E.M.A.S Point of Sales System - The Ideal Solution for Your Business

E.M.A.S. has been a leading developer of Retail Point of Sale Software and Solutions for over 10 years with over 90,000 customers. E.M.A.S. POS offers multiple locations with data auto sending throughout branch with Internet facility.
The Functionality of E.M.A.S. POS is a set of a tool to manage, control and operate the daily retail business activities.
E.M.A.S. POS helps business owners would have a better control and overview of daily sales activities, promotion activities, overview of the business performance and payment option including credit card, gift voucher, cash and cheque.

Capabilities for multiple location data link through Internet
E.M.A.S. Point Of Sales offer an "Internet Data Synchronize". The branch data is auto send with high level of security and a set of rule. This is essentially for owner to monitoring branches daily sales activities. For franchises or other businesses with multiple locations, this can provide significant peace of mind.
E.M.A.S. POS is integrated with E.M.A.S. Accounting and Inventory Control System
Suitable for all types of retail outlets:-
Telecommunication/Mobile Phones
Bookstores/Magazines Stores
Groceries/Mini Mart
... and many more

Benefits of E.M.A.S. Point of Sales:-
-Create a complete view of your business.
-Ease of use and User friendliness.
Key Features
Supports Multiple Cash Registers and Ordering Station.
Inventory Control (retail)/Ingredient Control (restaurants).
Touch Screen Ready.
Support for industry standard hardware (Bar code scanners, receipt printers, cash registers & customer display).
Membership Management - discount, loyalty programs.

... and many more

Multiple of discount functions as below:

1. Promotion Price (PWP, DWP and GWP)

2. Selling Price/Discount based on customer table.

3. Activate item discount based Item No. maintenance.

4. Promotion Price by single item.

5. Membership discount or extra discount.

6. Item discount by membership type/by group/by category.

7. Multiple type of discount.

8. Free promotion item by purchase single item or amount.