FY14-VoIP Telecommunications System REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
May 28, 2014



The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from vendors qualified to provide the YWCA with agency-wide VoIP Communication Systems and the associated implementation and support services. The ideal vendor will design a solution which utilizes VoIP and supporting technologies that meet or exceed YWCA requirements. The designed solution should be cost effective and scalable.

Vendor responses should cover the following topics:

  1. IP-based Voice capabilities and intelligent Network Infrastructure
  2. Reliability
  3. Voice Quality
  4. Experience and Vision
  5. Support for Open System Standards
  6. Voice Messaging
  7. System Administration
  8. Support/Service Capabilities
  9. Scalability
  10. System Longevity
  11. Simplicity of Installation
  12. Training and Usage


The YWCA El Paso del Norte Region, located at 201 E. Main, Suite 400, in El Paso, Texas,is a tax exempt non-profit organization with fourteen locations throughout the El Paso area. The agency employs approximately 400 employees, 250 PCs, 21 servers and 185 phone handsets.

The network is a managed TCP/IP switched Ethernet architecture. Currently the agency utilizes Time Warner Cable Business Class’ Metro-Ethernet product to each geographically dispersed location and access to network resources is provided by a hybrid Fiber/Coax network. Our 1600 Brown Street and 201 E. Main Street locations utilize PRIs over fiber.

Each site is also provided an analog emergency dial out line in the event PBX services fail. Branch locations currently utilize Nortel systems for communications services.

The table below summarizes each location’s bandwidth and connectivity type.

Location Name / Address / Connectivity Type / Bandwidth
Administrative Offices / 201 E. Main, Suite 400 / Fiber / 50 Mbps
Joyce Jaynes (Central Branch) / 1600 Brown Street / Fiber / 30 Mbps
Katharine White Harvey (West Branch) / 313 Bartlett / Fiber / 5 Mbps
Myrna Deckert (NE Branch) / 9135 Stahala / Fiber / 5 Mbps
Sara McKnight (TLC) / (undisclosed) / Fiber / 5 Mbps
Shirley Leavell (East Branch) / 102712 Sam Snead / Fiber / 5 Mbps
Dorothy Woodley Hunt (Lower Valley Branch) / 115 N. Davis / Fiber / 5 Mbps
Guevara Early Learning Center (ELC) / 550 Rubin / Coax / 10x2 Mbps
Carlisle ELC / 2114 Magoffin / Coax / 10x2 Mbps
Sherman ELC / 425 Jaffe Place / Coax / 10x2 Mbps
Arteaga ELC / 212 Lisbon / Coax / 10x2 Mbps
MAD Camp / 4400 Boy Scout Ln / Coax / 10x2 Mbps
EPCC Valle Verde / 919 Hunter / Coax / 10x2 Mbps
EPCC Transmountain / 9570 Gateway North / Coax / 10x2 Mbps

The YWCA wishes to utilize prefixed phone numbers for all locations (e.g. 838-XXXX).


Agency data is backed up to a server located at 201 E. Main from six remote branch locations using Backup Exec on a nightly basis. The agency’s main application is the membership application (Class for Windows) which is an SQL server based application which is used by all locations to provide services to our members. YWCA employees are connected to the Class database by using Microsoft Terminal Services. There are approximately 20 to 30 users connected to the Class server at any given time during business hours. The Financial Edge and The Raiser’s Edge software are our Financial and Donations software applications respectively. These two applications are also SQL server based and are being used by a combined 10 users at any given time.

Our Public Relations and Graphics Design departments are moderate users of Social and streaming media technologies. This group is comprised of approximately four users. The IT department utilizes Goverlan version 7 for assistance of technical support to agency employees.

In addition, each location uses security cameras (analog). There are currently 57 analog cameras in use throughout the agency including 5 IP (audio enabled) cameras, one at each reception areaof our 5 major branches.


The YWCA is seeking to take advantage of the services and technologies that a VoIP communications system provides. This upgrade should include the replacement of all of the agency’s current PBX systems as well as handsets.


The primary business goals that the YWCA wishes to achieve with this solution are as follows:

  • Centralized administration.
  • Provide a cost effective and scalable design/solution for our communication.
  • Provide a secure communications infrastructure.
  • Provide detailed reporting with regard to system performance and utilization.
  • Voice services should provide at a minimum:
  • Three way calling
  • Voice mail
  • Caller ID capabilities
  • Feature blocking on a granular level
  • Last number redial
  • Block international calls (except with call code)
  • Block collect calls
  • Four or five digit call transfer
  • Record-a-call
  • Usage reporting by site and number
  • Provide a failover site at 1600 Brown in the event 201 E. Main should go down.
  • Provide responsive technical support.

Project Minimum specifications

The following specifications are intended to be minimum specifications and the solution provider is encouraged to suggest modifications where it is feasible and cost effective to do so. The YWCA however, reserves the right to reject without penalty or fees, any solution which does not adequately meet the needs of the agency.

  • The proposed solution must be scalable, cost effective and must function within the current YWCA infrastructure.
  • The proposed solution must be compatible and able to effectively use 911 and E911 services.
  • The solution must be able to use analog lines for fax devices and any other devices that may require analog signals.
  • Voice services must provide the same functionality as the current system or better.
  • The design must include a failover site at 1600 Brown Street in the event that the hub site (201 E. Main) should experience issue with communications.
  • The solution must be able to transfer calls via a four or five digit number.
  • The solutionmust include the following functions: call hold, Do-Not-Disturb, Call forward, Call conferencing, paging, caller id, and call forward to an outside line such as a cell phone.
  • Bidders are invited to propose additional functionality.
  • The solution must be compatible with existing Public Address Systems.
  • Implementation must include removal of unused jumpers and cross-connects. Only active jumpers/cross-connects should remain. Existing horizontal cable and feeder cables will remain in place.
  • Upon award, the winning vendor must assign a single implementation project manager for all communications during the implementation phase.
  • Upon completion of the implementation, the winning vendor must agree to assign an account manager to assure continued high quality support.


The following deliverables are to be provided by the vendor:

  1. VoIP communications equipment
  2. Failover support
  3. Technical support
  4. Implementation services

Note: The YWCA reserves the right to procure proposed implementation services from the selected vendor in whole, in part, or not at all.


Milestone / Date
Advertised in El Paso Times / May 29 and June 2,2014
Optional Site Visit Tour / 9:00 am June 13, 2014
Last day for questions / June 30, 2014
Response to questions posted on web site / July 3, 2014
Proposal Due Date / July 11, 2014by 5:00 p.m.
Bid Opening / July 14, 2014, 9:00 am
Anticipated Award Date / August 8, 2014


  • The Site Visit Tour is strongly recommended but not required. All interested vendors should report to the YWCA Administrative Offices at Chase Towers between 8:45 and 9:00 a.m. Vendors will be provided a tour agenda and may ride to each facility using their own vehicles. The IT Manager will provide information and access at each site.
  • The request for proposal packets are available online at (click on procurementbutton at bottom of home page). Prospective Vendors who notify the YWCA () that they may submit a bid will be notified of amendment to the packet, answers to questions submitted or any other applicable clarification.
  • Questions or requests for clarification may be submitted to Barbara Alspaugh at , by June 30, 2014, and the response will be posted at by July, 2, 2014 or earlier when possible. Vendors are not allowed to discuss matters related to this request for proposal with any other staff member or YWCA volunteer and risk disqualification if they attempt to do so.
  • Proposals will be accepted at 201 E. Main Suite 400, reception desk until 5 PM MDT on Thursday, July 10, 2014 by mail or hand-delivery. Receipts will be available when hand delivering. Packets cannot be accepted by fax or email. Proposals should be sealed, Labeled with proposal name and show the company name in the return address.Packets must also include the entire proposal on CD, DVD or thumb drive.
  • If it is determined to be in the best interest of the YWCA, top scoring vendors will be given the opportunity to make a 90 minute presentation/demonstration to the evaluation committee. The requested agenda/content of the presentation will be provided to each vendor that agrees to present. The dates of such presentations will be announced at a later date.
  • The YWCA reserves the right to contract with one or more responsive proposers and to amend the request for proposal as needed prior to the proposal due date.


A successful submission must contain one original and three copies of the following:

  1. Cover Page signed by authorized representative.
  1. Proposal Cost Summary Form signed by authorized representative.
  1. Proposer Certifications form signed by authorized representative.
  1. Proposers Answers to Narrative section of RFP.
  1. Contact information, including telephone and email for up to three references; include onlycompanies currently receiving similar services from your company.
  1. Statement of Affirmative Action (if requesting consideration during evaluation.)
  1. HUB Certification or proof of ownership by woman, if applicable
  1. CD or DVD of entire proposal.

Submission should be completed using MS Word and Excel or compatible software. There is no limit to the space allowed for individual questions but the evaluation committee will appreciate concise and direct answers. Reference to attachments will not be considered when evaluating proposal questions so please provide complete information on the form.


Price / 45%
Scalability / 25%
Meeting needs of YWCA El Paso del Norte Region / 10%
Past experience, proven performance, references / 10%
Quality of technical support and trouble-shooting / 6%
HUB Certification or woman owned business / 2%
Affirmative Action Statement / 2%


FY14-VoIP Telecommunications System REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
May 28, 2014



NAME / ADDRESS / Networked Devices
(e.g. printers, computers, fax) / Cameras / PHONES / BAND WIDTH
YWCA Administrative Offices / 201 E. Main Suite 400 (Chase Bank Building)--79901 / 55 / 0 / 43 / 50 mg / 23 / PRI Fiber
YWCA Katherine White Harvey Branch / 313 Bartlett--79912 / 14 / 7 / 12 / 5 mg / 8 / Fiber
YWCA Joyce Jaynes Branch / 1600 Brown-- 79902 / 46 / 7 / 63 / 30 mg / 2X 24 / PRI Fiber
YWCA Myrna Deckert Branch / 9135 Stahala --79904 / 11 / 7 / 8 / 5 mg / 8 / Fiber
YWCA Shirley Leavell Branch / 10276 Sam Snead--79936 / 25 / 9 / 14 / 5 mg / 8 / Fiber
YWCA Dorothy Woodley Hunt Branch / 115 Davis--79907 / 14 / 8 / 11 / 5 mg / 8 / Fiber
Sarah McKnight Transitional Living Center / 3700 Altura--79930 / 13 / 23 / 8 / 5 mg / 7 / Fiber
Arteaga Early Learning Center / 212 Lisbon Street--79905 / 2 / 4 / 2 / 10x2 mg / 4 / Coax
Carlisle Early Learning Center / 2114 Magoffin Ave--79905 / 2 / 4 / 2 / 10x2 mg / 4 / Coax
Sherman Early Learning Center / 425 Jaffee Place --79905 / 2 / 5 / 2 / 10x2 mg / 4 / Coax
EPCC Trans Mountain Early Learning Center / 9570 Gateway North / 2 / 6 / N/A * / 10x2 mg / N/A / Coax
EPCC Valle Verde Early Learning Center / 919 Hunter / 2 / 0 / N/A * / 10x2 mg / N/A / Coax
Guevara Early Learning Center / 550 Rubin Dr / 2 / 11 / 2 / 10x2 mg / 5 / Coax
Mary Ann Dodson Camp / 4400 Boy Scout Ln / 2 / 0 / 2 / 10x2 mg / 4 / Coax
  • These three sites utilize phone service provided by the School District or El Paso Community College.


FY14-VoIP Telecommunications System REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
May 28, 2014


The undersigned affirms that he/she is duly authorized to sign proposals on behalf of the company and that the company has not prepared this bid in collusion with any other vendor and that the contents of this bid have not been communicated by the company or its agent to any other person engaged in this type of business. The undersigned further affirms that neither the company nor its officers/owners have been barred from procurement with the Federal or any State Government.

Business Name
Authorized Representative Name
Authorized Representative Signature
(Electronic Signatures are not acceptable)
Contact Name
Company Website


FY14-VoIP Telecommunications System REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
May 28, 2014


On the table that follows, please enter your cost proposal (to purchase)all equipment including routing and switching equipment not currently on hand at the YWCA site.

List your solution exclusive of handsets.

Item / Description / Quantity / Unit Price / Extended Price

List handset options on the table below. Describe functionality and unit cost for each.

Model # / Name / Description of Functionality that distinguishes it from other models or intended use / Unit Cost


FY14-VoIP Telecommunications System REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
May 28, 2014


Provide your narrative responses to the following questions in the space provided. This document is provided to you in and editable format and therefore answers can occupy more space that is shown between questions.

  1. Please provide a brief over-view of your company; location of headquarters, number of employees in El Paso, business lines in El Paso, number of years serving customers in El Paso, and other organizational information.
  1. Identify the Project Lead for initial implementation/installation and other key staff who will be involved in implementation. List their credentials and experience.
  1. Identify the Account Manager for the YWCA, and other key staff to be involved in providing ongoing service to the YWCA following installation. List their credentials and experience.
  1. Who manufactures the proposed solution? (Please specify hardware model and model number. Software version, etc.)
  1. Does your company use a business partner for installation? If yes identify the partner (i.e. name, company, project lead, etc.).
  1. Does your company provide on-site technical support or use business partners? If using a business partner for technical support please identify the partner (i.e. name, company, etc.)
  1. Present your projected plan for implementing the services including time lines, plan phases, diagram (site to site). After the signing of a contract how many days will it be until the project is complete? How much time do you require for troubleshooting any issues?
  1. Is your company willing to guarantee the implementation time line? (This is important to the YWCA, as we expect to recognize significant savings in our monthly charges upon full implementation of VoIP enabled equipment.)
  1. What are the steps that you would use with the YWCA to test the functionality of each location as installation progresses?
  1. What are the terms of payment if the YWCA chooses to purchase the equipment?
  1. If your company extends a leasing option, please describe what you would anticipate as the leasing terms, including amount and number of monthly payments. If a leasing option is used, when would the first payment be due and what cost, if any, would not be included in the monthly lease payments?
  1. Explain performance reports that will be available to the YWCA on at least a monthly basis from the system. Explain usage reports generated by the system. What data elements will be included?
  1. Please give details about the solution that you are proposing for the YWCA. Explain choice of technology and capacity you selected.
  1. What are the warranty terms for each component of your proposed solution?
  1. Provide citations related to dependability and performance of your proposed solution. Feel free to attach documentation.
  1. Does your solution meet each of the project minimum specifications? If not, please explain.
  1. The YWCA is exempt from payment of gross receipt (sales) tax in the state of Texas. Will there be any fees or costs to the YWCA beyond those specified in the cost summary.
  1. List information about at least three (but up to five) projects that have been initiated in El Paso by your company in the past two years. Include a brief description of service and the telephone and email information for the contact at each company served.
  1. Describe the technical support and troubleshooting procedures that the YWCA would use following implementation should a portion of the services have functionality issues. Include report documentation, maximum turn-around time, and procedures for escalation should a problem persist. Identify if a sub-contractor is used as a portion of the support given. Will the YWCA be assigned a designated account manager?


All proposers are required to answer each of the certifications below by placing an X under either yes or no. No comment is needed for certifications answered “yes.” If a proposer answers “no” to a certification, the proposer is invited but not required to include a comment or explanation in the final column.


The price quoted within this proposal will be honored for 90 days following the published bid opening date.
The proposer will carry general liability insurance of at least $1,000,000 and list the YWCA as certificate holder and also insured for the duration of the implementation of services.
The proposer will carry Workers Compensation Insurance and to require sub-contractors to do the same.
The installation service includes removal of jumpers and cross-connects. Only active jumpers/cross-connects and horizontal cable and feeder cables will remain in place.
That all items proposed are 100% compatible with existing YWCA infrastructure and there will be no additional equipment purchases necessary to implement the proposed solution.


Signature of Authorized RepresentativeDate