and the article is not taken into the order.

New: Van Duijnen, add location to LCU

In van Duijnen systems, the same PLU is used for an article which is available at different locations.

Add Beverage location to LCU properties in the back-office, then articles can be sorted like we already do in BecoNet system.


LCU Dispensers: Table range removed.

LCU Dispensers: Location added.

LCU not calculated for ordered articles anymore.
Tik-tap report has now LCU="0" for all ordered articles.

Location calculated in the following way for poured articles now: LCU location - Article - BeCo locations.
New: Unlock Proforma during split Bill by parts.

Action "Unlock Pro forma" should deactivate all created pro forma’s, when the bill is splitted in equal parts for payment.

New: Negative Daily Stock setting.

Distributor: unTill – Sweden

We need a setting in untill.ini to go into negative with the “Daily stock” articles.

In unTill.ini the section [Common] add DSNegative = 1
New: Number Covers on Controlscreen.

Distributor: unTill - Scotland

Please make it possible to show number of covers for the bill shown on control screen

Display is added

Bug Fixing:
Bug: Order has been changed on another computer.
Bug: Price name during Periods.

Reseller: DSP – Interface

When we use periods in unTill to change a “price level”, the price name is not correct on the display.

Bug: Class not found issue

Error appears "Class not found" once an hour in Direct Sales with Auto logoff timer?

Bug: OIF activating issue

Scenario: Mixed Ordering mode.

1. Log in as User1 on PC1 , create OIF1, make it repeated.
2. Make a new order, confirm and stay logged in on PC1 in direct Sales.
3. Log in as User2 on PC2, find OIF1 and activate it.

Result: OIF disappearsand does not show it to User2.
Bug: Beconet IP statistics bug.

When the Beconet IP device is connected, run a task "Clean beverage turnover".
When done, ALL articles which have been poured in the past are AGAIN into our system.
Bug: Beconet IP error "Tap settings not found".

When reading from device, either complete group or single product, error comes up:
"Tap settings not found" Id = .... Value of ID changes.

Bug: Bill disappearing issue.

Distributor: unTill USA
1. Open table, order some articles.
2. Goto the Payment screen and split on 2 parts.
3. Add to each part Credit Card Payments.
4. Click Pay all parts and when Payware Connect confirmation Dialog appears - click Cancel.

Result:The bill is marked as Closed but the real payments are not inserted. So the Bill disappears from the table.

Bug: Barcode deleted article.

If you delete the article you can still scan the barcode and it brings up the article.
This is also causing additional issues when it comes to re-using barcodes.
The system still thinks the deleted product is in use.

It would also be helpful if the system would return the article number/name when it says that the barcode is in use so the users can delete it from the old product.
Bug: Error Process was terminated during Export.
Distributor: unTill – the Netherlands
Reseller: Janssens Kassasystemen
Reseller : JKS

During an export “Error Process was terminated”.

Report: (A4) 1.Bookkeeping Report MMC month.


There was a problem which caused the termination on a long export.
Also the database is very big so I got once "out of memory" error when I tried for a very long period on a huge report, so they should take care about export periods to avoid problems.
Bug: Login waiter Print order issue.
Distributor: unTill UK

Waiter station should print drinks to the prep.area.
Waiter 1 logs in, places an order, presses log off, order is saved and does not print, correct. Waiter 1 logs back in, adds more drinks to the same order, waiter 2 logs in when waiter 1 order is still on screen, waiter 1 order is sent to printer, not correct.
Waiter 1 logs back in again, transfers the order to the table, the order prints for a second time not correct.
Bug: Next OIF date when skip.
Reseller: Janssens Kassasystemen – Kantoorservice 2000

The next OIF date in the state "Check next OIF date" is not show.
Bug: OIF skip issue.

Reseller: Janssens Kassasystemen – Kantoorservice 2000
After activating an OIF last Saturday the customer noticed that many OIF where not repeated on the next Saterday but two weeks ahead.
The OIF's that where placed two weeks ahead are placed on 00h00 while they should be at 04h00.

Bug: ServiceCharge During Split bill.

Distributor: unTill USA
Reseller: Lonestar
Customer: Amaya’s

I'm already getting asked if we were able to get the issue resolved regarding service charge and split tickets?

To the customer, on the server reports and the customer receipts it appears they are loosing money the way it reads so they are EXTREMELY concerned about it. They are having to pay the waiters not according to what the reports say so it’s a lot of manual work.

During the transfer for Service Charge, the value was replaced by zero.
Bug: Gardiff Printing issue.

Distributor: unTill UK
Reseller: Gardiff
1) Log on, open a table, place a food order, update, order prints (correct).
Log on, open the same table, add 1 more food item, pay screen, cash, last food item does are not printed (not correct).
Clarification - The following is happening: Log on, open table, place food order (2x Soup), update, order prints (2xSoup) (correct) Log on, open the same table, add more food items (1x Fat Chips, 1xSoup, 1xCheese), pay screen, cash, order prints(correct –new order has been added on), but the order ticket has only 1x Fat Chips and 1x Cheese. 1x Soup is missing. The problem is not with the article ‘Soup’. It’s happening every time when before cashing up you add any of the items which exist on the table already.
2) Back office - tick “don't print order at log off”.
Similar fault reported yesterday but order only prints maximum of twice.
User 1 logs in - places order - user 2 logs in (order doesn't print - correct) - user 2 places order - user 1 logs back in - transfers to table 50 - order prints (correct) - user 2 signs back in - transfers to table 100 (order prints - correct) -user 1 logs back in - opens table 50 - adds items to tab - all order prints again (not correct).