Scrambled book

Arthur C. Doyle.

Teacher Pavlova Z.A.


School № 1905

2010 year

This book is based on the principles of Programme learning or Programme instruction.

If you know these principles, you will open p. 6 and read from that page.

And if you don’t know them, you would begin reading from page 4.


You didn’t understand our instructions. It’s a wrong way to read this book.

You would go back to p.4 and read the directions again.

Not at all!

Arthur C.Doyle had the other nationality. He was born in 1859 in Scotland.

He lived in Edinburgh.

When he graduated from the university in this city, he left for England.

If you want to know the answer to this question, you must open p. 9 and choose another letter.

You must answer the first question on p. 6.

You choose any letter and open the shown page.

If you are right, you can continue.

If you are wrong, you must return and choose another letter.

Yes, you are right!

Neoromantism is opposed to symbolism and naturalism.

Neoromantics found energetic, inspired characters, extraordinary situation and hectic events.

Now open p. 9.

A.C.Doyle is a famous English writer. He is an author of many splendid books.

Three literary trends were formed by the end of the XIX century.

What literary trend does A.C.Doyle represent?

a) neoromanticism ( p. 5 )

b) symbolism ( p. 8 )

c) naturalism ( p. 12 )


He was a doctor.

A friend of his family, who was a doctor, advised him to choose this profession.

A.C.Doyle followed his advice and became a doctor.

And only in 1891 he became a writer.

Now, open p. 19.

It isn’t true!

A.C.Doyle wasn’t a symbolist.

Return to p. 6.

You know that A.C.Doyle was an English writer.

He lived in England and wrote about Englishmen.

And now my question is:

What is his nationality?

a) Scotsman ( p. 3 )

b) Englishman ( p. 11 )

c) Irishman ( p. 15 )

Michael Conan noticed that his grand - nephew had had a talent for writing and advised him to become a writer. But...

What profession had A.C.Doyle before 1891?

a) doctor ( p. 7 )

b) teacher ( p. 13 )

c) journalist ( p. 16 )

You are wrong!

Many people think like you, but A.C.Doyle wasn’t an Englishman.

The whole his adult life he spent in England and considered himself to be a real Englishman.

However, he had the other nationality.

Return to p.9.

You are wrong.

He wasn’t a naturalist. Naturalists were partial to everyday atmosphere and landing characters.

Now, open page 6.

Nothing of the kind!

He wasn’t a teacher. He had the other profession.

Return to p. 10 and find the right answer.

I am sorry. You are wrong.

“Raphael How’s discovery” is a great story.

It’s very interesting for me. It is one of the most popular books by this author.

Open page 20.

You are quite right!

“He was a Scotsman by birth, an Irishman by nationality, an Englishman by education,”- biographers say about him.

So, open p.10 and read the next question.

You are wrong!

His stories were published in several magazines, but he was not a journalist.

Please, open page 10.

Not at all!

“Notes about Sherlock Holmes” is the most famous detective story. But the author himself didn’t love his character very much. This story wasn’t his favourite one.

Return to p.20 and choose another letter.

Well done!

By Adrian C.Doyle’s words his father A.C.Doyle declared himself to be the prototype of Mr. Holmes.

Holmes is the most well known character by A.C.Doyle.

His skill to solve the people, his equanimity, tranquillity and mentality delight us.

Who was Mr. Holmes’s prototype?

a) Dr. Joseph Bell ( p. 23 )

b) The son of the writer ( p. 21 )

c) A.C.Doyle himself ( p. 18 )

A.C.Doyle is an author of many interesting novels.

A lot of people like to read them.

What is his favourite novel written by himself?

a) “Notes about Sherlock

Holmes” ( p. 17 )

b) “White detachment” ( p. 22 )

c) “Raphael How’s discovery”

( p. 14 )

This is a wrong answer.

Adrian C.Doyle was not Holmes’s prototype.

If you want to know it open p. 19 and try to choose the right letter.

That’s right!

Indeed, “White detachment” is his favourite novel, a novel from history XIV century.

He was fond of writing historical books.

You are wrong.

A lot of people thought that Dr. Bell was a prototype of Sherlock Holmes, because he could “read” biographies of many people looking at their clothes, face, speech...

“Nothing of the kind”, - declares the son of the writer...

Return to p. 19.

That is all.