Rajiv Kuchhal

Mobile: +91-99800-16232


Rajiv has more than 23 years of work experience in Indian IT and BPO services industry. Since July 2008, Rajiv is working as an angel investor-mentor to young companies primarily in the area of social enterprise. Today he is on board of 4 such companies.

Prior to getting into angel funding, he was the Chief Operating Officer of OnMobile Global Ltd. for about 2 years. He joined OnMobile when it had achieved significant market traction and needed to transition from start-up mode to an organization that can meet emerging needs. He was part of the senior management team to drive change that successfully transitioned OnMobile into a mid-size organization. OnMobile managed to triple the revenues in these 2 years, significantly improve the customer satisfaction, successfully did an IPO and ultimately built the confidence in organization that it can continue to scale.

Before OnMobile he was part of the founding team ofProgeon Ltd. (now Infosys BPO). As part of the start-up, he was involved in all aspects of building a new company. Activities ranged right from understanding the business, defining the service offerings, the pricing models, processes, scouting for business, defining the team structure, building up the teams, defining organizational policies and practices and executing on the business won. Started as Head of Operations and then moved to set up and head Business Transformation Group.

Prior to starting Progeon, Rajiv was with Infosys Technologies. He joined the company in 1990 and was part of the team that was working on the telex machine for Indian market. In 1992, he led Infosys’ foray into telecom and product engineering services. He was responsible for managing Nortel account, which grew into Infosys’ largest customer. In 1998 he became the youngest SBU head and a member of Infosys Management Council. In 1999 he took up additional responsibility of building and managing Infosys business with internet product companies. As business leader, he had overall responsibility of revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. The business grew in excess of 100% in year 2000. He also established Infosys first center in North India at Mohali (near Chandigarh). He was managing team of more than 1000 people before moving out to Progeon.

Rajiv started his career in 1986 with Telecommunication Consultants India Ltd. (TCIL), a successful public sector where he was involved in development of message switching systems for Indian telegraph network and for Radio Austria.

Rajiv graduated in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi in 1986 and did his schooling from BhartiyaVidyaBhawan, New Delhi. He is married to Manju and has 3 children.