TIME: 6:30PM

WHO’S INVITED: Any PRESENT Blasdell students or younger siblings.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring something to write with, wear sneakers and your costume.

After a brief introduction, we will have our annual parade of costumes down the main hall before we begin the scavenger hunt portion of the evening.

When you come back into the gym after you complete the scavenger hunt, the children will be given a bag of candy and a certificate for their efforts. They will be hunting for clues during the activity that they will use to answer our Halloween riddle.

You will need to be in the gym by 6:30 pm so we can get started right away. The only things you will need to bring for the activity are something to write with, sneakers and wear your Halloween costume. (Please follow the guidelines sent home by Mrs. Dansa with regards to possible costumes. We want this to be fun for the children.) Everyone will be involved in the activities - that means parents too! Parents are welcome, and encouraged to get dressed up for the event!

The scavenger hunt usually lasts about 30 minutes. Below is a form we would like you to fill out and return only if you are planning on joining us. This information will give us an idea of how many bags of candy we will need. Please return the form by October 18th if you will be attending.

If you have any questions please give Mr. Ostrander a call at 926-1750 ext. 5146. We look forward to seeing everyone. We hope to have another huge turnout again this year, so start getting your costumes ready and mark your calendar!

Mr. Ostrander

Please return this sheet no later than October 18th ONLY IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND

STUDENT’S NAME:______Number of children attending_____

If you have more than one child in the building, just one permission slip is needed, and put the total number attending on that slip.