Instructors: Mr. Mostafa Kadda

Ms. Dana Derderian

Conference Times: We are available before school (6:45 am), during lunch, and immediately after school. Please remember it is your responsibility to seek additional help when necessary.

Course Welcome!!!!!! I look forward to having you in my classroom.

Description: Integrated Science is a one-year college preparatory course designed to provide high school students with basic concepts in the physical and earth sciences.

Topics to be covered are:

Quarter 1

1 - The nature of science
2 - Science, technology, and society
3 - Earth’s internal processes
4 - Earth materials
5 - Earth’s changing surface
6 - Weather and climate

Quarter 2

1 - Motion, acceleration, and forces
2 - The laws of motion
3 - Energy
4 - Work and machines
5 - Heat and states of matter
6 - Waves
7 - Sound and light

Quarter 3

1 - Electricity
2 - Magnetism
3 - Electromagnetic radiation
4 - The Earth-Moon-Sun system
5 - The Solar System
6 - Stars and galaxies

Quarter 4

1 - Classification of matter
2 - Properties of atoms and the periodic table
3 - Chemical bonds
4 - Chemical reactions
5 - Solutions, acids, and bases
6 - Nuclear changes

Teaching methods will incorporate lectures, book activities, laboratory exercises,cooperative learning activities, and written assignments.

Textbook:It is mandatory that you bring your textbook to class each day.

Materials:The supply items on this list will allow your child to have an enhanced educational program. A. Agenda Book: This is for recording your assignments.

B. Pencils (for tests & quizzes #2 pencil).

C. Color pencils, rulers, and calculators.

D. Students are required to have & bring to class each day a science binder with all required material in it – lined papers and dividers.

E. Textbook. Many of the issues we will be dealing with will come directly from the text.

F. Failure to bring the required materials will result in loss of points on that day’s assignment.

Lecture: There is no substitute for the classroom experience. Since examination questions may be based on lectures, labs, and reading assignments, students are required to read the appropriate chapters in the textbook and outline specific ones. Reading the textbook will help you better understand the lectures and allow you to develop perspective and understanding.

All class activities will begin at the indicated time. I encourage students to ask questions during the lecture and labs and I will do my best to answer these questions

within the limited time of a lecture. For extensive explanations of materials, the best time to see me is during my office hours right after school. Please take advantage of this time. If you happen to miss a lecture or lab please obtain notes or drawings from someone in class.

Grading Policy: Everything counts! Class participation, being prepared and responsible, tests/quizzes, class work, projects, homework, notebook, and root word tests. Grades are not curved!

Homework: Vocabulary Chapter Outlines will be required every week and are due at least once a week. Check SCHOOL NOTESfrequently for more information. The outlines are a critical part of understanding and learning the material in the textbook.

Students are also expected to study root words daily and be prepared for DEAR with a book.

Make Up Work: This is your responsibility. I will not remind you of missed work. I will collect missed work. It is your responsibility to make it up and turn it in.

Quizzes/Exams: Tests and quizzes are announced. Some quizzes, however, are given at random. Check School Notes frequently.

Grading Scale: Lee County Grading Policy

100 – 90%A Excellent

89 - 80%B Good

79 - 70% C Fair

69 - 60% D Passing

59 - 0% F Failing

1st Quarter 40% 3rd Quarter40%

2nd Quarter 40% 4th Quarter 40%

Final Exam 20% Final Exam 20%

Cheating Policy: A student who attempts in any way to gain an unfair advantage over any other student through unacceptable behavior is subject to the school’s cheating policy. (See your student handbook)

Helpful Hints: A large percentage of quiz and exam questions come directly from the book.

There are also a number of questions that are similar, if not the same, that come directly from the vocabulary and class notes. The chapters in this book are short. In order to do well in this class you must read, reread, pay attention, and outline the assigned chapters.I am here to help you succeed!! If you are having difficulty understanding the concepts, I will be available to help guide you.I will take the time but you must make the effort. Academics must come before athletics!

Rules and Procedures


1. You must be in your seat and ready to work (quietly) when the bell rings.

2. Students are to remain in their seats at the end of the period until dismissed by the teacher.


I will be strictly enforcing the school policy regarding tardiness. This policy states that you will be assigned 30 minutes of detention for every tardy. Failure to complete a detention within the allotted time will cause you to be placed on the first step of the opportunity room plan.Further infractions will cause you to proceed directly to the referral system, which may result in a drop/no credit. You are tardy if you are not in your seat before the bell stops ringing.


1. Bring all necessary materials (notebook, binder, book, pen/pencil, colored pencils, etc.) and any due assignments with you to class. Neglecting to bring an assignment that is due will result in that assignment being counted as late.Students will not be permitted to leave class to retrieve an assignment, which they forgot to bring. Neglecting to bring proper materials will result in standards being issued.

2. All students have the right to learn. All teachers have the right to teach. Therefore, Do not talk without permission. Raise your hand and ask permission before speaking.

3. If finished with an assignment, work quietly on other homework or read silently.

4. I will be using the opportunity room (Time out) plan for all inappropriate behavior. Be sure that you thoroughly understand that continued unwillingness to meet the classroom standards of behavior will result in a disciplinary action.


1. Clear your desk of everything except necessary materials for quiz or test (pencil/pen).

2. Follow instructions.

3. Do not talk. Talking during a quiz or test may result in an automatic zero.

4. When finished, place the quiz or test upside-down on your desk and read quietly or do other work.


1. Use the restroom before or after class.

2. A student will be given permission to use the restroom ONLY with a present planner with your name on it or an EMERGENCY.


1. No food, beverages except water, candies, or gum allowed in the classroom.

2. Respect others at all times.

3. No one will be allowed to disrupt the learning process of anyone else. Every student has the right to be in an environment where they can learn.I expect and require you act/behave like mature individuals.

4. There is to be no writing on lab benches or textbooks. Doing so may result in disciplinary action

and a fine.

5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

6. Reminder: Lee County School District policy is that 9 absences or 10 tardies per semester, from any class, may result in a grade of fail (F).

7. I also need to warn you that I am very strict about class behavior when a substitute is present. I will always ask the substitute to list the names of any students who do not work quietly and consistently, and I always assign one hour of detention to those whose names are on the list. I expect to receive nothingbut praise from substitutes about your class behavior.


Your behavior in class is your choice. I know you will make good choices. However, if you choose not to follow the rules of the classroom (including being prepared for class), the following discipline processes will be in effect:

1st violation- Warning

2nd violation- Time Out and/or Detention

3rd violation- ISS (or other disciplinary measure) issued and parents notified.


You will always know of your progress in this class.Your grade will normally be reported at least 4 times during the semester to your parent/guardian. (Check for more info in your planner)

1. Progress Report- first 3 weeks 2. Progress Report- second 3 weeks

3. Report Card- each quarter (9 weeks) 4. Report Card- end of the semester

Thank you parents and students for reading and discussing this important information!

Please know that every policy and rule stated in this syllabus is in place for one reason only and that reason is to increase the learning and achievement of my students. Students only learn if they are on task, in the room, participating, and listening. I am really looking forward to working with you this year. I hope you will work hard and together we can make this a wonderful, meaningful year.

Parents and students! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns. I am here to do whatever I can to help this be a successful year.

Parents! We appreciate your commitment to the education of your child and with your help, we can provide a great program for the students here at Island Coast High School.

I understand that I am held accountable for my actions in this class. I am aware that the first step to success in this class is to come prepared and ready to work. I also acknowledge that my behavior is a key factor.

I have read the course syllabus provided for integrated science and understood all the consequences.

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