M. Gorbachev. Terrible Economy

Crisis in the global financial markets becomes aggravated and goes deep every day. Financial indexes fall and apparently «bottom» is not achieved yet. Not only owners of huge exchange actives but also millions simple citizens who have entrusted the accumulation to the share market have already suffered.
F. Fukuyama. The Fall of America, Inc.

The implosion of America’s most storied investment banks. The vanishing of more than a trillion dollars in stock-market wealth in a day. A $ 700 billion tab for U. S. taxpayers. The scale of the Wall Street crackup could scarcely be more gargantuan. Yet even as Americans ask why they’re having to pay such mind-bending sums to prevent the economy from imploding, few are discussing a more intangible, yet potentially much greater cost to the United States – the damage that the financial meltdown is doing to America’s «bran».
T. Unkovskaja. The Global Financial Crisis and Its Influence on Economy of the Countries with the Formed Markets

Financial crises concern to that class of the phenomena which on the one hand is- a subject of steadfast studying and numerous publications and on the other, they remain in the field of guesses and unpredictability. Each new financial crisis comes unexpectedly and shows own unique features contrary to existence of the advanced methods of forecasting and early warning systems.
Monetary and Credit Policy of Russia and Ukraine in Conditions of Global Financial Shocks (at the «round table»)

Today, when each inhabitant is anxious with going deep financial crisis, the opinion on it of experts – scientists, experts is especially valuable. In the beginning of October behind «a round table» in Institute of economy of the Russian Academy of Science the Russian and Ukrainian experts discussed the reasons and character of global financial crisis, and also a politics of the states on an antagonism with it.
V. Ishayev. Social and Economic Strategy for Development of the Far East and Zabaikalia

By development of long-term strategy of social and economic development of east areas of the country it is necessary to take into account all positive and negative tendencies peculiar to the Russian economy as a whole.
G. Kosolapov. Development of Big Business in Kazakhstan and Problems of Corporate Relations Formation

In conditions of globalization, competitiveness of national economy in many respects depends on a level of development of corporate relations. Today Kazakhstan serves one of ranges for development of corporate strategy, corporate relations and, corporate culture.
O. Sukharev. Dysfunction of the Joint-Stock Property in Russia and Opportunities of its Overcoming

Institualization of the Post-Socialist countries, naturally, could not do without such institute, as a private property. For a market economy, the private property is the determining factor, value and which priorities are conclusive. However the private property institution should be entered into the certain legal frameworks so that with a view of balanced development it did not suppress other institutes for example institute of the joint-stock property.
L. Shevtsova. the End of an Epoch: Is it Ahead in the Past?

The military conflict on Caucasus which has led Russia to an opposition with the Western, world financial crisis which has dispelled illusions of stability of its economic growth – force to reflect on a trajectory of development of the country and how it answers calls with which faces.
V. Zakharov. The NATO Policy in the transcaucasia States and Problems of Russia Safety

Easing of east vector of Russia foreign policy has opened opportunities for the USA and the leading countries of the NATO for strengthening of the influence in this region. In conditions of instability on Southern Caucasus, much depends on as far as Russia is capable to follow a policy corresponding to its geostrategical interests and also priorities in the field of economic cooperation with the countries of the region.
I. Selivanova. Russia and the Baltics: Updating of Strategy of Development of Interstate Relations

In the beginning of XXI centuries the relations of Russia and the Baltics have got ambivalent character: on the one hand, the positive moments are appreciable, with another – the political tension is available. The economic sphere also is not free from contradictions, among which transit of the Russian raw goods through the Baltics and energy safety.
Yu. Rozenvalds. Democracy: Problems and Perspectives

Democratic ideas of equality and political freedoms of citizens remain fundamental principles for development of a modern society. They are fixed and in constitutions of many countries. Disputes of experts and politicians do not stop on how to make the western democracy of more effective.
A. Gafurov. to Democracy through Authoritarism: an Explanation of transient Process Para doxes

Absence of the conventional scientific theory complicates development and realization of the proved strategy for reforms of transition period. The model suggested in article is called upon to compensate this blank.
I. Tsvik. I. Drutse and A. Solzhenitsyn – Experience of Literary Comparison

In article, the author makes attempt of comparison for literary and spiritual searches of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and classics of the Moldavian literature Ion Drutse. Writers with different destiny, but belonging to an inner world of all humanity, have met in search of eternal cultural wealth.