Kindergarten Connection

January 13, 2017

There is NO school on Monday or Tuesday!

Pancake Breakfast

Hope to see you at the pancake breakfast tomorrow, Saturday, January 14th. Miss Mckee and I will be mixing pancake batter from 8-9. Also, if you are taking part in the book swap, students can pick new books in the blue gym before or after eating some delicious pancakes. J

Martin Luther King Jr.
There is no school on Monday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This week we learned about MLK by reading a Scholastic magazine, biography books, and by watching videos. We discussed why Monday is such an important holiday and why he is the reason we don’t have school. We had a discussion of what he believed in and the difference he made in our country. I encourage you to discuss this topic with your child over the long weekend. Talk about things they might want to do when they get older and what dreams they have.It is a big world and the possibilities are endless!

Jan Brett January

This month we are studying author and illustrator, Jan Brett. Last week, we read the book, The Mitten. We practiced sequencing animals that went inside the snow white mitten that the little boy, Nicki, lost in the snow. Hopefully you had a chance to listen to your child retell you their version of the story using the mitten and animals they made here at school. This week we read two stories, The Three Snow Bears and the classic tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The students worked on comparing and contrasting the two stories to find similarities and differences within both books. We used a Venn diagram with pictures to organize our ideas.

Composing 5

The students have been working hard to find different combinations of 5. Last week, we did a guided activity where the students glued two different color squares to their five frame. We noticed that you can make 5 with 3 green and 2 yellow squares. We learned how to “flip flop” the equation by seeing that 2 green and 3 yellow squares also makes 5. This week, you will see a worksheet called “Shake and Spill” inside your child’s Friday folder. They composed 5 using a cup with 5 counters (red on one side and yellow on the other). The students had fun making combinations of 5.

100 Day!

Mark your calendars! The 100th Day of school is Thursday, February 2. Kindergarten celebrates with a fun filled day, one in which I need your help with. I am collecting 10 different snacks for a snack sort. Please email me if you are willing to donate one snack and I will assign you a specific, peanut-free snack. Some of the snacks include: a box of cheerios, a bag of marshmallows, etc. I will email you with a confirmation of one item to bring when I have enough volunteers. Also, have your child start thinking about 100 items for a collection…there will be more information to come!

Enjoy your long weekend! J