Buckden Village Club

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 18th April 2017

Committee Members Present:

Richard England(1/1), Ian Carter(1/1), Valerie Miller(1/1), James Lumb(1/1),Kris Sammom (1/1), Helen Mitchell (1/1), Sarah Mainwaring (1/1), Mike Lindop (1/1), Maureen England (1/1)

  1. Apologies forabsence: Colin Ewing (0/1), Andy Rose (0/1)
  2. Declaration of Interest: None.
  3. Minutes of last meeting: No amendments and RE was authorised to sign the minutes.
  1. Bar Report: (Delivered by SD)
  • Heineken continue to be very supportive.
  • SD met with Keir to discuss Buckfest - £350 +vat for outside bars. Commercial agreement affording flexibility.

A technician will be here all day.

Buy 5 kegs get 1 free. Fosters £4 a pint.

Strongbow/John Smiths in cans as a backup.

  • There is a Gin tent this year, time to be arranged.
  • Oast house assumed to be present but not confirmed yet.
  • Promotion of the club is continuing with entries in the BInspired magazine. Suggestion that a new write up is forwarded with more information e.g. Committee members etc...
  • Membership database needs updating, SD to do this. System needs to be in place by 1st Jan 2018 (IC/SD/RE).
  • Staffing: Lewis to be given another 3 month trial with further training. Kimberley, Phoebe and Dan also need further training. Wages went up 1st April (Living Wage)

Food training on going in house. Food handling course.VM mentioned that online training courses are available. RE/SD to look into.

Ongoing battle with procedures diary where jobs are not being done/signed off.

  • General: Fat fryer needs attention.

Is a chart needed for checking of the toilets?

Acoustic battle on Saturday – voting is a potential issue.

CurrentFosters loyalty scheme – free keg.

Martin Reels needs to be contacted as soon as possible when fruit machines are not working. Staff to be informed.

SD expressed concern about bar staff for Gaynor’s wedding night June 10th. VM offered her help all day. Cleaning to be confirmed for the week Gaynor is away.

  • SD/CE are looking into further entertainment.
  1. Matters arising :
  • New projector is a good one. Another one for the family bar would be good. JL suggested some smaller screens at each end of the bar. Projector only to be used for sports. IC to look into pricing options.
  • Advertising to promote the club at the Village festival on July 1st. Club to be pristine. RE to produce a flyer for this event and for Buckfest.
  • There were issues at the Martin Laxtoncup event, where a member was abusive to staff. Discussions ensued about protocol needing to be in place for suspensions/barring. It was felt that the bar manager should be present for any big events. Club rules on display need to be updated/redrawn. This to be prepared by next AGM.
  • Maureen England introduced as club secretary.
  1. Treasurer’s report:

BVC Treasurer’s Report – Mar 2017


Mar 17 / Mar 16 / % change / YTD 17 / YTD16 / % change
Bar Sales / 11665 / 11814 / -2% / 29785 / 35782 / -17%
Staff / 4657 / 3664 / +27% / 12807 / 12899 / -
Stock / 7527 / 6714 / +12% / 13791 / 17806 / -22%

Other points to note:

  • Collected £220 in door charges and £175 in memberships
  • Machines generated a loss of £123 - £528 received and £651 paid out.
  • Still need to be prudent – particularly re staff costs
  • Stock figures skewed by rebate from Heineken

Bank accounts balance as of 18th is just under £15k

Bills due March:

  • Heineken £6457 (28th)
  • VAT c.£3250 (early May)
  • Salaries £3800 (21st)
  1. Chairman’s report:
  • There is no movement on the kitchen project currently.
  • There is to be a Gin tent at Buckfest.
  • Concerns were aired about the bar being closed for Buckfest.
  • IC reported that there is a wedding in the hall the Friday night before Buckfest which will have an impact on the bar. KS offered his services for this as long as training is given. Consultation needed between hall booking and the club. RE to discuss with John Thelwell.
  • SD’s review. SD had been informed that she only needed to be in the Committee meeting when pertinent. Her salary, staff training and management need to be looked into further. Also stock, membership targets and personal staff training.
  1. Premises:
  • RE asked JL to look into the fire door. JL mentioned that the Trust said that the fire extinguishers are out of date. RE to organise renewal.
  • If any building inspections are to occur the club needs to be informed of this by the Trust.
  • Chairs in the member’s bar need repairs. Prices for furniture to be looked at in advance (JL).
  • There is now a Building compliance certificate for the drainage. This area to be cordoned off for the Village Festival and Buckfest.
  1. Entertainment:
  • Saturdays are all booked up.
  • End of May Beer festival under way.
  • SM thought that it would be beneficial to open up the family bar for the above event. She is happy to organise some games for this.
  • It was suggested that on Sundays music would be good for a couple of hours. Daisy Hill booked for Beer Festival. RE to produce artwork.
  • SM said that Easter Sunday was a washout. SM will organise flyers for the Sunday Bank Holiday for kids.
  1. Memberships: Already covered.
  1. AOB:
  • SD invited back in.
  • IC reported that the Annual Financial Report was still with Pete Byrne.
  • IC brought up the issue of the key fobs as mentioned at the AGM. Notices to be put up asking for the return of the fobs, with the offer of 2 free drinks for their return (members only). The end date of 30th June.(RE)
  • Tickets & prices for the Mrs Brown’s Boys event to be organised.(RE)
  • SD to produce Facebook posts for any Entertainment events

Meeting closed at 9.50pm.

Date of next Committee meeting 16th May 2017