Dominium Management has launched an in-house training program called "Dominium University" this year. It covers all areas of training from leasing and management to maintenance and housekeeping! It includes annual mandatory Fair Housing and Customer Service training. The main categories of training (with many classes under each category) are included on the attachment, as well as a course description for a sample Yardi course.

The goal of the University is to provide consistent and on-going training to help our employees continue to development their property management skills and be promotable within our organization!

Dominium University is in the first year and while we have a way to go to get all courses scheduled across the country, we are up and running in Minnesota, Fair Housing and Customer Service training nationwide has been completed with great success! Watch for it on our website by year-end!!!

I look forward to Brainstorming!!!

Pamela Shubert
Pamela Shubert
Vice President of Property Management
Dominium Management Services, Inc.


I.  New Manager Training

II.  New Employee Orientation

III.  Computer Basics (CompUSA or local course thru or Community College)

A.  Word

B.  Excel

C.  Power Point

IV.  Management for First Time Managers (Guest Professors)

A.  Professionalism & Business Etiquette

B.  Fair Housing

C.  Communication Skills

D.  Hiring / Firing Skills (How to Hire the Right Person)

E.  Supervising Others

F.  Accounting Policies & Procedures

G.  HR Policies & Procedures

H.  Collections

I.  Financials

J.  Attitude is Everything

V.  Marketing / Leasing (Marketing Group)

A.  Introduction to Sales & Leasing

i.  Know Your Property

ii.  Collateral / Leasing Materials

iii.  Phone Skills

iv.  Guest Cards

v.  Presentation / Tours

vi.  Listening Skills

vii.  Closing / Overcoming Objections

viii.  Power of Persuasion

ix.  Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up

x.  YADRI Applicant Module / Marketing Reports

xi.  Lease signing (legalities)

xii.  Move-in packets

xiii.  Marketing Binders

xiv.  Customer Service

a.  Filling out Service Requests

b.  Dealing with Angry Residents

c.  It Takes “we” to Succeed

B.  Fair Housing

C.  Marketing Your Community

i.  Knowing your Market / Competition

ii.  Writing a Marketing Plan

iii.  Market Surveys

a.  Completing the Market Survey forms

b.  Analyzing the information

iv.  Creating a Marketing Campaign

v.  Preferred Employer / Corporate Outreach Programs

vi.  Resident Referral programs

D.  Rent & Retain

i.  Lease Expiration Management

ii.  Resident retention programs

iii.  Renewal programs

VI.  Dominium Management (Guest Professors)

A.  Expectations = Results (Performance Management)

B.  Financial Statements & Analysis

C.  Yardi

D.  Building an Operations Budget & Making it Work

E.  Lease Expiration Management

F.  Collections / Bad Debt Control

G.  Customer Service

H.  Fair Housing

I.  Harrassment in the Workplace

J.  Diversity Training

K.  Time Management

L.  Maintenance for Managers

M.  Problem-Solving & Decision Making

VII.  Maintenance (Brian / Glen / MST)

A.  Basic Maintenance

i.  Plumbing

ii.  Electrical

iii.  General Carpentry

iv.  Forms / Logs

v.  Unit Turnover

vi.  MSD Requirements

vii.  Move Out Inspections & Chargebacks

viii.  Resident Service Requests / Customer Service

ix.  Fair Housing

x.  Professionalism / Media Policy

xi.  Internal Audit Program

B.  Maintenance Administration

C.  Basic Painting

D.  Carpet Cleaning (NAMCO)

E.  Advanced Painting / Spraying

F.  Property Inspections

G.  Preventive Maintenance

H.  Vendor Relations / Bid Process

I.  Central Systems Maintenance

i.  Boiler Certification

ii.  CPO (Certified Pool Operator) Licensing

iii.  Backflow Certification

iv.  Mold

v.  Emergency Response

J.  Housekeeping

i.  common areas

ii.  units/turnover

iii.  grounds

K.  Groundskeeping

L.  Landscaping

M.  Budgets / Capital Improvement Planning

N.  Yardi Maintenance Module

VIII.  YARDI Michelle W. / Linda G.

A.  Basics

B.  Lease Expirations/New Leases/Renewals/Accounts Receivable

C.  Applicant Module / Marketing Reports

D.  Lease Expirations

E.  Accounts Receivable

F.  Accounts Payable

G.  Financials

H.  Maintenance Module

IX.  Reporting Requirements Guest Professors



C.  Marketing Binders

D.  Preventive Maintenance

E.  MSD Requirements

F.  Insurance (Property Liability and Worker’s Comp)

X.  Compliance Terry

XI.  Customer Service Marketing Group

XII.  Fair Housing

XIII.  Human Resources

XIV.  Accounting


Course Title: / Yardi Basics
Course Number: / YAR101
Course Desription: / This course will provide the student with the basic essential tools to use & understand Yardi for the successful recording of resident information and financial administration of the community.
Course Goals: / The following goals will be addressed in this course:
What Yardi is
How it is used to track both occupancy, financial and maintenance information for the property
Connecting and signing on to Yardi
Icon and menu review
Definitions & terms
Daily input requirements
Yardi Helpful Hints
Recommended attendees: / All new DMS site management and AR employees within 30 – 45 days of new hire date; also offered as a refresher for existing employees.
Prerequisites: / Successful completion of a Word or Excel course or basic understanding of Windows environment
Schedule: / Monthly
Duration: / 3 hours – 9 a.m. – 12 noon
Instructors: / Michelle Weaver / Linda Greenwaldt / Regional Trainers