Syllabus: Sixth Grade World History

Focus: Ancient Civilizations

Teacher: Mr. Brian

Beginning Statement

Living in a Democratic Republic gives the institution of schooling an important role in educating the citizens in the tenets of democracy, active citizenship and social justice. A Republic cannot survive if the citizenry is uniformed. On Election Day every eligible voter yields the same amount of power. Education must make sure that power is not squandered or used unwisely. As the students will learn even the great Republics of the past fell victim to being ruled by vicious dictators that did not grant freedoms and liberties to their people. Gaining an understanding of world history not only informs students on how we as a people have reached our current status; but also helps us learn how to better our society and ourselves from the lessons that the past can teach.

Marketplace of Ideas

The history classroom is a marketplace of ideas. Unlike many other subjects history is not an exact science. All of history is open to interpretation and new ideas, and the classroom is the premiere place for analyzing and critically looking at history. A history classroom is a marketplace of ideas where students can analyze, share thoughts, debate history and current topics. Therefore, classroom participation is a key essential to success and a requirement.

The Five Classroom Expectations

·  Disruption of the educational process will not to be tolerated

·  No student will hinder the educational, emotional and physical health of their fellow students

·  Actions must have a legitimate educational purpose

·  No student will exact property loss or damage to their fellow, students, the teacher and the school

·  Only English is spoken in this class

A student’s rights end when they disrupt the right of their fellow students to an education in a safe environment.


·  Late homework policy: 50% off when one day late, any later and grade will be a zero

·  If classroom time is used wisely the amount of homework a student has will be limited

·  The student will be expected at times to print homework and materials off the Internet from their home computers on the class web page

Breakdown of Semester Grades

·  40%: Major Projects- Periodically students will be required to do major projects for certain units

·  25%: Final Exam, Unit Tests, and Quizzes

·  25%: Homework and In-Class Assignments

·  10%: Daily Grade

Materials Needed: These Materials Must Be Brought to Class Everyday

·  Binder and/or Folder

·  Portfolio

·  Notebook

·  Textbook

·  Pencil and blue or black pen

·  Project Materials- Crayons or Coloring Pencils or Markers and a Ruler

·  Agenda/Assignment Notebook

Important Note: Everyday you have history I will check for these You may also receive a zero for poor classroom behavior and speaking any thing but english. This is a daily all or nothing points system. You must also be in the class on time and in your seat.

Cheating and Plagiarism

I have a zero tolerance policy for cheating and plagiarism. If a student is cheating or helping someone cheat the grade for that assignment or test will be a zero. Multiple offenses will result in the student failing the course.

Parents and students should review the syllabus and students must always have it with them in the classroom.