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/ 25th February 2015

Dear Doug

Request pursuant to Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Request No. 6905

I refer to your recent enquiry for information held by the Council.

Under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, the authority must state whether or not the information exists and I confirm that we do holdthe information you requested.

What representations Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD) have made to the Council asking for increases in the fees paid for social care provided by them, in order to pay their carers the Living Wage?

Leonard Cheshire Disability wrote to the Council on the 19th December 2014 requesting an uplift in fees of 3.1% and this was refused by the Council.

Some idea as to the fees currently being paid by the Council to LCD for residential care, per resident per week. A range of fees or a set of anonymised figures of the fees perhaps. Other councils have opted to supply statistical median and range as they were concerned that individual fees could make it possible for people to have a guess at which residents had which fees?

Bedford Borough Council have no clients currently placed with Leonard Cheshire Disability care homes, they only provide domiciliary care on our area.

Equivalent information for fees paid to other providers for residential care in care homes for people with physical impairments under the age of 65?

The below table gives the average paid by provider (each provider is represented by a number, where there is a letter it is because the provider has more than one home:

Average of Std Weekly Cost
Provider / Total
1 / £1,057
2 / £1,385
3 / £875
4 / £752
5 / £1,835
6 / £571
7a / £1,218
7b / £1,208
7c / £1,244
8 / £495
9a / £1,087
9b / £544
9c / £1,150
10 / £1,337
11 / £986
12a / £666
12b / £1,866
13 / £1,250
14 / £576
15 / £1,192
16 / £1,526
17 / £1,927
18 / £1,650
19a / £1,165
19b / £1,088
20 / £611
21 / £765
Grand Total / £1,017

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If after viewing the information you are for whatever reason unhappy with our response to your application you are entitled to pursue any dissatisfaction through the Council's Internal Review Procedure. Pursuant to Section 17 (7) of the Act the procedure provided by the Council for dealing with complaints about the determination of this request for information is the Council’s FOI Complaints Procedure, a copy of which can be obtained on request or is set out at:

Yours faithfully

Simon White
Assistant Director Business Support & Operational Housing

Kevin Crompton, Director of Children’s and Adults’ Services
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