College Options By Interest

Accounting: GCC, LACC, LATTC, PCC, SMC, West LA College, Metro Skills Center, West Valley Occupational Center, Job Corps LA (Accounting Clerk)

Administration of Justice: LAVC, LACC, LATTC, PCC (also Criminal Justice), GCC, West LA College (Administration of Justice-Fingerprinting/Juvenile/Probation officer)

Administrative Assistant/Secretarial: GCC (Business Office Technology- Legal Secretary/Administrative Assistant/Executive Secretary, Receptionist), LACC (Office Assistant), LAVC, LATTC (Computer Application and Office Technology, Office Machines), PCC (Business Information Technology- Administrative Assistant/Data Entry), West LA College (Office Technology), Job Corps LA (Office Assistant), Education and Career Center- Mid Wilshire (Office Assistant), SMC (Office Technology)

Agriculture: Pierce

Alcohol and Drug Studies: GCC, LACC (Drug/Alcohol Counseling), Pierce (Addiction Studies), West LA College

Animation: Abram Friedman Occupational Center, GCC (Classic and Digital), PCC, SMC (also Digital Effects, Game Development)

Architecture: LAVC, LATTC (plus Drafting, Environmental Design and Interiors), PCC, GCC, Pierce College

Art: GCC (also Advertising Art, Ceramics, Graphic Design), LACC (also Graphic Design), LAVC (also Graphic Design), LATTC (Sign Graphics, Visual Communications- Drawing, Digital Illustration), PCC (also Product Design, Graphic Communications Technology- Lithography/Computer Imaging/Screen Printing), Pierce College, SMC (also Graphic Design), West LA College (also Ceramics), West Valley Occupational Center (Graphic Design)

Art History: LAVC, SMC

Auto Repair: LATTC* (Great program, also Diesel Technology, Motorcycle Repair), PCC, Pierce, Abram Friedman Occupational Center, Job Corps Long Beach, Job Corps LA, West Valley Occupational Center

Aviation: GCC (Airline Travel Careers, Aviation Administration/Flight attendant/Pilot training), West LA College (Aviation Maintenance/Technician, Avionics)

Broadcasting: LAVC, SMC (programming and production/sales and management)

Business: LAVC, LACC (also Management- small business, retail or business offices, Marketing), LATTC (also Management- Small business, Marketing, Supervision), PCC (Administration/Management/Financial Investment/Marketing/International), GCC (Business Administration- general/international/small, Marketing, Management, Insurance Specialist), SMC, Pierce, West LA College (also Business Administration, Management- Small Business, Marketing), Abram Friedman (Business Education), Job Corps Long Beach (Business Technology),

Child Development: LAVC, LACC (brand new center), LATTC, PCC, GCC, SMC (Early Childhood Education), Pierce, West LA College, Abram Friedman Occupational Center, Job Corps- Long Beach and LA, West Valley Occupational Center

Cinema/TV Production: LACC, PCC (Radio Broadcast Technology, Radio/TV/Film Production and Broadcasting), GCC (TV Production), West LA College (Media Arts- Radio/Theater/Cinema), LAVC (Cinema/Media Arts- Directing, Producing, Screenwriting), SMC (Film Studies), Pierce (Media Arts)

Clerk: Metro Skills Center

Communications: GCC (also Linguistics, Speech Communications), LACC (Journalism), LAVC (Speech Communications, Journalism), LATTC (Public Relations), PCC (also Journalism, Photojournalism, Public relations, Speech Language Pathology Assistant, Speech Pathology/Audiology), Pierce (Speech, Photojournalism), SMC (also Journalism, Speech), West LA College (also Speech), Job Corps Long Beach (Telecommunications)

Computer: Glendale (Computer- operator/ programmer/ software tech/ repair/ engineering/ Web publishing/ Desktop Publishing), LACC (Computer Science/IT/Web Design), LAVC (Computer Programming), LATTC (Computer Information Systems, Microcomputer Technician), PCC (Computer Programming, Microcomputer Support, IT), Pierce College, SMC (IT/Programming/Science), West LA College (Computer Networking), Abram Friedman Occupational Center (Computer Repair), Job Corps LA (also Computer Repair), Job Corps Long Beach, Metro Skills Center (also Computer Repair, Typing), Education and Career Center: Mid Wilshire (also Typing, Desktop Publishing), West Valley Occupational Center (Computer Networking and Repair)

Construction: LATTC (also Carpentry, Cabinet Making, Electrical Construction and Maintenance, Plumbing), PCC (Building Construction, Construction Inspection), Abram Friedman Occupational Center (Construction, Plumbing, Floor Layer), Apprenticeship Programs (Brickmasonry, Carpentry, Plumbing), Job Corps Long Beach (Cement Masonry, Floor Layer), West Valley Occupational Center (Building Contractor, Construction Worker)

Cosmetology: LATTC, PCC, SMC, Abram Friedman Occ Center (also Barbering), West Valley Occ Center

Culinary Arts: GCC (Culinary Arts-beginning/management), LATTC* (Best Program, also Baking- Professional), Job Corps Long Beach, PCC (Food Services/Pastry), West Valley Occupational Center (Baking, Cake Decorating, Food Service)

Custodial: Education and Career Center- Mid Wilshire, Job Corps LA (Facilities Maintenance), Job Corps Long Beach (Maintenance/Custodial), West Valley Occupational Center (also Pool Maintenance)

Dance: GCC, PCC, Pierce, SMC

Dispensing Optician: West Valley Occupational Center

Drafting: GCC, Pierce, Abram Friedman Occupational Center, Job Corps LA, West Valley Occupational Center

Education: Pierce, PCC, LATTC, LAVC (Teacher Prep)

Electrician: LATTC (Electrical Lineman), Abram Friedman Occupational Center, Apprenticeship Program, Job Corps LA (also Electrical Power Line Mechanic), Education and Career Center, Mid-Wilshire

Electronics: GCC (Electronics Tech), LACC, LAVC, LATTC, PCC, Pierce, Job Corps LA, West Valley Occupational Center

EMT: GCC, LAVC, Job Corps LA, West Valley Occupational Center

Engineering: LAVC (also Engineering Tech), LATTC (also Engineer of Operation/Maintenance), PCC (Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering) GCC, SMC, Pierce,

Fashion: LATTC (Fashion Design and Merchandising, Tailoring), PCC (Fashion Design and Merchandising), SMC (Fashion Design and Merchandising), West Valley Occupational Center (Clothing Design and Pattern Making)

Finance: GCC (Financial Planning, Tax Preparation), LACC, LATTC (also Economics, Mortgage Finance), SMC (Economics), Metro Skills Center (Banking)

Forestry/Conservation: California Conservation Corps

Fire Technology: LAVC, PCC, GCC, California Conservation Corps (Wildfires)

Health Occupations: LAVC (Nursing-RN, Respiratory Therapy), LACC (Nursing- RN, CNA, Home Health Aide; Radiology; Dental Technician-AA), LATTC (CNA/Home Health Aide, Nursing-RN), PCC (Nursing-RN/LVN, Dental Assisting/Hygiene/Lab Tech, Occupational Therapy, Radiologic Technology), GCC (Nursing), Pierce (Nursing), SMC (Nursing- RN, Respiratory Therapy), Job Corps LA (Nursing, Dental Assistant, X-Ray Technician), Job Corps Long Beach (Nursing/Health occupations), Education and Career Center- Mid Wilshire (Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Vocational Nursing), West Valley Occupational Center (Nurse Assistant, Dental Hygiene, Geriatric Care)

Hospitality: GCC (Hotel/Restaurant Management), LATTC (Restaurant Management), PCC (Hospitality Management- Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism), West LA College (Hospitality- Hotel/Events and Conventions, Travel)

Interior Design: SMC (Interior Architectural Design)


American Sign Language- GCC, LATTC, Pierce, SMC

Armenian – GCC

Chinese, GCC, LACC, SMC

French- Every Community College

German- GCC, LAVC, SMC

Hebrew- LAVC, SMC

Italian- GCC, LACC, LAVC, Pierce, SMC

Japanese- GCC, LACC, SMC

Korean- GCC, SMC

Persian- SMC,

Russian- SMC

Spanish- Every Community College

Law: LACC (Paralegal or Business law), LATTC (also Paralegal), PCC (Paralegal), West LA College (Legal Secretary, Paralegal Studies), West Valley Occupational Center (Legal Office Assistant)

Math: All Community Colleges

Medical Office Assistant: GCC (Medical Secretary/Billing), PCC (Medical Assisting- Administration/Clerical), Job Corps LA, Metro Skills Center, Education and Career Center: Mid-Wilshire, West Valley Occupational Center (Medical Assistant: Insurance Biller/Medical Coder)

Music: GCC (Performing and Songwriting), LACC (AA or copyist), LAVC (Music Recording /Composition /Copying), LATTC, PCC, Pierce (History, Performance, Composition), SMC

Nutrition: LACC (Dietetic Technician), PCC, SMC

Other Trades: Abram Friedman Occupational Center (Locksmith, Home Technology Installation), LATTC (Machining Tech, Refrigeration/Air Conditioning, Solid Waste Management, Street Maintenance, Wastewater Technology, Water Supply Technology), GCC (Machine Technology, Machinist), PCC (Machine Shop), Pierce (Machine Shop), Apprenticeship Program (Air Conditioning/Refrigeration), Job Corps Long Beach (Glazing, Painting), Job Corps LA (Heating & Air Conditioning, TV/VCR Repair), West Valley Occupational Center (Air Conditioning/Refrigerator Repair, Locksmith, Landscaping, Auto and Furniture Upholstery), LAVC (Manufacturing Tech)

Pharmacy Technician: Abram Friedman Occupational Center (also Clerk ), West Valley Occupational Center

Photography: West Valley Occupational Center, GCC, Pierce (Photojournalism), PCC (also Photojournalism), SMC

Physical Education: GCC (Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer), LATTC, PCC, Pierce, SMC, West LA College

Real Estate: GCC, LACC, LATTC, West LA College


Anatomy and Physiology- All Community Colleges

Astronomy: LAVC, LATTC, SMC, GCC

Biochemistry- PCC

Bioethics- PCC

Biological Technology: Lab assistant- PCC

Biology- All Community Colleges

Chemistry- All Community Colleges

Environmental Science- LATTC, PCC, SMC

Geography- LAVC

Geology- LAVC

Meteorology- Pierce

Microbiology- LATTC

Oceanography- GCC

Physics- All Community Colleges

Humanities/Social Sciences:

African American Studies- PCC

Anthropology- All Community Colleges

Archaeology- All Community Colleges

Asian American Studies- PCC

Chicano Studies- LACC, PCC (Mexican American Studies)

Classics- PCC

Community Planning: LATTC

English- All Community Colleges

Ethics Studies- LAVC

European Studies- PCC

Global Studies- PCC

History- All Community Colleges

International Relations- PCC

Jewish Studies- LAVC, West LA College

Labor Studies- LATTC

Latin American Studies- All Community Colleges

Liberal Studies- All Community Colleges

Library Science- LATTC, PCC

Philosophy- All Community Colleges

Political Science- All Community Colleges

Psychology- All Community Colleges

Public Policy- PCC

Religious Studies- PCC

Sociology- All Community Colleges

Urban studies- PCC

Women’s Studies- LAVC, Pierce, SMC

Theater: GCC, LACC (Acting, technical, Costume Design), LAVC, LATTC, PCC (Technology/Makeup/Acting), Pierce (Acting), SMC (acting/technical/costume)

Veterinary Technology- Pierce

Welding: GCC, LATTC (Gas and Electric), PCC, Pierce, Job Corps LA