JUNE 11, 2014

9:30 A. M.

“Early Is On Time, On Time Is Late”

NOTICE:The Board of Commissioners complies with ADA. If anyone needs interpretative services while attending a Commissioners meeting, please notify this office 24 hours in advance!


9:45 a.m.2nd CDBG Hearing – Linda Blanchette, Community Development

10:00 a.m.Veterans Budget – Terry Stone, Executive Director










#8.Authorize various personnel actions as indicated on the summary sheet for employees within the jurisdiction of the Lorain County Board of Commissioners (at the conclusion of today’s Board meeting, the Commissioners may recess into an Executive Session to discuss: personnel/new hires)

#9.Approve and waive the reading of the Commissioners minutes of June 4, 2014

#10.Declaration of Official Intent under US Treasury Regulations for purposes of Section 103 and 141 to 150 that Lorain County declares reasonably expects that capital and other expenditures described in $2,220,000 bond and description of capital and other expenditures to be reimbursed for roofs, sidewalks, vehicles (sheriff), upgrading of existing fire alarm system and work on existing parking deck

Community Development:

#11.Authorize transfer of 759 Oliver Street, Sheffield Lake to Lorain County Port Authority for the purpose of disposition, in accordance with NSP3 guidelines

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Board agenda cont. 06/11/14

Job & Family Services:

#12.Authorize Purchase of Service agreement with Cintas Corporation to provide a mat rental service, effective July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 at a cost not to exceed $82.97 biweekly and subject to a maximum increase of 5%; Authorize Director to execute on behalf of the board with increase value and changes in programming content with Prosecutors approval as to form.

#13.Enter into a plan for expenditure of funds allocated by ODJFS for SFY14. County has received $310,693 for legitimate family services and child support activities

#14.Authorize Purchase of Service agreement with various transportation companies to provide non-emergency medical transportation services for SFY15, effective July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015. Authorize Director to execute on behalf of the board with increase value and changes in programming content with Prosecutors approval as to form.

1)Provide a Ride, Cleveland in amount not to exceed $400,000

2)LifeCare Wheelchair Services, Elyria in amount not to exceed $650,000

Solid Waste Management District:

#15Establish new classifications in the Solid Waste Management District in accordance with ORC 305.17, 325.17 & 325.27; Authorize Administrator to execute all necessary documents.

CMr. James R. Cordes, CountyAdministrator:

D.Mr. Jerry Innes, Assistant CountyProsecutor:

E.Commissioner’s Report:

FClerk’s Report:

#1.Commissioners send proclamation to Job & Family proclaiming June 15 as World Elder Abuse

G.Board Correspondence:

#1.Engineer issued highway use permit #14-007 to Consumers Gas Cooperative, Orrville to install a 1” gas service line to service opposite side of road at #13485 Willow Creek Lane, Eaton Township

#2.Commissioner Kalo & Kokoski executed request for payment and status of funds report (org: LCCDD)

#3.Ross Environmental Services Inc., Elyria notified OHEPA class 1 permit modification requests ?’s call Maggie Kelch, 440-366-2076. Hearing will be held July 9 from 5-7 pm, 36790 Giles Rd., Grafton

#4.Sheriff in compliance with ORC 301.27 submitted June credit card for gas will be $600

#5.August 2, Main Street Amherst – Dancing In the Streets looking for sponsors, call Judy Recknagel at 988-7862 or Teresa Gilles at 988-6709,

#6.OCD reviewed Loan review report from Common Ground in amount of $50,000, effective June 2, the county may proceed at its direction with these transactions pursuant to CDBG and OCD guidelines (cc: LCCDD)

#7.Ohio Division of Liquor Control transfer license from Pine Brook Golf Club Inc., 11043 Durkee Rd., Eaton Township to Fairways Inc., & Golf Course

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Board agenda cont. 06/11/14

#8.Publications: “Center for Community Solutions”; “The Center for Health Affairs”; “Cleveland Business Connect”; “CIDS #21”; “CCAO statehouse reports”; “Governing”;

#9.July 31, Chamber Night With The Crushers 6 pm.

#10.County Township Association dues for 2014-2015 are due by June 15. ?’s call Jean at 440-926-2178

#11.August 15 – Neighborhood Alliance golf outing. Father’s Day June 15 – tickets to Bridgestone Invitational

#12.July 10 at 11:30 am., Black River RAP Coordinator committee summer meeting. Invitation at

#13.Mary Jo Vasi is interested in helping the residents of Columbia Township by gifting her vacant land to the county to be used for a water retention basin in the area to help divert the consent area flooding of many homes. In return she asked that the basin be named after her late husband Joe Vasi (cc: Eng)

#14.RTA – The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority 2013 annual report

#15.EMA/Homeland Security News release – How to Apply For A United States Small Business Administration (SBA) disaster loan for uninsured losses in Lorain County. Ohio Governor requested and received disaster loan assistance due to heavy rains and flash flooding that occurred in the county on May 12 and 13, 2014. The SBA provides long term, low-interest disaster loans to homeowners, renters, businesses of all sizes, and most private nonprofit organizations that had uninsured losses. SBA disaster loans can be used to repair or replace items damaged or destroyed in a declared disaster; real estate, personal property, machinery and equipment and inventory and business assets. More info at or The Gates building, 320 Gateway Blvd, North, 3rd Floor, Elyria. Hours; June 10 – Friday June 13 from 9 am – 6 pm; June 14 from 9am – 1 pm and June 16-19 from 9 am – 6 pm.

#16.Grand Jury Report – Judge Rothgery

H.Public Comment: (Please limit comments to 3 minutes Thank-you)

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