Prove the Value of Attending the MSA’S Annual Retail Conference and Exp, MSA FORWARD 2018 in Washington, DC – April 26 to 30, 2018.

Use this template to plug in your own information regarding the value you receive from attending the annual MSA Retail Conference & Expo. Then, paste it into a memo to provide to your management.



/ Guideline / Cost
Conference Registration / The earlier you book, the lower the cost / $
Learning Excursions / Optional(prices vary $35 - $65) / $
MSA Retail Boot Camp / Optional($95) / $
Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center / Optional ($160)
Flight / Use a web travel service to get a quick estimate. / $
Hotel / MSA Conference rates: $219 / night / $
Transportation: Airport to Hotel / If flying: Taxi? Car rental? Shuttle service?Uber? / $
Transportation: Hotel to Airport / If flying: Taxi? Car rental? Shuttle service?Uber? / $
Mileage Reimbursement / At airport for flight departure or at hotel in Washington / $
Parking Reimbursement / At airport for flight departure or at hotel in Washington / $
Food Per Diem / Refer to your institution’s policy. / $
Subtotal / $
Total Number of Employees Attending / X


Use this chart to prove that the expense of attending can be recouped for your institution in just six to 12 months after the event.

Benefits to Your Organization

/ Description / Potential Money Saved/Earned
Networking benefits / Attending this conference will allow me to network with other industry professionals. We will be able to take the pulse of the profession regarding tools, technologies and processes, and learn about new ideas. / $
Savings/discounts from placing orders at Expo / Free Freight? Show specials? Additional discounts? Design fees waived? / $
Promotional and marketing ideas learned / Low cost or no cost promotional ideas and strategies to promote our museum store to members and the general public. / $
Ideas for maximizing low margins on a product category like books / Freight deals, Returnable or non-Returnable, Pricing strategies, “what the market can bear” / $
Additional sales channel from a new or improved website, corporate sales program, or wholesale initiative. / Learn from colleagues and industry professionals on how to start new sales channels to complement your physical stores. / $
Finding better prices on core “bread and butter” products at the Expo / Source and research core museum store products , such as mugs, t-shirts, magnets, paper goods and find best pricing for you. / $
New sources offering low minimums on new product development / See and meet new vendor sources who specialize in working with museum stores, large and small. / $
Time saved from meeting vendors and placing orders face-to-face / One-stop shopping from vendors who specialize in products and services to the museum store industry. Connect directly with established and new vendor resources. / $
New ideas for community engagement, in-store events and Museum Store Sunday / Learning sessions on working internally and externally to ensure the museum store is front and center on everyone’s minds and wallets. / $