Minutes of

Membership Meeting

Date: February13, 2012

President Frank Hernandez called the meeting to order at 7:10. President Hernandez informed us that our plan for tonight to address the issue of building a new firehouse in our district had not worked for the involved parties’ schedules. However, we do have a guest from the City of Miami Capital Improvements Department to inform us about planned construction projects in our area.

Law Enforcement Updates

Ariel Saud, Miami Police Neighborhood Resource Officer, introduced our area’s new Police Commander, and explained that Commander Jones recently retired. Commander Alberto told us about his background, having been born and grown up here in Miami. Both Commissioner Suarez and Robert Parente have known Commander Alberto for many years, and commented that we are truly fortunate to have him as our commander. He understands and relates well to both residents and police officers. He also introduced his Lt. Commander, Richard Perez.

Thirteen officers are being trained right now and will join the force very soon. Additional good news is that there is a 10% decrease in most crime categories lately, especially in burglaries.

The Eighth Street beat officer has retired and interviews for a replacement officer will take place this Thursday, February 16th. There have been some problems at Domino Park lately, complicated for law enforcement by confusion as to whether Domino Park should be classified as a park or as a plaza. Different ordinances apply to parks versus plazas, with plaza ordinances being easier for law enforcement.

Citizens on Patrol classes will begin on March 20, 2012, at 400 NW 2nd Avenue. If you would like to participate, call 305-603-6090. Following this training, volunteers will go to events, on patrols, etc. to help law enforcement. Bikes and bike racks are the current big targets for theft. Be sure to lock, remove parts, and, if you would like, register your bicycles with the Police Department. As always, there are lots of car break-ins: don’t leave anything in your cars!

Reminder: Report abandoned or misplaced shopping carts to the NET Office. These are often used as tools for burglaries.

Capital Improvement Projects

Guest Speaker: Albert Sosa, Director, Capital Improvements

Mr. Albert Sosa introduced himself, and read to us a list of current street improvements taking place, including one at 10th and 11th Streets, between 20th and 22nd Avenues, and on 19th Terrace near 22nd Avenue. There are also improvements soon to be started at various locations including 16th Avenue, near Winn-Dixie; 13th Street and 13th Avenue; and 16th Street, between 17th and 18th Avenues. The Public Works Department handles sidewalk/curb projects. Rick Lambert reported success, in that a house he had previously complained about on 23rd Avenue and 17th Street has been torn down. Unfortunately, there are a couple more that need the same.

Mr. Sosa also gave us the good news that the kick-off meeting on the 17th Avenue Project with both City and County officials is set for tomorrow morning! The funds for the 17th Avenue project have been set aside by the City, and hopefully, by the County also (17th Avenue is a County road). Director Sosa assured us that he will push for our group’s involvement in this project. He had previously requested that the County install a pedestrian crossing near 12th Street on 17th Avenue, but the County rejected this item. Responding to a question, he said that 22nd Avenue improvements are in the planning stage (this is also a County road) for the area from Coral Way to U.S. 1.

Proposed Fire Station

Our main topic for discussion next month will be the new fire house. Albert Sosa will return for this discussion and the Fire Department Chief is expected. Hopefully, City Commissioners Suarez and Carollo will both be able to attend.

Other Topics

Robert Parente reported that his efforts on MSNA’s 401(C)(3) status are continuing, with some debate among the attorneys involved on whether it would be preferable to have 401(C)(3) or 401(C)(6) designation. Having one of these designations will make donations to our organization (especially from local businesses) “less painful,” he explained. Mr.Parentealso suggested that we make a concerted effort to increase membership in MSNA by each bringing a neighbor with us to next month’s meeting.

President Frank Hernandez called for nominations for MSNA Board of Director vacancies, and reminded us that elections will take place at our next meeting. No nomination was made, but there is still time for nominations to be made by email. In response to a guest’s question as to how to join, President Hernandez recommended that we all bring our dues payments (of $20) to the meeting next month, and there will be membership forms available.


I hereby certify that these are a true and correct copy of the minutes that were adopted by the board of directors of this Corporation on ______, 2012.

Carrie Cleland