Craig Baca

·  Fire Safety week coming up.

·  Continue to work with students with alternate paths.

·  Inspections went well, nothing major to report.

·  Looking to get J and G to come in and help schools learn how to use the fire system you might have.

·  Might need to have a password to put out building on test. Chris Tweet will take care of it for the district.

Tom Burris

·  RISD has a little over $10 million in cash reserves.

·  $650 million short in the state. Looking for $150 million from PED.

·  8% of your budget is $5.6 million. Basically leaves us with $3.4 Mil. That would be a cash sweep.

·  The majority of the districts are pushing for a SEG hit. This would be more equitable. This number would be about $1.1 million for the RISD.

·  $37 million gained in this. $30 million from textbooks/dual credit, $22 million below the line from PED.

·  NO programs cut/NO positions cut.

·  More than likely the legislature will put an increase in class sizes in February.

·  This will require us to look at schedules and class sizes at the High School and Mid School levels.

Teacher Evaluations

·  Evaluations that are being petitioned to the state will have a disclosure on them that says PENDING REVIEW.

·  The PED is still looking at why the EOC data did not get loaded correctly.

Dr. Northrup

·  STC training will be October 19 at 8:00. Breakfast will be at 7:30.

·  Make sure if you have people who have questions please try and deal/get with that teacher ASAP to help avoid future problems. As always please let Dr. Northrup know if you need any help.

·  Looking to do a better job of scheduling the PARCC and EOC for High and Middle schools. Last year it seemed like we went directly from PARCC to EOC with no break in between.

·  PED has noted that if RISD goes over 1% SPED accommodations they will come in for an audi

Eddie Ramirez

·  Purchasing Violations

·  New procedure and new form. The originator of the PO will now have to basically explain what happened and why before or if payment will be made.

Tamie Pargas

·  Please make sure that everyone knows FMLA is not automatic, that it actually has to go through a process.

·  Continue to look for highly qualified teachers and not just settle for long term subs. (Board directive!)

·  Looking at ways to improve the manner at which $$$ gets mailed in the pony.

·  PDP/PGP/PCPP all should be done and on their way to Central office.

·  License advancements and Dossiers can still go on you will simply not receive the bump for this year.

·  If you have any teachers who have still not been given a contract send Tamie their name ASAP!!!!

·  Teachers or EA’s who are taking classes for the career ladder need to let Tamie know who and how they are doing????

·  Evaluations that were held are now ready to be handed out.

·  40 day counts are tomorrow October 13, 2016.

Brandy Samuel

·  Be careful with IEP attendance, especially if you are using a designee. Make sure that you are ok with who you have in there.

·  Gen ed teachers should probably never say “I don’t know your kid I have never seen them.”

·  All relevant members of the team need to be there or the IEP needs to be cancelled.

·  Remember Annual or triannual IEP’s will take longer than 30 minutes.

·  Bully survey will be October 31- November 4.

·  Missed 87 IEP’s in the district. Must have 87 validations to PED by Friday or we could not be validated as a district.

·  Testing accommodations.

·  Need to be careful that we only have 1% of our kids with mods for testing.

Dr. Romero Elisia Begueria

·  Edulastic= some issues but still feel very happy about the progress that we have had.

·  As of today the window will close and principals will have access to the test.

·  Feedback as to how to improve the test is already rolling in.

·  Hopefully the feedback will help develop more useful assessments for the teacher.

·  Even with some of the problems what is coming from it has been far more beneficial than what has happened in the past.

·  Survey monkey link will show up today.

·  One link per grade level.

·  Be looking for our 90-day plan work book