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Issue 20 – Term 4 – Week 10 / Wednesday, 14 December 2011
Issue 20 – Term 4 – Week 10 / Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Coming Events for Term 4

Date Event

16/12/2011 Term 4 Ends for students

19/12/2011 PUPIL FREE DAY

20/12/2011 PUPIL FREE DAY

Term 4 Ends for staff

27/01/2012 PUPIL FREE DAY

Term 1 Begins for staff

30/01/2012 Term 1 Begins for students


Friday 16 December 2011 – Last day of Term for all students.

Monday 19 December 2011 – Pupil free day.

Tuesday 20 December 2011 – Last day of

Term for staff.

Pupil free day.

TERM 1, 2012

Friday 27 January 2012 – Staff return to


Pupil free day.

Monday 30 January 2012 – Students in

Years 1 to 6

return to school.

Tuesday 31 January 2012 – Kindergarten

students start

school @ 9.30am

Principal’s Report

This will be the final newsletter for 2011. May you all have a wonderful holiday season and come back in 2012 renewed and refreshed. All our students have progressed wonderfully in their learning and the many positive connections they have made with each other. I’m very grateful to the staff members of Ryde Public School. We have a great staff who constantly strive to provide successful learning opportunities for our students. I would like to take this opportunity to farewell staff members that will be leaving us this year. To Mr Glen McAnally who has been a Kindergarten teacher for a number of years at Ryde Public School I wish him every success in his new school for 2012. To Mr James Gurr who has been teaching SRO this term I thank you for the work you have completed with these students over such a relatively short time. To Ms Debbie Whang thank you for working as a teacher at Ryde Public School in a variety of classes. May you all take with you many great memories of being part of the staff at Ryde Public School.

Our community support, although a small group has consistently given support to the school and students in so many ways. I know the students appreciated the involvement of their families and the staff are always grateful for our community involvement.

Farewell Year 6, 2011

On Friday our class of 2011 will come to the end of the primary stage of their education. To many it will seem not that long ago that they will remember walking into what our junior section of the school was then. Our students have come a long way to be who they are today because being a student at Ryde Public School has given them many opportunities to strive for success and I know they are very grateful to their families and teachers.

Anne Barltrop

Relieving Principal


To: The Principal, Ryde Public School:

Please circle appropriate sentence

My child / children will not be attending Ryde Public

School in 2012


My child / children will be returning late to Ryde Public

School in 2012

Please print student names below.





Last day of attendance:______

Name of new school:______

Parent Signature:______


Ryde Medals

Congratulations to the following students who have been presented with Ryde Medals at the Presentation Assembly which was held on Friday 9 December 2011:

MM Kate E, Wise T, David R

MS Martin L, Sophie X, Jeremy D

SW Jasmine C, Jacob F, Jasmin M, Affnan A

SRO Dejana O, Marco T, Justin S

OC5 Rebecca L, Allen G

Academic Excellence

Edson W

Excellence in the Arts

Sophie K

Excellence in Sport

Mikayla M

Citizenship Award

Fergus M

Presentation Assembly Awards

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded certificates at the Presentation Assembly which was held on Friday 9 December 2011:

KL Academic Achievement: Stella K

Consistent Effort: Cicero C

KM Consistent Effort: Sai B, Lev T

KS Consistent Effort: Fatiha T, Royce K

JD Academic Achievement: Hannah R

Consistent Effort: Nathan T

Improvement: Ethan B

JG Academic Achievement: Lisa N

Consistent Effort: Chanhee Y

Improvement: Bilal B

JS Academic Achievement: Eric D, George S

Consistent Effort: Jenaya C

Improvement: Laura S

JT Academic Achievement: Elijah W

Consistent Effort: Sophie T

Improvement: Lindokuhle D

MM Academic Achievement: Jing W, Rafael E

Consistent Effort: Anders C

Improvement: Franchette M

MR Academic Achievement: Abhi S

Consistent Effort: Raymond H, Pearline H

Improvement: Natalie I

MS Academic Achievement: Hui En L, Maxine G

Consistent Effort: Keanu E

Improvement: Jacob B

SC Academic Achievement: Stephanie C, Ivana N

Consistent Effort: Calvin S

Improvement: Lawrence M

SRO Academic Achievement: Oliver G

Consistent Effort: Madina B, Sadia N, Gagan S

SW Academic Achievement: Jacob F

Consistent Effort: Adrian L, Zefanja K

Improvement: Nikki A

OC5 Academic Achievement: Yon S, Victoria Z

Consistent Effort: Vanessa R

Improvement: Barry Z

OC6 Academic Achievement: Edson W, Lucas M, Ailin Z

Consistent Effort: Jennifer L

LM Improvement: Brian C

SB Consistent Effort: Hadi I

Improvement: Nicholas B

SD Consistent Effort: Pete L, Pop C

SR Consistent Effort: Jay B


Consistent Effort: Jireh S, Dejana O


Improvement: Takudzwa T, Keith M


Consistent Effort: Juan A

Improvement: Aashita S

STLA Academic Achievement: Sassan A


Academic Achievement: Jordan D

Consistent Effort: Marco T

Improvement: Jeffery W


Consistent Effort: Lana S

MUSIC Academic Achievement: Jesse H, Adnan R

Principal’s Morning Tea

Congratulations to the following students who attended the Principal’s Morning Tea held on Wednesday 7 December 2011, many accompanied by their parents.

KM Laura E, Abbey S, Sai B, Gianna P, Jaiden L, Melody S

KS Joyce S, Kanna Y

JD Nadia T , Sarah F, Atilla A, Ethan B, Shubh S, Nathan T

JG Annie H, Sassan A, Max O, Lateisha J, Anush H, Thomas P, Aiden S

JS George S, Timod D

JT Hamze D, YiLei S, Justin K, Lachlan C, Sophie T, Raphael M, Nicholas K, Sadaf O

MM Brina C, Jenny L, Rafael E, David R, Jamieson H, Alex I

MR Ziya K, Pearline H

MS Martin L, Filip N, Tori Lee G, Jade-Claire J, Maxine G

SC Gyuri K, Macy W, Adnan R, Gordon L, Nina L

SW Waleed S, Mikayla M, Jasmin M, Affnan A

SRO Sadia N, Andrew H, Edward E

OC5 Annabel L, Rebecca L, Yon S

OC6 Calvin L, Edson W, Daniel F, Roy Y

LM Cassandra P, Crystyn R

SB Reece H, Hadi I, Daniel K, Angela D, Nicolas S

SD Jayden F, Jeremy C, Pete L, Kevin L, Krikor M, Mesut T

SR Samuel M, Joshua W, Samuel S,

Achievement Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have been presented with Achievement Awards for earning five Ryde Rewards:

KS Anabel K, Shantelle S, Kanna Y, Oscar C, Eljae R, Samantha G, Fatiha T, Ryan T

KM Omair A, Jonathan H, Rio K, Jaiden L

JD Charlie B, Jack X, Hannah R, Atilla A, Ethan B

JG Lateisha J, Max O

JS Sanobar N

JT Bronson W, Patrick V, Hamze D, Tiana H, Jeffery W

MM Hannah M, Kevin H, Brina C

MS Jessie Z, Hui En L, Henry T, Teena Z

SC Anita K, Nina L, Yousif B

SW Lucy W, Jayden P

OC5 Brian K, Leo S, Annabel L, Kelly Z, Victoria Z, Kireth S

OC6 Ailin Z, Daniel Z, Priscilla C

SB Ryan E


Listed below are the opening dates and times for our School Uniform Shop for Term 4, 2011 and Term 1, 2012. If you are unable to attend the shop to purchase for your child please send in an order form with payment and we will fit your child with the correct sizes. Please be aware that receipts will be sent home the following week.


Thursday 15/12/11 8.30am-10.30am

Monday 19/12/11 9.00am-2.00pm


Friday 27/1/12 9.00am-2.00pm

Monday 30/1/12 8.30am-2.00pm

Thursday 2/2/12 8.30am-10.30am

Thursday 16/2/12 8.30am-10.30am

Thursday 1/3/12 8.30am-10.30am

Thursday 15/3/12 8.30am-10.30am

Thursday 29/3/12 8.30am-10.30am

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necessarily endorsed by the school


Sydney Olympic Park

Kids in the Park, Sydney’s biggest school holiday program returns this summer with over 50 options of sports clinics, creative workshops and fun events to keep your kids active, challenged and entertained. A range of activities are free or cost under $20, making it affordable to discover Sydney’s biggest playground these holidays, see below;

AC Milan Soccer Camp
AFL free clinics
All day vacation care
ANZ Stadium Explore Tour
Archery and diving lessons
Bike circuits and bike hire
Circus skills & flying trapeze
Cookie making and kite flying
Day and Residential Camps
Digital filmmaking & Kids in the Park Film Fest!
Discovery Trails, Clue Trail and Amazing Chase – FREE / Golf and mini golf
Monster Actions Sports Academy
Movies by the Boulevard – FREE
Rugby League Clinic – FREE
Segway Fun
Swimming lessons and Splasher’s
Water Playground
Tennis Camps and Phizz Kidz multi sports
Writing workshops
....and lots more

Full details at or 02 9714 7888.

Eastwood St Andrews – 2012 Football (Soccer) Registrations

We are one of the largest clubs in the Gladesville Hornsby District with teams from U6 to Premier League. We cater for all standards of ability and provide weekly coaching for teams on Eastwood Oval in preparation for Saturday matches.Our 2012 Registration Day will be held at Eastwood Oval on 4 and 5 February 2012. Further details can be obtained from the Club website or by calling the Club Registrar on 0422 006 969.