VOB Planning Board / Monthly Meeting
Minutes / Action Items
WednesdayAugust 6, 2014 7:00 pm
Planning Board Members: / S.Bela,M.Kane,F.Maffucci, J.Paliseno, S.Pertusati,G.Proce, M.Sagliocca
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7:07pm – Planning Board (PB) Meeting Commenced

  1. Reviewed New Permit Applications with Building Inspector present
  2. Taomas– 97 Iroquois Dr (Demo) – PB NBR is for applicant to move forward with permit. Additionally, homeowner was made aware if any interior walls were altered, plumbing or electrical changes, a Building Permit would be required.
  3. Johnson – 106 Iroquois Dr (Pool) – PB NBR is for application to seek FAR Relief or reduce pool size to get FAR at permitted 20% allowed by code.
  4. 59 Orinoco Dr (Mini storage Facility) – PB NBR is we are in agreement with BI recommendations for BOT to approve “use” in Sothern Business District and ZBA for second story. In addition as per code 128-29 B, second variance required for building footprint greater than 50%. PB will forward their “Recommendation” to BI re: the proposed property use.
  5. Pinello – Lakeview Ave East (Renov) – PB NBR is applicant to seek LSS, RSS, RYS and FAR relief from ZBA
  6. Fabian– 546 Potter Blvd (Renov) – PB NBR is to move forward with Permit
  7. Fundarek– 90 Hiawatha Dr (Renov) – PB NBR in agreement with BI recommendations
  8. O’Conner– 241 Windsor Ave (Remove Deck, Add Pool) – PB NBR is survey needs to be as per checklist to show final build showing all structures and C/O are there as per sight visit.
  9. JTI– 91 Howells Road (Renov) – PB is in disagreement with BI findings and will forward a formal letter on subject to him
  10. Schoenfelder– 412 Ackerson Blvd (Pool) – PB NBR is we are in agreement with BI comments
  11. Sagliocca– 431 Potter Blvd (Deck) – PB NBR in agreement with BI requests for a CO
  12. Maffucci– 18 Wohseepee Dr (Fence) – PB NBR is to move forward with Permit
  13. Kelvas– 435 N. Windsoe Ave (Fence) – PB NBR is to move forward with Permit
  14. McNair– 116 Concourse East (Driveway) – PB NBR is to move forward with Permit
  15. Cruickshank– 476 Peters Blvd (Driveway) – PB NBR is to move forward with Permit
  16. O’Connor – 241 Windsor Ave (Driveway) – PB NBR is to move forward with Permit
  17. Rauch– 6 Fairway Court E (Driveway) – PB NBR is to move forward with Permit
  18. Krenn– 501 Richland Blvd (Driveway) –Need to verify if Apron exists or if new
  1. As per JTI comments above, a formal letter was forwarded to VOB BI from PB stating our disagreement with his findings.
  1. ZBA in-process scheduling meeting to review propose Mini Storage Facility at 59 Orinoco Drive. No new information for PB to review on property at August meeting.
  1. PB in-process bringing back Landscape Architect (LA) on August 26 to re-baseline new administration on what VOB Downtown could look like. LA would present his initial presentation followed by Q&A session.
  1. PB became aware of new administration desire, via VOB Web Site, to revoke/reduce Code 128-100 enabling PB to review VOB Permits. New administration stated PB would have a chance to discuss proposal prior to vote at VOB September’s Monthly Public Meeting
  1. PB agreed to re-submit below propose new/revised codes to new administration for review and decided to act on them – J.Paliseno

Shed- With Trustee TBD

Generator- Re-Submit to TBD

Solar Panels- Submit to Trustee TBD

Pool Permit- Submit to Trustee TBD

Cell Tower- Submit to Trustee TBD

Sign Code- Finalized?

10:40 pm – Planning Board (PB) Meeting Ended