Senate Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2013

Call to Order (3:00PM)

Roll Call

Present: Shelby Alig, Antronette Black, Andrew Bush, Olivia Capannari, Tapuwa Chikwinya, Desmond Dodd, Jarrod Heydinger, Erin Hinson, Jake Hudson, Joseph Jabour, Phil Krzeski, Adam Lamb, Ryan Martin, Nancy Martinez, Emily McLaughlin, O. Needom Mitchell, Meghan Savercool, Abby Schafer

Excused: Drew Dziedzic


Given by Meghan Savercool

Approval of minutes

March 4, 2013 minutes were approved without change

Public Forum

Emily McLaughlin

CAC will be cooking during the meeting for event, I won’t be in meeting, CAC will be leaving early

What are you cooking? Breakfast for dinner

Lauren White

Concerns with SAC separating from SGA. Senate should have a say on who should be selected for SAC. BSA is concerned how budgeting will be affected. BSA needs to appoint someone to work with SAC. Also concerned about BSA becoming a UAO –need a budget process that we can predict so we can be ready for that and put it in our constitution.


University appointment application due the 18th


U4U - Otim Jimmy sponsorship

Leah Busam

Here to address SGA SAC separation

Tara Minghouse

Students for Freedom

Erin Hinson

Starting a Relay for Life team

Brock McMorran

Only 17 people running for Senate this year, a disappointing number. Get out and campaign, talk to students.

When we approve new BOE, what is the policy for write-ins? It is the same as last year.


In the House I Live In - 1st event of diversity week, 6pm Clocktower. International rosary tonight at 9pm. Hopefully we'll see you at some of the events this week.

Kristin Sanfilippo

Half the Sky - Exhibit in the Freedom Center. Showing documentary, 7pm in Kennedy on Thursday.

Opinion Entries

Meghan Savercool and Andrew Bush

Leaving early

Drew Dziedzic

I will not be able to attend the meeting today, as I am on the PPP Washington Trip. Senator Heydinger will be reading the FAC Report, and any pressing questions can be directed toward one of the FAC members. Any Association Budget questions can be directed towards Markus or the current executives. I'll be back Wednesday.

Nancy Martinez

I hope you had a great spring break and a great first week back! I just wanted to apologize for not being here last Monday. I read over the minutes and I tried to catch up on what I missed. I was in Chicago with a winter storm. I was supposed to be back in Cincinnati on time but my ride Megabus cancelled all of their trips going out of Chicago, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so I go back Thursday morning to campus. CAC had the first Supper Club and today CAC hosts another CFJ community night dinner and I will be leaving early 4:45pm to go help out Emily.

Meghan Savercool (Club Relations)

Jake Hudson
As you all know, my Senate project is getting a color printer in the CLC. After meeting with Bill Moran in Auxiliary Services, he requested that I create a survey for students to see how much they are willing to pay per page for color printing.

I have created the survey on OrgSync, and now I need your help! After today’s meeting, I will be sending you all an email with the link to the survey. I’m asking you to please take the survey yourself (it’s only one multiple choice question), and then send it out to others for them to take. I don’t really care if you email it, post it on Facebook or Twitter or any other method you see fit, I just want as many people as possible to complete the survey.

Scheduled Business

Motion #13-099

Sponsor: Club Relations

Move to approve the charters and by-laws of Students for Liberty.


Fulfill a role other than other clubs? Yes

Do we have other political clubs on campus? College Democrats, College Republicans, and Political Science Club

Is this a college libertarians group, affiliated with libertarian ideals? Yes


I feel that this club meetsrequirements and see a large group of students on campus that are libertarian, so it will be good to have a group that they relate to more than a republican or democrat group.

If we have two other clubs that are political in nature, would send a bad message if we do not approve this one.



Motion #13-100

Sponsor: Club Relations

Move to approve the charters and by-laws of the Blue Mountain Project Volunteers


Specifically explain the difference between this and AB trip? This originated from AB trip. There is a region in Jamaica called Blue Mountain, this is similar to U4U, they want to educate people about region, want to grow their economy, help kids get backpacks to go to school - things like that.

More than just people who went on AB trip? Yes. Other universities have this club, did not have to go on AB trip to form this group/be aware of this group.

Do you believe this club serves a different role than any other club? Yes, because it specifically helps one region in the world, national organization, cannot be lumped with U4U so because it's two different national organizations.

Do you think they will try to send people on AB trip? primary goal is not to send people to jamaca, goal is to educate and raise money, the starters went two years ago, and have been working with org ever since.

Do you that if this club would pass, other AB sites would be encouraged to create new club, what is the impact? I doubt that would happen. This is a national organization that is at other universities.

Two years ago we had two clubs that formed out of AB trip, they both failed, so now I am conscious of clubs being sustainable. I feel comfortable with this club.

What is the name of National Organization? I have documentation of them granting status? Yes, will include in packet.


New Business

Motion #13-101
Sponsor: Erin Hinson
Move to reconsider the vote on the motion to approve AIGA as a club. I voted on the prevailing side.


Motion #13-096

Sponsor: Club Relations

Propose AIGA to become a new club


I think this would be a great club to pass, could be helpful to us in the future.


Motion #13-102
Sponsor: Meghan Savercool
Move to allocate $2,148.93 from the Club Day and Club Workshop funds to the SAC Late night Committee fund.


Why was SAC under budget for this MAD and why not propose to co-curricular? They were expectingmore funding.

Did you know, they choose not to apply to the Executive Allocation fund? I will ask Jacqueline why she needs this.

Are you sure club relations won't need that funding for the rest of the year? I think not, was meantforClub Day and Club Workshop, but not used.

Why was Club Day and ClubWorkshop funded to that limit? We bought SGA waterbottles that didn't arrive on time; they ended up crediting payment back to us. We over budgeted workshop because it has varied every year what Club Relations plans with that.

If this money wasn't spent, where would it go? To rollover.

Hypothetically speaking, if the money was used for Club Day, what would SACs next option be? I will ask SAC

Open executive session

Committee Reports

Association Affairs

I think we should leave it till next year;we will have a lot of new people and ideas.

Maybe just take out SAC section, and anything that says SAC?

New people are going to come in; they are not going to know what to do. This sounds like an excuse; we'll dump this on new people to do.

I agree.This might be a strain on people that will come in next year.

How many non-seniors are planning on running? At most 7 returnerswould be a little difficult to throw that on them.

My suggestion is to get something on the book that is cleaned up. Returners spend some time over the summer thinking about what you want next year to be.

With a little time could clean this up for the new people. We are almost finished.

I think some of the conversation we have should happen after the new senate is elected. They can see what it's like so they can start coming up with ideas. They would have moreunderstanding, but have the freedom to make changes. This is the big thing senate and the execs should work on, because this is going to be big next year.

What if we had this process in front of newly elected senators?

What if AA took out the SAC parts this week and proposed it next week?

Ok, we will do that at our meeting at 4.

Would you agree that nothing would be that different? I agree.We just need to take out SAC things and make sure our original changes are in there.

Club Relations

Community Affairs

Financial Affairs Committee
It’s finally here. Club budgets have been turned in! As of Friday evening at 5pm, FAC has 97 applications with clubs requesting about $340,000.

FAC is meeting with clubs who requested over $3000 this week, and in the following weeks, will begin to divide up the funds.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask myself, one of my fellow FAC members, or email Drew/Kevin.

Student Life

Project Reports

Shelby Alig

Antronette Black

Andrew Bush

Olivia Capannari

Tapuwa Chikwinya

Drew Dziedzic

Jarrod Heydinger

Erin Hinson

Jake Hudson

Joseph Jabour

Suggest when you talk to admission, talk about the fact we have three new majors coming in.

Phil Krzeski

Adam Lamb

Ryan Martin

Nancy Martinez

As you might remember I was working on improving recycling in the Village and the Commons. I tried getting a pilot test with new recycling bins to see if that would work but it failed because students were not interested in taking time to help out. So I decided to move on with the idea of changing the dumpsters in the Village because students were throwing a lot of their garbage in the recycling dumpster and nothing in the garbage dumpster. I meet with Stacy and I talked with him. He said he was going to talk to Rumpke and see what he would be able to do. After spring break I contacted him and he said that we were going to try new signage just to help us out to know the difference of the dumpsters. The new signage’s are out and I have been peeking out to see what is being thrown there and it seems like things are working. I now want to move on in making magnets so I will be talking to Dustin to see how that might work. I have pictures of what that looks like and I emailed those last night.

Emily McLaughlin

Meghan Savercool

Abby Schafer

Report of the SGA Executives

How does SAC play into budget? Will play out as it has in the past

Are they still getting budget from SGA? Yes.

Is there a cutoff date that the budget has to be done? It just has to be passed by this group.

Report of the Senate Coordinator

Needom Mitchell
Thank you to those of you who have sent me information about their projects. Please get that information to me by Friday. This is a great way to catalog our work as a group. Also if you did not know Kristin will not be here next week and I will be running the meeting. Also next week the budget will be proposed. So be prepared please ask anyone on the committee any questions you might have leading up to next week, so next week’s meeting can go as smoothly as possible. Other than that good luck to everyone running for reelection this week.

Will you save power point to T-drive; will serve a use in the future? Yes

Report of Advisor

Dustin Lewis
As a reminder, please send your project updates and mostly offer your list of completed projects for the year, to Needom by Friday.

Regarding the club conversation we had last week, I think it was very productive and look forward to scheduling another conversation with Senators soon in the future.

Following Leah’s comments today from the Open Executive Session, I want to offer that it is time to turn over a new leaf with SGA and the Senate. Let’s work together to build a better, brighter future for yourselves and the students at Xavier. As always, my door is open and I am ready for the conversations and ideas... let’s get started.

Report of the SGA Resource Assistant

Crystal Guffey