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This column is for the name of production you performed in. / This column is for the type of role you played: Starring, lead, principal, supporting, featured, etc. / This column is for the director you worked for and/or production company OR studio making the film.
You can use your TAB key to navigate through the table. You can simply delete the contents of the table, without deleting the table itself, by highlighting the box or boxes containing text you want to delete and push the “Del/Delete” key.
Leave ONE blank row between different medias (FILM, TV, THEATRE, etc.). / To insert rows, move arrow just to the left of the table and right click. Select “Insert Row”. To delete rows, highlight all three boxes (from left to right) in that row and hit the “Backspace” key. A box may appear asking how you want to shift your text. It is best to select “Shift rows up”. / When printing out your resume, go to FILE, select PRINT… in the bottom right corner of the box it will say “No Scaling”. Select “Executive.” Now select the print button. This will scale the resume down to the size of your 8 x 10 headshots.
The Rules of Attraction
/ Lead / Roger Avery dir./ Paramount Pictures
/ /
CSI: Miami




Julius Caesar / Julius Caesar / Carnegie Hall
Conflicts Exist/Available upon request
Type of training received / Instructor
Example: Accent on Acting: Performing truthfully with an accent or dialect / Larry Moss

HONORS List accolades and awards you have received in the entertainment industry.


·  Passion Fruit, Audience Choice Award, Italy

SKILLS Add in any special skills you possess (include singing, dancing, sports, and athletics)


B.S. Electronics Engineering (great with electronic equipment: function generator, waveform generator, oscilloscope, basic electronic equipment), Outdoor/Indoor Sports Enthusiast (football, track (great in the 100 and 200 meter sprint), softball, hiking, soccer, fishing, tennis, swimming (underwater, snorkeling, diving), baseball, bowling, rollerblading/skating (own equipment), mountain bike riding, proficient ice skater), Enthusiastic Computer Gamer (RPG, strategy, action, simulators), Licensed Driver, Experienced Dog Walker (loves all animals), Forklift Driver (experienced in warehouse operations and small equipment (forklift, taylordunn, pallet jack), Current U.S. Passport

American dialects: Dialects you are proficient at. Ex: Southern, Boston

Foreign Accents: Dialects you are proficient at. Ex: Australian, Chinese, Indian

Foreign Languages: Languages you can speak conversational or fluent. Ex: Italian (Fluent)