Oxford Preparatory High School

Board of Directors Meeting—March 13, 2014

Members Present: Andrew Swanner, Kim Hicks, Shawn Spence, Dr Drew Stock, Rev Charles Burwell, Brian Greenway, Everett Byrd, and by phone: Margaret Blanchard

Members Absent: Dr Marty Deal, Phil LaKernick

1.  Called to order at 1903

2.  February minutes tabled until next meeting

3.  Officer Reports

a.  Enrollment/ADM

·  Current enrollment is 57

·  Enrollment for 2014-15 school year is 4 additional rising 9th graders and 77 rising 8th graders with enrollment packets due by 3-28

·  As mandated by our charter our 2 year enrollment is supposed to be within 10% of projection which would be 180 total students next year. OPHS can write an amendment to our projection and submit it to the Office of Charter Schools for approval. (must consider number of retained students in projection) Recommended by Andrew that the projection be 60 rising 9th graders and 80-90 rising 8th graders.

b.  Finance

·  Acadia reports that OPHS is doing well staying in budget

·  EC monies come in and went to appropriate teachers

·  Bonuses should be able to be given

c.  Facility

·  2nd building construction to begin in May and finish by June 26th

·  Will proceed with just the 2 buildings with no need for a 3rd building

·  Sewer projected cost $300,000 and will fall in next fiscal year; pump permit ends 1-2015

·  Masonic Home proposal for usage of gym sent by Andrew—waiting to hear back from their board

·  The original building plan may be subject to change due to enrollment numbers. The number of classrooms may decrease to make it more affordable while still meeting the needs of OPHS.

d.  Calendar Update

·  3-17 now full day

·  3-18 now ½ day

·  6-10 now full day

·  6-11 now ½ day

e.  NC A&T Educator Job Fair—Andrew attended on 3-11 and made a few contacts but it was not well attended

4.  Special Committee Reports

a.  Student Council Report—received from Molly Stock

·  Pie in the face fundraiser in progress—will pie one teacher and 2 student council reps—one female and one male

b.  Parent Organization

·  Funds raised have gone back into the general school fund

·  Next meeting 3-19 at 345pm

c.  Booster Club

·  Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month

·  Consulting a lawyer to finish incorporation paperwork

·  Have written by-laws

·  Planning a year-end program that will feature pictures and ads/sponsors—Coach Carroll making the ad sales form and will email out

5.  Unfinished Business

a.  Emergency Plan—not completed at this time

6.  New Business

a.  Beginning Teacher Support Plan

·  Designed for new teachers with less than 3 years of experience

·  Program required to be able to recommend teachers for licensure after their initial 3 years teaching

·  Program has been developed by Andrew and the plan is for the Assistant Executive Director to run program beginning next year.

·  Board fully supports this program development and initiation next school year

b.  BBQ and Chicken Plate Sale

·  Calendared for 5-16 with Chamber of Commerce

·  Leon Nixon will be used again for catering

c.  Called into Closed Session at 1945

d.  Called back into Open Session at 2005

·  Ryan Gery approved unanimously as replacement for Jeffrey Lewis and will finish the year teaching Civics/Economics and Oral Communication—will continue next year and teach Civics/Economics and World History

·  Kelli Kenner approved unanimously for full time position next year as 1/3 time teaching French, Freshman Seminar and possibly Yearbook and 2/3 time Guidance Counselor/College Liaison

·  Richard Kenner approved unanimously for full time position next year as Art teacher including Visual Arts I and II

·  Connor Smith approved unanimously for full time position next year as Science/Oral Communication teacher including AP Earth/Environmental, Biology and regular Earth/Environmental

·  Board unanimously accepted the resignation of Phil LaKernick from OPHS Board of Directors

e.  Received application for vacant Board Seat from Allison Wilson—Shawn to get resume and send out asap

f.  Bonuses

·  Unanimous approval of Andrew’s 2nd $5000 bonus

·  Unanimous approval of teacher retention bonuses to be given at the end of the school year to the 3 year-long full-time teachers

g.  Employment Contracts signed as needed


a.  Board meeting date for 5-2014 discussed and moved from 5-8 to 5-1

b.  Shawn Spence will possibly be leaving the Board and the area for a job change

8.  Announcements—next Board Meeting 4-10 at 7pm at OPHS

9.  Adjourned at 2015