Before the Tea Act- 1770 (Repeal of Townshend Acts)

Colonist- Britain got rid of the Townshend Act except for the tax on tea. That is the only one that they left. There is no way we are going to pay this tax. We will smuggle in foreign tea without paying the tax. Then we can sell it to colonists ourselves. British tea is too expensive with the tax.

Sam Adams- I have made a great deal of money by smuggling tea into the colonies. I smuggle it in after paying a low price and then sell it to the colonists for a little bit more than I paid. They all buy this tea from me because the British tea is being taxed.

East India Tea Company- Dear King, I would like to ask you to get rid of the tax on tea in the colonies. The colonists have been boycotting our tea because they don’t want to pay the tax. They are smuggling in foreign tea and selling it. As a result, we have not made any money and will be forced to close down if you don’t get rid of the tax.

King George III- I do not want my East India Tea Company to go out of business so I will help them by passing the Tea Act. This act will lower the tax on tea and eliminate the “middle man” so the East India Company can sell tea to the colonists cheaper than it has ever been before.

Responses to Boston Tea Party/Coercive Acts

Merchant from East India Tea Company- “I can’t believe the colonists wasted all of our tea. That was our property. We were doing them a favor by lowering the taxes on tea. It was cheaper for them to buy and they went and threw it in the Harbor. I hope they pay for this.”

Ben Franklin- “I think that those people who dumped the tea into the harbor need to come up with the money. There was no need for that. The colonists who did that are showing no loyalty to our British government. They need to have respect for the crown.”

Colonial Merchant- “I am not able to make any money because that darn King closed off the Boston Harbor. How am I supposed to work when I can’t even leave the dock. They are trying to make us poor, and I feel enough is enough. It is time for a rebellion. Our government is not protecting our rights.”

First Continental Congress

Paul Revere- “We need to fight back now. I think we need to organize our own army of colonists. What Britain is doing to us is evil. They should not be able to tax us without proper representation. They have committed evil acts and are trying to make us poor. The coercive Acts are trying to enslave Americans!”

Colonist- “I think we need to write another letter to the King telling him that closing the Boston Harbor is hurting our economy. We need to beg him to take away the Coercive Acts. We have to tell him that no more British soldiers are needed. I think we are all forgetting that we are citizens of Great Britain and we need to remember to be loyal to the crown.”