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Elaborato “The attack on PearlHarbour”

SomeEnglish writers believethat the attackon PearlHarbor has beenfosteredby the highestAmerican authorities, specifically by thepresident of the United States, FranklinDelanoRoosevelt.

According tothis theory, Japanwasdeliberately provokedthewar throughrestrictive measures such astheoil embargo andother mattersessentialto the Japanese economy.

All thiswould haveonly one purpose: to inviteJapanto vibratea great military stroke against the United Statesto push the american public opinion to become interventionist about the Europe war. According to this theory Roosevelt wanted America went to war against Hitler. He feared the power of Hitler could become too great.

Also Churchill, according to Roosevelt, wanted America go to war because he also feared the power of Hitler could become too big and England could be in danger.

The day of attack was on duty a young inexpert lieutenant, A.Tyler: he was warned by control tower about suspicious flights, but he believed that they are american’s aircrafts and said to other a simply speech: “Don’t worry!” After few moments, the terrible attack took place. In fact, at 7:49 a.m. on Sunday, December 7, 1941, 183 Japanese dive- and torpedo-bombers, launched the first of two attacks against the American base at Pearl Harbor causing death and destruction

In 1924 the Brigadier General William Mitchell warned the authorities about the weakness of military American defence but he was sentenced of lese-majesty by Martial Court.

Some writers believe this plot because the Pearl Harbour attack was a very shock event and navydocumentsthat mighthelp clarifythe factsand intentions,were stillcovered bymilitary secret.

About this shock event, I don’t want to believe that power-games could be more important than human lives! It is despicable that men who have power to decide the fate of humanity could take irresponsible and very bad decisions only to hold his power.

I want hope PearlHarbour was only a sad and a cruel event like as there may be many during a war, but not an event specially designed from a plot created by the mind of crazy men.