Reach Orientation

Client Agreement with Treatment Requirements

  1. Client will inform his/her primary counselor of any medication, prescription, or over the counter, he/she is taking as soon as possible and always prior to submitting UA’s.
  2. Modest dress is expected for all program activities. Revealing clothing including short shorts and skirtsor small tops that expose the belly are not allowed. Clients are required to wear shoes or sandals. Gang related clothing is not permitted, and clothing that is more than one size larger than the person wearing them are inappropriate. No sunglasses are allowed. Please abide by the school district dress code.
  3. Attendance and participation in, all groups, lectures, meditation, relaxation, and exercise is vital for treatment. Being on time for scheduled meetings and appointments is essential. If you are ill and cannot attend group, please notify the office.
  4. Many clients use the facility, therefore, no loitering is allowed. Please leave the facility and grounds promptly after completing your treatment session.
  5. No “Walkman” type radios, MP3 players, or CD players will be allowed in the facility. They are disruptive to the group process and should be left at home.
  6. “War stories” (glorifying the good old days when you were using) and vulgar, trashy talk are not appropriate. Swearing is not allowedunder any circumstances.
  7. Clients should be sober for 24 hours before coming to treatment. No drug or alcohol use is permitted while the client is enrolled in treatment and random drug screens will be a part of the program. Clients agree to drug screens and they will pay the fee for these tests when the staff suspects substance abuse. Honesty about relapses will increase treatment progress and lead to maintained sobriety.
  8. Smoking is not permitted in the building or within 25 feet of the facility. Minors found in possession of tobacco are subject to citation and referral to juvenile court system.
  9. Intimate relationships between clients are not permitted. Male and female clients are only allowed to interact during activities. They will remain segregated at all other times.
  10. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Keep lewd comments to yourself.
  11. Anyone committing acts of violence, aggression, behavior intimidation, criminal behavior, or gang activity will be asked to leave the facility or activity immediately.
  12. No weapons are allowed at the facility, nor are they to be brought to any offsite activities.
  13. Stealing will not be condoned. If anything is reported missing, the police will be called and a report will be filed. The program is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  14. Anyone having three or more unexcused absences will have their enrollment subject to review and is in jeopardy of being dropped from the program.
  15. Any books, videos, audio tapes, or other materials that are borrowed from the Reach program must be returned prior to the end of treatment. The cost of any items that are not returned will be added to the client’s balance and no certificate of completion or letters to the court will be issued. Any Reach property, which is damaged by clients, will be repaired and the cost will be assessed to the client(s) and must be paid before graduation.
  16. It is important that everyone feels free to share with group members and staff. All group members are expected to maintain strict confidentiality of what is said by others. If it is discovered that you have shared with others outside of the group members, specific information about others within the group, you will be discharged from the program. Whom you see here, what you hear here, when you leave here, let it stay here.
  17. Good nutrition is essential for recovery. Clients will bring a nutritious balanced lunch each day. Clients must bring their own silverware and are not allowed to use the staff microwave or refrigerator.
  18. I agree that I will stay on Reach (SouthwestCenter) property,and I will notify the counselor when leaving.
  19. I agree that I will not disrupt the group process by putting on make-up, writing notes or unrelated assignments, etc,. during group.
  20. I will not bring food or drink into the group rooms unless it is authorized by the group leader.
  21. During readings by group members, I will be respectful by being quiet and listening to what is being said, and writing only feedback related material.
  22. I will go to the restroom and get a drink during the break time.
  23. If it is suspected that contraband is being brought to Reach, (cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, weapons), I agree that my belongings may be searched. I also agree that I will empty my pockets if asked to do so.
  24. I will not buy or give cigarettes or any other type of drug or alcohol to any group member.
  25. If a group member shows up at my house, calls me, or comes near me outside of group without an adult, or if it has not been cleared with group leaders, I will ask them to leave and notify the Reach counselors.
  26. I agree to follow the instructions and requests made of me by the Reach staff.
  27. If I have questions about a rule or stipulation, I will ask a staff member.
  28. Rule violations may result in expulsion from the program.
  29. Any other specific concerns: ______

I, ______have read theserules, understand them,

and agree to abide by them.


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Reach Orientation-Client Agreement with Treatment Requirements – MG – 11-09