Faculty-Staff Learning Community (FSLC)

Theme for 2007-2008: Connecting Curriculum and Co-curriculum

The Faculty-Staff Learning Community on the Connecting Curriculum and Co-curriculum offers up to 12 faculty and staff members the opportunity to pursue an individual, focused project involving their work with students. Participants join a learning community to explore the literature on curricular and co-curricular connections and to offer feedback to each other during the development of their innovations. Applications are invited from all full- and part-time faculty and staff, including those who have previously participated in the FSLC (see attached application form). Dr. Kristi Hoffman will be FSLC facilitator for 2007-2008.

The following is a summary of the criteria that will be used to evaluate the quality of FSLC proposals, as well as the support and expectations for FSLC Fellows. If you have any questions, contact Kristi Hoffman at x2027 or email Kristi at .

Criteria for FSLC Projects

Preference will be given to proposed projects which

·  Are designed to be implemented and assessed during the course of one year

·  Present an innovative way to connect the academic curriculum with co-curricular experiences, especially in the areas of leadership, service, cross-cultural learning, research, scholarship, creativity and innovation.

·  Are based on innovative pedagogy or program design

·  Hold students to high standards of academic, social, and/or personal development

·  Emphasize development of skills essential to success at the college level

·  Engage students in mentoring relationships with faculty, staff, and/or other students

Criteria for FSLC Fellows

The Selection Committee will be looking for applicants with

·  A high level of commitment to improving student engagement

·  A high level of interest in the program

·  Demonstrated need for the program’s support

·  Openness to new ideas

·  Potential for contributions to the program

Support for FSLC Fellows

·  $1000 stipend to be paid in two installments at the end of Fall and Spring terms

·  Up to $600 towards travel to relevant professional conferences or meetings

·  Up to $100 for memberships in relevant professional organizations and/or subscriptions

·  Up to $200 for books and materials needed for the project

Expectations for FSLC Fellows during the Fellowship Year

·  Commit to full participation in all scheduled group activities, including

o  May 2007 opening retreat: 10am – 3pm, Wednesday, May 9, 2007

o  August 2007 one day retreat and dinner

o  Monthly meetings during the academic year

o  Completion of mutually agreed upon assigned readings, reports, and documents for meetings

o  May 2008 half-day closing retreat

·  Identify and recruit an appropriate Student Associate with whom to work intensively and who would benefit from a mentoring relationship with the faculty or staff member. Student Associates will be compensated with academic credit for an Independent Study, or with hourly pay, as appropriate.

·  Build assessment into their projects (help is available for this aspect)

·  Present their findings to an audience, whether locally, regionally, or nationally in the form of a talk or paper.


Due Date: April 10, 2007

FLSC Fellows will be selected from an applicant pool open to all full- and part-time faculty and staff of the college. Selection will be made by the FSLC committee appointed by Vice Presidents Day and Johnson. Fellows will be chosen to create a diverse group representing a variety of disciplines and divisions, experiences and needs.

The 2007-2008 FSLC Fellows will have their first meeting at a retreat during the week after graduation to begin planning the upcoming year. Please reserve, Wednesday, May 9th, from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm for this important planning meeting. For information, contact Kristi Hoffman, x2027 or .


Applicant’s Name ______

Title ______

Department or Division ______

Phone & E-mail ______

Number of years employed at Roanoke College as of May 2007: ____

I have attached a copy of my current CV to this application: ____

To be completed by the Applicant’s Chair or Supervisor:

I have read this application and have discussed how the applicant’s involvement in the FSLC will fit in with his or her regular duties during the coming academic year. I support the applicant’s involvement in this program.


Chair’s or Supervisor’s signature Date

Comments by the Chair, Supervisor or Dean are encouraged and may be added here or attached.
Please answer the following questions. Use extra space if needed.

***Note: if two colleagues planning to apply as a team, please include as part of your answers below the rationale for the partnership, as well as indicating whether you propose to split the award or occupy two full positions in the Faculty-Staff Learning Community.

1.Briefly describe the project you plan to pursue if you are accepted as an FSLC Fellow. It is fine if the project is only an idea at this point.

2. Briefly describe the nature of your current job responsibilities, especially those involving curricular and co-curricular connections.

3. What are your reasons for wanting to participate in the Faculty-Staff Learning Community?

4 Describe any particularly innovative teaching or program activities in which you have been involved (e.g. efforts to improve teaching or student programs, curriculum or program development).

5 Part of this program involves working with a Student Associate of your choice. Although you may not have a particular person in mind at this time, how would you take advantage of this opportunity and how do you see this aspect of the program as being helpful to you?

6. Please indicate anything else you wish regarding your possible involvement in the FSLC on Connecting the Curriculum and Co-curriculum.

If I am selected as a Faculty-Staff Learning Community Fellow, I agree to participate fully in ALL of the program’s activities and complete reports, projects, and documents as requested.

Applicant’s signature ______Date ______