March 13, 2017 AHS Booster Club Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Susan Rietano Davey, Janet Stokesbury, Susie Downey, Jen Gorack, Jim Stapleton, Esther Aronson,Steve Hahn, Diane Oberhausen, Sue Chadha, Nancy Kostal, John Kostal, Mary-Beth Hart, Tom Culbertson, Robin Saxe, Tom Saxe, Cheryl Edwards, SreehariPrathigadara, Mary Deppe, Julie Spivak, Staci Purcell, Kerry Magrini, Jennifer Jeandell,LizzWeiler, Giuliana Nolan, AlisonFolkwein, Holly Zacchio, Greg Zacchio, Nicole Leavens, Eric Rosow, KC O’Brien, Jordyn Saxe, Lauren Jeandell, Tim Filon

Start time: 7:36 pm

News from Audience:

Swim and Dive Team is accepting donations of any used items. They will come and pick up to give to an organization that recycles and reuses the items. They will pay the team by the pound.

Minutes Approved: R. Saxe/J. Gorack

Treasurer’s Report: Jim Stapleton

Jim pointed out that financials only reflect reconciliations of deposits he has on hand. If someone makes a deposit to the bank and he doesn’t know about, it will not appear in the team’s balance. Please make sure he is aware of all deposits.

Janet Stapleton reminded everyone that the Booster Club no longer has a P.O. Box so all correspondence to the Booster Club must be sent to the AHS office.

Migli Tournament Update by Steve Hahn:

Steve reported that we have 50 golfers committed to the tournament, which is an increase from years’ passed as of this date. He hopes to reach over 100 golfers by the day of the tournament, Monday May 15, 2017. Steve reminded everyone that the Flag Sponsorship now includes one golf entry, an embroidered flag to take home and a tee sign, all for $250. When you consider the golf entry by itself is $200, this is a great deal. There will be a big banner advertising the Migli tournament and Steve encourages everyone to get the word out. Steve can be reached at . There is a link on the Booster Club website to the registration site for the tournament:

Athletic Director’s Report: Tim Filon

This is the last full week for Winter Sports. Swim and Dive is currently scrambling for practice times. All teams have had successes in different ways considering many teams are very young in many ways. The Ice Hockey game was a highlight, with great attendance and the novelty of having people from Farmington and Avon cheering together for a change. There was also great atmosphere at the Avon-Farmington basketball game. Tim is currently working on the gym schedules for the upcoming season. He also pointed out that many sports will have games scheduled during Spring Break as they can’t be avoided. At the end of the season Tim will interview coaches and conduct evaluations as well as interview a number of parents and students that will be randomly selected by the administration. Eventually he hopes this process will be accomplished through a survey monkey, but that will not happen this year. There are 3 new coaches for Spring Sports: Vinnie Costello (Boys’ Tennis), Bruce Michaels (Softball) and Scott Kossbiel (Lacrosse). All Lacrosse games will be played at Buckingham to allow the coaches to see the athletes from all levels. Tim encourages all to spread the word for the Migli Golf Tournament. He plans on having a 9 hole four-some teeing off at 2:30. He also indicated that all coaches of spring sports are instructed to have team meetings with parents and to let him know if a coach does not have one. Coach Al D’Adario’s mother passed away suddenly a week ago and all expressed their deepest sympathies.

President’s Report: Susan Rietano Davey

Students should have received an email with information on how to apply for the Booster Club Scholarships. There are 2 categories. The named scholarships, of which there are 4: The Ali Hunter Memorial Scholarship, The Richard A. Migli Memorial Scholarship (2 are awarded, one for a boy, one for a girl) and The Robert Madaket Brisco Memorial Scholarship. These scholarships have their individual applications to be submitted by all interested students. In addition, there are also several General Booster Club Scholarships available with a separate application. The applications may be found on the website and students may apply to more than one of the scholarships. Janet Stokesbury and Susie Downey will be part of the Scholarship Committee on behalf of the board.

Susan indicated that the Executive Board has decided to allow the Crew Team to submit an alternate capital disbursement request. They initially submitted a timely request for an electric motor which they no longer need, thanks to a waiver of the requirement they obtained from the City of Hartford. John Kostal indicated that had they been able to obtain the waiver before the requests were due, the Crew team would have asked for a new safety launch. They need a new launch because the number of shells they can have on the water is limited by the number of safety launches they have and one of their launches no longer works.

At the conclusion of this meeting, the 2016-2017 Capital Request Ballots were distributed and all eligible Booster Club members voted, and the full ballot of capital requests was approved (see attachment).

Financials Approved: S. Downey/E. Aronson

Meeting Adjourned 8:34pm (S. Rietano Davey/Jen Gorack)

Respectfully submitted,

Esther Aronson