PO BOX 668


The Board of Directors Conference Call Meeting was called to order by Jeff Dolan, President on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, at 6:03 pm.


Jeff DolanFrank ClymerJim Lenahan (left 7:07)Linda Johnson

Judi BidwickBill GarvinJo Ann Tollenger

Ginny AustinMitzi Paniagua

John WellsEd Penfield

Bev TownsendKara MoyerCyndy, Mgr

The minutes from the last meeting were read and accepted. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes. One exception—Jim Lenahan.

Jim Lenahan brought up the fact that we are supposed to have the general meeting in July instead of June. This was announced at the general meeting last July and no one issued any concern or complaint at that time. The BOD decided to go ahead with the June 30 meeting since the 4th fell in the middle of the week.

Treasurer’s Report

J gave a review of the report ending February 28, 2018.

There is $21,849.53 in the Gullway PNC checking account. Reserve funds total $257,246.73.

Fees owed as of March 16, 2018

Permit 33 owes March 2018 / 220
Permit 40 owes March 2018 / 220
Permit 48 owes December 2017 through March 2018 (Attorney working on lien) / 880
Permit 64 owes February late fee and March 2018 / 240
Permit 66 owes March 2018 / 220
Permit 69 owes March 2018 / 220
Permit 78 owes March 2018 / 220
Permit 85 owes March 2018 / 220
Permit 87 owes for partial Feb 2018 & March 2018 (Lien obtained.) / 360
Permit 95 owes March 2018 / 220
Total fees in the arrears / $3,020

Additional BOD approved expenditures:

Repair light poles - Complete / 3,281
Reattach cables in crawl spaces - Complete / 2,231
Repair floor damage from settling in unit 76 - Complete / 6,652
Replace pool chair strapping - In progress / 2,600

Contribution to capital reserves: $30,000

Total expenses: 87,887.05

A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded, passed.

Manager Report

Flood insurance did not prove any reduction at this time.

Architecture Committee

Foy, 412 Bayshore Drive; waiting on scope of work. This will be forwarded to Ginny and the committee.

Lawn Furniture

The company will pick up chairs as soon as deposit; J said check was sent out yesterday.


All pool and lawn contracts are in place and ready to roll for 2018 season.

Awning Damage

One major wind storm caused damage to 2628 Gullway, 202. This awning will not be replaced.

Work to be done:

Cyndy is waiting to do pressure washing,etc. Storms have prevented this work. She has performed general cleanup around the plants, etc.

Pet Rentals

Much discussion on service dogs and emotional support dogs. J suggested that we go to the attorney to get an opinion as to whether we can restrict these dogs from private residences such as ours.

Unit for Sale—408 Bayshore Dr, Unit 202

None sold at this time.

Unit under contract: 2626 Gullway, 202, settlement is April 2, 2018.

Loss of Power

Some of our community, Bayshore Drive, lost power during storm for 18-20 hours, during the last wind storm.

Cyndy was thanked for the work she did over the winter.

Pool Attendant

It was the general feeling that we should require the attendant to enforce rules at the pool. This didn’t happen last year; hopefully it will this year.

Also, J suggested that we request that pool users use a beach towel when using the chairs to protect them. Discussion ensued with Bill stating that he didn’t want another rule to enforce; most felt that adults do use a towel between themselves and the chair.

Another suggestion is that we make personal wipes available to those wishing to clean chairs before using.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, March 26 at 10am.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:10pm. Seconded, passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Judi Bidwick, Secretary