Psychology 3214 (Sections 001 and 001)

Required Research Experience

This course requires you do 3units of research experience. I would prefer all students to volunteer for research studies; however, students may attend research colloquia and/or prepare summaries of research articles. Students may do 2 additional research units for extra credit. Each extra research unit will equal one percentage point added to their final average for the course. So students on the border between two grades who have done the extra credit will be raised up to the higher of the two grades (e.g., an 88 can become 90 with 2 extra credit units).

Research Participation

You can find current research opportunities on Experimetrix ( All of the research projects posted at this site have been reviewed by an independent ethical committee (University Institutional Review Board) whose members are drawn form across the entire academic community, and they are supervised by a faculty member. Instructions for signing up for an experiment are as follows:

Students must register at

  • Click on new user link
  • Enter your name, student ID number, and email address.
  • A log-in and password will be sent to the email address entered.
  • After registration, students will have three days in which to log on to their account. If they do not logon their membership will be deleted. If this occurs, a student can re-register.
  • Once you have your log-in and password, go to the same website and click on “Sign up for experiment.”
  • You would also go to this site to cancel.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to you whenever an appointment is established or cancelled.
  • An email reminder will be sent to you in the early evening prior to each appointment.

When you register for an experiment, the time and place for your appearance are designated. MAKE SURE YOU WRITE DOWN THIS INFORMATION AND THEN GO TO YOUR APPOINTMENT ON TIME! DO NOT BE A NO-SHOW!

Undergraduate Research Colloquium

A second means of fulfilling the Research Experience requirement is to attend an Undergraduate Research Colloquia (1% point for each attendance). These 45-50 minute presentations of the contemporary research are schedule the week before Dead Week. At the conclusion to the presentation, a short five-item test over the contents of the presentation may be conducted. Everyone attending the colloquium is required to bring an orange scantron sheet. YOUR ANSWERS WILL BE RECORDED ON A SCANTRON SHEET THAT YOU ARE REQUIRED TO BRING WITH YOU.

Research Paper

A third means of satisfying the RESEARCH EXPERIENCE is to submit a 3-4 page paper (1-inch margins, double line spacing, 12 point font) over a designated research topic. You may select any article form the last 3 years from the journal Psychological Science or you can bring an article to the instructor for pre-approval.