Aviva launch new absolute return bond fund

Aviva has launched the Aviva Irl BlackRock Global Absolute Return Bond Fund. Using the best fixed income ideas from the world's largest Fund Manager, thisabsolute return fund aims to profit from the ups and downs in markets and bond yields. The fund:

•follows a diversified approach and seeks returns by investing in a combination of bonds1, bond market derivatives2, Currencies3 and cash

•invests in bonds issued by governments and companies in developed and emerging markets

•uses various derivative strategies which aim to achieve positive returns whether markets are rising or falling

•has the flexibility to invest a substantial amount of the Fund’s assets in cash at any one time

•operates with tight risk controls

Sales support materials

  • Customer support: Click hereto download the fund's customer flyer
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Earn CPD while learning about the fund
BlackRock are hosting a CPD webinar on 7 November @ 10am with Fund Manager, Ian Winship.
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Online participants:

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Telephone participants:

Dial in details:

  • Ireland Toll Free: 1 800 930 488
  • Dublin: 014360959
  • Passcode: 27099

Presentation slides for the event will follow shortly before the call.

If you've any questions on this fund please contact your local broker consultant, or visit the fund's page on avivabroker.

1. Bonds: Companies and governments borrow money to fund their expenditure. They borrow this money by issuing bonds and like a loan, they pay the loan back along with a rate of interest. Government and corporate bonds are bought and sold on the bond market in a similar way to how shares are bought and sold on a stock market. Their prices are constantly fluctuating in-line with changes in interest rates, company valuations and the outlook for inflation.

2. Derivatives: These are financial instruments, where returns are ‘derived’ from the changes in value of other assets such as bonds without having to physically buy or sell them. Derivatives are highly sensitive to changes in the value of the asset they are based on. This strategy can be used to increase the fund’s market exposure to a level greater than the value of its own assets. This means that the fund is potentially subject to a higher level of risk and volatility than a fund that does not use derivatives. However, given the diversified nature of the BSF Global Absolute Return Bond Fund and the risk controls the management team have in place, BlackRock expect the risk in the Fund to be on average less than that of a traditional corporate bond or government bond fund.

3. Currencies: The fund can take positions in non-Euro currencies, but this is limited to 20% of the fund value. This gives BlackRock the opportunity to make money from movements in the value of currencies.

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