December Students of the Month


Gage Johnson, Hayden Lane,

Taylor Langford,Briley Chesnut,

Olivia Leeper, Paige Hanson, Riley Brown

December Bucket Filler –

Skyler Chesnut

Service Projects

Elementary students bring joy to other people by helping their community.

Some of the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders from Nodaway Holt Elementary School

cleaned the American Legion Post 259 in Maitland, Missouri on December 19.

Some of the things the students did to help were: vacuum, wash tables, dust chairs, mop floors, sweep and dust the basement, clean windows and clean the bathrooms.

“If you hadn’t helped us it would’ve been two ladies doing it all by ourselves,” says Rosalee Johnson.

Students say they decided to help out because they wanted spread joy and make the ladies jobs at the Legion a little easier. The students hope this act of kindness may inspire people to help others. The students also spread cheer, not just by helping their community and cleaning but, with singing Christmas carols to the local businesses in Maitland.

Exploring the Wonders of the Maitland Museum

Have you wondered what it would be like to clean a museum? Well, that is what we did on our trip to the Maitland Museum! Two teams, The Sharks and The Challengers of the Unknown, consisting of fourth, fifth, and sixth graders walked to the Maitland Museum.

While we were there, we dusted historical documents and cleaned several artifacts. We vacuumed dead insects and leaves. Many students washed and polished the wooden furniture and benches. We dusted off the old window-sills. The solid plank wood floors were well swept.

Paige Hanson commented on the project, “I thought seeing the museum when it was clean was pretty cool, because when we first walked in it was really dirty. The experience was amazing.”

While cleaning, we explored the museum and discovered many local artifacts. “It was fun to polish the railroad lights,” explained Reece Walker. Preston Jenkins said. “I was so fascinated by the old pictures on the wall.” It was fun to examine the old maps and train schedule. “It was cool to see all the antiques,” said Alex Sportsman.

It was a good experience cleaning and helping others, and we also learned about our community. Now that we have cleaned the Maitland Museum it is ready for you to come and explore too!

“The Shop in Mound City”

On Tuesday, December 19th, we went to The Shop in Mound City, Missouri. Two teams, The Poppin’ Penguins and The Masterminds, volunteered to clean and prepare toys for kids in the community. We helped sort, test, and set up toys for an event that will take place Wednesday, December 20th at The Shop.

We decided to do TEAM community service projects to give back to our community. We really enjoyed the privilege of helping prepare toys for the kids that may not get the chance to have them otherwise. Trinity Olson said, “It was really fun helping the community and I hope we get to do it again.” She said it was a great feeling to know that we were helping out. Ryan Allen said, “I am thankful to all of the people that gave to The Shop. I think the people who come shopping will be really happy.” We would like to thank the organizers of The Shop for letting us come help, and we hope to be invited to come help in the future.

Kindergarten News

READING:We finished our reading unit about FOOD and have started reading and comparing lots of Gingerbread Man stories. We have read The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Boy, The Gingerbread Girl, The Gingerbread Pirate, The Gingerbread Man at School, and The Gingerbread Baby. There are many similarities and some differences in each story. Enjoy asking your child which story they liked the best and why.

Over Christmas break continue reading to your child as well as helping you child read to you. Kindergarteners should be able to find these words in books: a, the, we, can, I, go, see, like, to, and have. You can also encourage your child to sound out three letter words. That is a skill we have been working really hard on this semester.

WRITING: Students had fun making a list and writing a letter to Santa. Students had quite a list for Santa! We used this writing activity to work on sentence structure: using a capital at the beginning, word spaces, spelling sight words correctly, and adding a punctuation at the end.

MATH: We finished Unit 3 in math last Thursday and have been playing games to review adding and subtracting as well as activities to reinforce and introduce new shapes, specifically 3D shapes which students will be learning more about in January.

I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and enjoys time spent with family and friends over the Christmas Break.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

---Mrs. Bohannon

First Grade News

As the winter break approaches, 1st grade has been wrapping up the semester. We just finished working on making predictions and identifying the main idea. These will skills that we continue to work on next semester, along with comparing and contrasting characters. In spelling, we have been working on long and short vowels and we will continue to do that after the break. In math, we just finished up our unit on place value and will be diving into addition and subtraction within 20. Science and social studies have led us into a new universe as we begin to study space. The kids are very excited to learn about this and we will continue to study it in January.

The first grade class would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

---Ms. Falconer

Second Grade News

December flew by! We were busy working hard! In math, we dove into subtraction!! We worked on several different methods to subtract two digit numbers with regrouping. They are doing an awesome job with subtraction. In reading, we talked about cause and effect and comparing and contrasting. In writing, we wrote a story about what we would do if we were trapped in a snow globe. Stop by our classroom to take a look at their snow globes and their stories about what they would do! They are super cute! We all look forward to Christmas and time to spend with our families! Happy Holidays from the Second Grade!

---Mrs. Drewes

Third Grade News

Third grade has been working on inferences and cause/effect in reading. The kids had a lot of fun making cause/effect chains from a provided story starter. Their stories spun and spun, and many of them ended up with their main character in jail. ?

In math, we have switched gears to measurement. Most recently, we have been working on telling time. No digital clocks allowed here! You can help your child improve their time measurement skills by asking them how many minutes it is until bedtime, how many minutes a road trip took, etc. Practice, practice, practice!

Third grade had some fun Christmas writing projects this month. They did an “Amazon book review” complete with a redesigned cover that they drew themselves. They also had a writing project on whether they’d rather be Santa’s elf or Santa’s reindeer. Check out their cute work in our hallway before it’s gone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s to all of our NH families!

---Mrs. Emerson

Fourth Grade News

We made it through the 2nd quarter! The 4th graders recently traveled to St. Joe to watch Wonder on the big screen, boy are the 4th grade student movie critics! It was great to see students making comparisons throughout the movie. I think most of the fourth grade class would agree that the book Wonder is better than the movie! Either way we recommend that you read Wonder by R.J. Palacio! Thanks to all the parents who attended and also thanks to Mrs. Leeper for coming along on this Wonder-ful journey!

In the New Year we will be returning to our reading series where we will focus on main idea and detail along with problem and solution within a story. In science we will finish up our energy conversion unit in January by building wind turbines and hydropower models. In social studies we will continue learning more about early American history and learn more about our government. In math our focus will be on equations and word problems, meaning just a number answer on homework will not be acceptable. Students must write an equation along with a numerical answer on their homework. Continue to study multiplication fact to help your child be more fluent in multiplication and division.

Please encourage your student to read over the winter break, 20 minutes every day would be great! Students may complete a book over break and use it for their January book report. January book reports are due on January 31st. The scoring guide and information will be coming home once we get back in January so be looking for it! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break and enjoy the holiday.

---Ms. Frueh

Fifth Grade News

Warm wishes from fifth grade! The month of December has been a short one, but we have still done so much learning in 5th grade. We finished reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and the students realized that the Herdman children weren’t all that bad after all. It was great to see the connections that they made throughout the unit. We will begin reading Holes when we return in January.

We spent the last week of November learning all about eagles in science in preparation for our December 1st trip to the Loess Bluffs Refuge for Eagle Days. The student learned about the migratory patterns of eagles, their life cycle stages, their hunting tactics, and much more. While on our trip, students were able to observe eagles in their habitat and see other animals on the refuge. We continued learning about plants and life process the remainder of the month. After break, we will learn all about invertebrates and vertebrates! This was a well liked topic with the 5th grade class last year, and I have no doubt that this class will enjoy it as well!

In math, students have been recognizing patterns and practicing precision while multiplying multi-digit numbers and decimals. Some students have caught on very quickly and have found that this is an enjoyable concept for them. We will continue learning about multiplication strategies when we return from break before we move into long division.

We have had a great first semester and I am so proud of the progress that I have seen each of the students make. We strive for our academics, but we are sure to take time to connect our learning to our social and team building skills. This group has done such an amazing job! I am looking forward to the progress that the students will continue to make this year!

--- Ms. Conley

Sixth Grade News

Happy Holidays from Sixth Grade! We have had a great start to our last year of elementary school! We have recently participated in our Christmas Concert, which was a lot of fun, thank you Ms. Walsh and Mrs. Leeper! We have also done some service activities in the surrounding communities. This was a great opportunity to learn that it is not always about receiving but that it is also important to give this time, and all times, of year as well. We have finished Misty of Chincoteague and will be starting a fun new book when we return from break, Mr. White won’t tell us what it is yet! We are going to work more on our narrative essays and start learning more about poems! We are in the final week of our Fantasy Math Football. Will the winners of the AFC League be Kaden or Lorelai and from the NFC League Rileigh or Clayton? We are excited for the start 2018 as we will be starting the D.A.R.E. program with officer Rick Smail. Have a great end to your year, we look forward to a great 2018 at Nodaway-Holt!

---Mr. White

Calendar of Events

Dec. 20Christmas Activities

End of 1st semester

Dec. 21 – Jan. 2 NO SCHOOL

Jan. 3School Resumes

Jan. 8 Girl Scouts

Jan. 15No School (If no Snow days)

Jan. 22Class Pictures

Jan. 31Character Assembly

Library News

Remember that ebooks are also available. Simply go to the school homepage, click on the library and from there you have several choices. Youmay log into the library and read the ebooks from the follett shelf. You may click onEBSCO Host and login (username: nodholt and password: NODHOLT). After logging into ebsco one of your choices is ebooks, or you may read books from bookflix or the Maryville Public Library. It's great to have so many choices and available ebooks this year.


It’s not too late to purchase your 2017-18yearbook. Available online at Price now is $45.

Parents As Teachers

Attention Parents of children ages 0-5:

Parents As Teachers is a parent education and family support program serving families throughout pregnancy until your child enters Kindergarten. PAT, provides personal visits, in which your parent educator will share age-appropriate child development and parenting information. Developmental screenings, will also be offered, to assess your child's overall development as well as health, hearing, and vision, to make sure your child is on target to begin Kindergarten.

In the first few years, children learn more

and at a faster pace than at any other time in life. YOU help shape your child's future through the kinds of experiences you provide. Your baby was born to learn, and as a parent, YOU are your child's first and most important teacher!!

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Cleaning the Maitland Museum

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4th Grade before the music concert!

Merry Christmas from the 6th grade

“If I were trapped in a snow globe.”

Putting up the Christmas Tree

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