Page 1 of 6Position Code #P10319

POSITION TITLE: / Information Processing Specialist / DEPT./DIV.: / Support Services
REPORTS TO: / Platoon Team Leader, Records / BRANCH: / Records
ASSOCIATION: / Civilian / LOCATION: / Headquarters
HOURS OF WORK: / 35 hrs/wk.
35-day Rotating Day/Afternoon/
Night Shifts
(8 & 10 hr. shifts)


To provide reception, telephone and clerical support to all job functions within the Records Branch, including entering, verifyingand updating information on the computerized Canadian Police Information Centresystem,local police records management systems, and responding to requests for information.


This position is a generic position performing the job duties of Dictation and Occurrences on an ongoing basis. In addition, this position may be assigned to perform the functions of other Records Branch staff positions as required; see job descriptions for Records Clerk, Warrants; Records Clerk, Criminal; Records Clerk, Insurance; CPIC Operator; Records Clerk, Reader/Coder;Records Clerk, Charges, and Clerk, HeadquartersFront Desk.

Generates, files, and maintains reports for local and national police records management systems. Creates Niche occurrences for Court Orders, Warrants and CPIC entries as required.

During assigned platoon shift, may self-assign according to Priority Codes and transcribes in prescribed format. Transcribes Priority One Show Causes, followed by Priority Two Packages and WillStates, followed by Priority Threeand Priority Four. Monitors and checks the status of reports on the Dictaphone System. When assigned to dictatypist duties, links names/addresses/phone numbers/vehicles/licence plates/securities/property within Niche on a daily basis. Verifies addresses within Niche when linking addresses to occurrences. Tasks officers through Niche to follow up or obtain missing information.

Transcribes and data enters occurrence reports, supplementary reports,victim reports, arrest reports,vehicle reports, Crown Packages, follow ups, etc. May send e-mail messages or contact supervisor or officer to clarify information, obtain additional information, or to advise of status changes of reports.

Accesses Niche occurrence reports to data enter, maintain and verify information on the computerized Canadian Police Information Centre for the Records Branch. Enters 516 Orders into CPIC; adds Administrative Driver Licence Suspensions (ADLS) 90-day suspensions on accused entries and pointer vehicles. Adds Miscellaneous Information for Stolen Vehicles, Missing Person and Lost or Stolen Licence Plates to Niche incidents. Receives, reads, interprets narrative messages, processes information received and sends appropriate responses. Creates Missing Person reports through Niche prior to CPIC entry if required. When assigned toCPIC on a night shift reviews Nightly Bulletin to ensure CPIC entries are up-to-date; may contact officers regarding discrepancies or check other sources; and then adds, removes or modifies CPIC entries. Sends CPIC messages in response to U.S. queries, through Interpol, Provincial Alerts, Zone Alerts, Flood Warnings and out-of-province queries. Prints, sorts, files and disseminates all CPIC messages. Throughout the shift, is frequently required to access CPIC Unit Tasks and perform required CPIC maintenance.

Data enters core records, charges, Weapons Prohibitions, FAC refusals, property and securities, Peace Bond files, Reasonable Grounds Want Entry (RGWE), incoming and outgoing Warrants, and Suspension Notices on the CPIC system. Reviews and matches reports with Recognizances and Undertakings to ensure that street enforceable terms of release are entered on CPIC. Queries the Integrated Court Offences Network (ICON) for dispositions of charges to obtain up-to-date information and provide to officers as needed.

Adds, checks and verifies Probation and Sentence Orders, Notice of Conditions and Intermittent Sentence information in accordance with the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Photocopies Probation Orders with terms and forwards to Research and Planning staff daily. Assists CPIC to match Intake Sheets with Probation Orders already entered; queries CPIC if unable to locate original Order to ensure Probation Order is to be added. Notifies Criminal Records of originating agencies as to the outcome of any allegations of breaches of conditional sentence orders.

Requests fingerprints from the RCMP, destroys/seals prints and purges files when parties request fingerprint destruction.

Classifies occurrence reports to ensure compliance with Statistics Canada Uniform Crime Reporting rules.

Enters University of Waterloo and WilfridLaurierUniversity incident reports into Niche from hard copy/e-mail.

Receives and processes requests for information. Responds to general inquiries about information that can be accessed from the Records Branch. Clarifies requests and/or seeks additional information. Retrieves reports and records from computerized, microfilmed, and/or paper storage.Re-directs requests to the Access to Information unit or the Crown's Office as applicable. Prepares summaries of occurrences.

Prepares correspondence, FAX messages, photocopies reports and does filing. Receives and responds to telephone calls and personal contacts with the general public, other police services including the RCMP, government and private agencies, Correctional Services, Probation and Parole offices, and internal staff members, etc.

Conducts criminal and background checks including clearance checks forapplicants and volunteers for Human Resources. Occasionally prepares standardized security clearance letters for members of the general public. Refers non-standardized checks or letters to the supervisor.

Researches persons and addresses as directed using computerized, hard copy, and microfilm files as required. On a sporadic basis, queries the Sexual Offender Registry system when performing CPIC duties.

Adds and deletes names weekly from the Missing Persons Report in a Word document and sends copies to Divisional Youth Sergeants; updates CPIC. Queries Niche to create weekly Sudden Death report for supervisor review prior to report being sent to the Coroner’s Office.

Weekly duties may consist of picking up, sorting, stamping, recording and distributing Records Branch incoming and outgoing mail; recording incoming FAX messages; counter duty.

May appear in court as a police services branch representative with subpoenaed documentation.

Performs other related duties as assigned.


Ensures that a personal computer, dictaphone machine and headset used for own work is maintained in good working condition. Sporadicallyaccepts cheques or cash over the counter and through the mail for Freedom of Information, the Alarms Coordinator, and the Police Reporting Centre for Collision Reports, Front Desk, Subpoenas, Office of the Children’s Lawyer request and the Housing Tribunal, forwarding fees to others to track and deposit.


Errors in entering data into computerized systems or in querying information may result in incorrect information being added to related documentation.


The incumbent has no formal supervisory responsibilities. Provides assistance to new staff or those who are unfamiliar with data entry standardized wordings, CPIC procedures re Niche entries, or when following up for further clarification or amendments related to Niche data entries.



Receives daily direction and guidance from the Manager of Records & Archives, Records Branch NCO or Platoon Team Leaders. Has daily contact with immediate co-workers within the Records Branch. Has daily contact with police members from other divisions, including forensic identification staff, in person, by telephone,by Mobile Data Terminal and e-mail to obtain, provide and clarify information.


Has daily contact with the general public in person, by phone and fax to respond to inquiries. Explains general procedures and services provided by the branch. Has daily contact with other police services, RCMP, OPP, courts, Crown Attorneys, Correctional Services, Probation and Parole, Coroner’s Office, government agencies, regional and municipal departments to obtain, provide and clarify information.

EFFORT (Mental/Physical):

Applies well-defined guidelines and Records Branch procedures regarding the requirements of the CPIC Rules, Regulations and Policies Reference Manual, the Records Branch RMS & Dictation Manual, and Statistics Canada Uniform Crime Reporting Coding guidelines to perform data entry functions.

Receives work assignments and instruction from the Manager of Records & Archives, Records Branch NCO and the Platoon Team Leader, Records. Organizes day-to-day routines to enter data and to log, confirm, verify and purge related CPIC and other records into the computerized systems and to locate relevant information. Compiles information in response to requests from the Office of the Children’s Lawyer to meet 30-day time line. Refers non-routine queries to supervisor. Responds directly to incoming work flow and follows clear instructions to consistently transcribe reports based on priority protocol.

Occasionally contacts court staff or investigating officers to locate missing information or to clarify inaudible calls.

Incumbent is subject to prolonged sitting, heavy sustained visual and auditory concentration, manual dexterity, and attention to detail when entering caution flags and rolling information over to CPIC, when transcribing reports, entering data into a computer, when responding to CPIC interactions, when linking names/addresses/phone numbers/vehicles/licence plates/securities/property within Niche, when reading and cross-checking occurrences, charges and codings, and when filing and collating information.


Most work is performed sitting at a desk or standing while filing.

Work is performed in a standard open concept office, subject to ongoing interruptions from staff and others requesting CPIC information and to provide information to the public. On Saturdays, during print days, provides routine information to walk-in traffic in the absence of the Clerk, Headquarters Front Desk.

Due to the nature of work, the incumbent has occasional contact with officers and court personnel who require immediate information. Follows up with members through Niche tasking to obtain or clarify required information. Contacts are periodically negative or difficult, requiring incumbent to be polite and tactful as well as informative.

Subject to operational needs, the incumbent may be required to work sporadic overtime hours to meet deadlines and to have CPIC information such as tracking forms for abandoned vehicles updated. Accesses CPIC Unit Tasks and performs required CPIC maintenance throughout the shift.



Basic knowledge of reading, writing, mathematical and communication skills, normally acquired through the attainment of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent as determined by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Knowledge of standardized office procedures and processes, proficient keyboarding skills, data entry, dictatyping, filing and file management, document organization, as well as letter and memo composition, normally acquired through previous office/word processing experience.

Skill in the operation of a personal computer and knowledge of software programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Ability to operate a fax machine, photocopier, microfilm machine and other related office equipment.

Acquired knowledge of general policies, practices and procedures established for the WRPS as well as experience in police-related systems required, including familiarity with the judicial system and related paper flow processes, court terminology and procedures, and police related agencies.

Basic knowledge of Records Branch records keeping, query methods, and storage systems, normally acquired through related on-the-job training. Knowledge of police computer networks and systems, such as the NichePRIDE RMS system, CAD, PARIS, and the Intranet required in order tosend messages by email andCAD, perform queries and locate relevant information.

Ability to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the CPIC system and processes required, as well as the rules that govern its use, through related on-the-job experience. Knowledge of and the ability to use the Windows Warrant Software Program required, as well as the Sex Offender Registry Program. Ability to reference procedures of the CPIC Reference Manual, the Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, Mental Health Act, Ministry of Correctional Services Act, Family Law Act, and the Controlled Drugs & Substances Act to consistently perform data entry functions, and to comply with the Records Retention Schedule and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and disclosure protocol.

Ability to access information from the Integrated Court Offences Network (ICON) system when assigned to Charges or Criminal Records functions.

Communication and customer service skills required to obtain information as required; to respond to CPIC messages, to task and follow up with members, to provide assistance to others; to draft routine correspondence and faxes; and, to represent the police service in a positive, professional manner.

Ability to meet police security clearance requirements and to maintain confidentiality.

Ability to participate as an effective team member. Must have an understanding of the WRPS Shared Vision Statement, including the Ideals of Excellence, and mission statement. Must know and display throughout daily activities the WRPS core values.

Ability to meet testing requirements for the position.

b)Language Communication (Written & Verbal):

Ability to verbally respond to inquiries in person and via telephone and provide information in a polite and courteous manner.

Proficient in spelling, grammar and composition to summarize incident histories according to instruction and to respond in writing by inserting data into routine form letters and memos for signature of the supervisor, and to draft routine correspondence and send routine fax messages and to respond to CPIC interactions.

Ability to read and comprehend police and court related documentation including Warrants and Suspensions, incidents, occurrences, Recognizances, Notices of Intent, Surety Revocations, charge wordings, Informations, Warrant packages, crown letters, Summonses and Subpoenaes, Restraining Orders, BOLOs, Probation Orders, and Promises to Appear, NicheRMS reports, CPIC and Criminal Name Index (CNI) reports.