present simple past simple
finish a) finished
use b) used
stop c) stopped
worry d) worried
start e) started

a My parents bought (buy) a new TV last week.
b I wrote (write) a letter to my friend yesterday.
c They made (make) the first Star Wars film in 1977.
d She did (do) her homework after school.
e They flied (fly) to the USA last night.

a We wasn’t / weren’t at school yesterday.
b I was / were out with my friends last weekend.
c The film was / were really funny.
d My parents wasn’t / weren’t at home last weekend.
e He wasn’t / weren’t happy about failing the test.

a What time did you finish school yesterday?
b What did you last weekend ?
c Did you enjoy the film?
dDid your sister go to the cinema ?
e How did you travel to school today ?

John a)Did you go you (go) to the cinema last night, Kate?
Kate: Yes, but I (b)didn’t see(not see) you there. Where (c) were (be) you?
John: Oh, I (d) went (go) to see my sister at a school concert instead.
Kate: Well, the film (e) was (be) really good, but I (f)didn’t like (not like) the main actor. He (g) was (be) silly!
John: Really? What a pity!
Kate: (h)Did you like(like) the school concert?
John: Yes, I did. I (i)liked (like) it very much. My sister (j) (be) wasexcellent!

1.Peter Graham is an actor. He lives in Bristol, a city in the south of England. He loves his job because he does so many different things.
2.Three years ago, for example, he appeared in a TV drama about a murder. He played the part of a detective. It was great!
3.Last year, hewas in a play at the city theatre in Bristol. He played the part of a young man in a love story. He did that every evening for 12 weeks. He was very tired at the end!
4.After that he appeared in a TV soap opera. This one was different. It was about two families in London. It was popular!
5.In February, he went to Australia. It was really exciting! He got a small part in an action-adventure film


1 The first paragraph is mainly about ...
c introducing Jack.

2 The second paragraph is mainly about ...
b a TV soap opera.

3 The third paragraph is mainly about ...
c acting in the theatre.

4 The fourth paragraph is mainly about ...
a a drama.

5 The fifth paragraph is mainly about ...
b being in a film.